uPVC Fixed Window
The purpose of uPVC Fixed Windows is to provide architectural completion and aesthetical framing of the house. As the name suggests, they are fixed and don’t have any moving or operable parts. Usually these windows are installed at a height where ample amount of sunlight can enter the room. AIS uPVC Fixed Windows are available in many variants that would allow you to look beyond aesthetics such as Numerous Geometric shapes, sizes, colors and profiles.
uPVC fixed windows also provide effective sound insulation, helping to minimize external noise and create a quieter, more comfortable living or working environment. They contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing the consumption of natural resources and minimizing waste generation. uPVC fixed glass windows versatility and long-term benefits make them a preferred choice for modern buildings.



  • Continuous stream of natural light
  • Clear view of outdoors
  • Perfectly sealed that avoids collection of water during rain or cleaning
  • Long lasting
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Key Facts of uPVC Fixed Window

  • 50-62

  • mm

    Construction Depth

  • 1.8

  • W/m²K


  • 38

  • dB

    Sound Reduction

  • up to 42

  • mm

    Max. Infill

  • 3000

  • mm

    Max. Height

  • 3000

  • mm

    Max. Width

* Products key facts are given considering standard specifications. These specifications will change basis each site requirements.

Reviews & Rating uPVC Fixed Window


I needed some high-quality acoustics windows for my home. I initiated contact with AIS Windows and they carried out the entire job extremely well. The windows allowed me to experience better sleep and enhanced well-being apart from increasing my home’s real estate value.

Chetan Singh Bhatnagar, Gurgaon , haryana

In my new apartment in Gaur City, I had some privacy-related issues. After a lot of research work, I came across AIS Windows and handed over the task to them. The team was professional, courteous, and kind. They carried out the job well and promised good after-sales support.

Prakash Chand, Greater Noida, u.p.

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