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In the world of engineering and material usage, fenestration solutions have come a long way. Scoring high in both performance and aesthetics, customisable solutions from AIS are instrumental in covering all fenestration needs of the modern consumer. With the vision to educate customers, AIS Windows has envisioned a better and experiential way through our brand new AIS Windows Experience Centre.

Our door and window solutions have taken care of aesthetic, privacy, security, energy-efficiency, acoustic, and pollution control needs; however, experience proves to be a better guide for making purchase decisions than product catalogues and word-of-mouth communication. And with AIS Windows Experience Centre’s launch at New Delhi, you can allow interactive and immersive experiences to shape your fenestration choices.

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Product catalogues and verbal explanations are great and all, but given the wide pool of offerings to choose from, they seem to be of little help, if at all. We understand how stressful making the right choices in furniture, colour scheme, fenestrations, etc. can be for your interior designing projects.

AIS Windows has taken the visual aspect to a whole new level with our brand-new, technology-injected Experience Centre at New Delhi. Walk out of the glossy pages of a catalogue and into the world of experiential purchasing wherein you get to enjoy a multi-sensory experience via 3D holograms, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR), LIVE demo sessions, and much more.

Want to test the power of our soundproofing solutions for your office located on that ‘oh-so-noisy’ street? Wish to get a feel of massive French doors opening into a lush patio? You can get a first-hand experience of it all as AIS Windows Experience Centre is designed to offer multi-sensory experiences of our solutions in different zones such as street area or garden area, where the former features the effectiveness of our energy-efficiency and acoustic solutions and the latter showcases large-format doors and windows to experience the privacy functionality of smart glass.

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Offering our valuable customers a safe experience is as important to us as is delivering a high-quality, immersive buying experience. To that end, AIS Windows Experience Centre has all safety measures in place – mask usage, regular disinfection especially of high-contact surfaces, hand sanitization, and social distancing measures. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Can’t wait to have a 360-degree knowledge and experience of the fenestration solution that’s about to adorn your space? Book an appointment and go ‘phygital’ today!

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