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AIS Windows delivers exceptional quality with comprehensive services from consulting to glass and frame selection, right down to easy, hassle free installation at your convenience. We offer a vast range of windows & doors designs and solution windows which includes noise cancellation windows, privacy solution windows, Asahi System windows, and much more for the home and office.

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AIS Windows enriches lifestyles through enhanced aesthetics while also offering varied solutions in acoustic comfort, privacy and security.

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Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS) is one of India’s leading integrated glass solutions companies catering to the Auto and Architectural glass market. AIS Windows offers a comprehensive range of high-performance window and door solutions, including Asahi System Windows in aluminium, and uPVC profiles. These are available in a range of customisable options and are designed primarily for use in homes, offices, and apartments.

The secret behind the long-lasting beauty and functionality of AIS Windows is a combination of great aesthetics and sturdy material. It is what’s inside the window frame, what it is made from, and the manufacturing process. This makes AIS Windows an excellent choice for your homes and offices. Our solution windows can solve all your major problems from a fenestration standpoint. The solution windows include noise-canceling windows, Asahi system windows, anti-theft windows, and much more. Today, we are one of the fastest growing manufacturers in India who specialize in these fixtures and offer exceptional customer service. Our engineers are well-trained and have years of experience providing top-notch service and ensuring our customers’ satisfaction.


AIS Windows offers end-to-end 360-degree solutions viz. design, consultation, glass and frame selection, and installation. We offer the perfect combination of material (uPVC & aluminium) with the best in glass product and hardware fittings. In addition to conventional functions like protection from environment, day lighting, and aesthetics, we also cater to other functionalities like safety, security, noise cancellation, and energy efficiency through our wide product range. Our Asahi System Windows, Noise canceling windows, Burglar-resistant windows, Solar control windows, Safety glass windows, Monsoon proof windows, and a range of customized benefit windows are produced with exceptional precision and are professionally installed.

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Different projects have different requirements and we need solutions specific to them. AIS, have always worked towards putting special emphasis on providing specific solutions to resolve all our windows and doors requirements.

Ar. Vivek SinghGurugram


AIS Windows is an ideal choice not only because of their superior quality but also because they offer the best service.
AIS Windows, brings together the best windows solution and their expert service to cater to our door and window needs.

Shri. Bhagwan SharmaDelhi