Casement Windows

Doing triple duty – allowing ample natural light and offering proper ventilation and glorious view of the outdoors, AIS Windows’ casement windows sit in a class of their own. Available in a variety of customisable options – in terms of style, size, frame, and colour – our casement windows can transform any bland space into a bright and happy one.

Couple our casement windows with high-performance glass solutions from AIS for meeting your unique needs – privacy, security, energy-efficiency, acoustic insulation, and anti-pollution.
Know more about applications of casement windows and popular casement windows.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Allows proper air circulation
  • provides an unhindered view of the outdoors
  • Ease of operability
  • Myriads of design options available
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • When coupled with high-performance glass from AIS, it offers excellent energy-efficiency
  • Guaranteed security – all four sides of our casement windows seal into the sash and hook-shaped locks embed into the window frame
  • Air-tight sealing to ensure that no pollutants, rain, or snow can invade your space

Use Cases

  • Residential Buildings – living rooms, right above the kitchen sink, rooms having French doors, openings to terraces and backyards, next to the bed, etc.
  • Offices – cabins, hallways, etc.
  • Commercial enclaves – restaurants, stores, etc.
  • Educational Institutions – classrooms, halls, etc.

Types Offered

AIS Windows offers the following styles of casement windows

Single-Frame Casement Windows

Available with a single frame having glass panels attached to the inside, these windows are the most common type of casements. They can be opened both ways – inwards and outwards.

Double-Frame or French Casement

Also known as French casements, these windows comprise two glass panes hinged on their side and meeting each other at the centre. These windows offer an unprecedented view of the outdoor world and create a sleek and charming space.

Framing Options Available

  • uPVC – sturdy, long-lasting, 100% non-toxic, and practically requires zero maintenance
  • Aluminium – thermal break technology for thermal comfort, lightweight yet durable, powder-coated, resistant to the elements, corrosion, and UV rays

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