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Modernize Your Home with Casement Windows

Posted 11:35 am, November 1, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

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With steady evolution in the world of interiors, we have gained access to a world of innovations. One such piece of equipment that has also undergone revolutionary changes to make our lives simpler is windows. Windows play an integral role in maintaining the structural integrity of one’s home. They allow you to leave a lasting impression on passers-by as well as those who come inside your living space. While bland windows can set the tone for a dull space, classy windows can enhance the chicness of your living area.

That’s why, when planning to redecorate and replace your old windows, it’s important to choose the perfect style and frame that matches the vibe of your house. And so, casement windows have emerged as the universal design that not only serve world-class aesthetics but also rank high on functionality.

Evolution of Casement Windows

Since technology has been taking over every architectural aspect, it comes as no surprise that it took over the window industry too. Dating back to medieval times, casement windows were the embodiment of culture and heritage. Founded in Europe, the initial designs were built with a metal frame and leaded glass and were introduced long before the sash window came into existence. As time progressed, the sash was introduced and they went on to become the earliest form of movable windows.

Back then, casement windows had only one movable frame called a casement sash. The design had a wooden or metal frame with hinges and pivots attached to the upright side of the vertical sash. This helped the window move along its entire length like a door. This design was further developed in the Victorian era as the casement windows with the innovation of the shutter.

Modern casement windows have been integrated with new-age technology to strike the perfect balance between its classic, retro aesthetics and modern-day functionality. They are designed to operate like doors as the window frames are attached to the side-mounted hinges. This allows the sash to open and close as the user rotates the crank from inside. When the sash is open, a tensioning device holds it in place and when it is closed, a latch in the house’s interiors pulls the sash against the frame.

Growing Popularity of Casement Windows

Owing to their versatility, more and more interior designers are choosing to install casement windows in their housing projects. While they are a great choice for first-time window installations, they are even better as replacement windows. Windows need to be replaced every 15-20 years or so depending on their quality, durability and external weather conditions. However, it can be a hassle to change the entire window every time you wish to replace windows. To combat this issue, replacement windows were developed to fit inside the current window frame without removing the existing frame. Thus, the unique design of casement windows served as the perfect fit for replacing old windows, making it a sensational hit in the market.

Types of Casement Windows

While standard windows experience the regular ebb and flow in the window industry, casement windows are an all-time favourite, thanks to their extensive variety. Let’s take a look at some of the unique designs of casement windows.

Side Hung Windows

Also, popular as single-frame casement windows, these windows take the iconic casement window style and pair it with a single movable frame to exude simplicity. There are several panes within the frame known as the lights. The lights open inward or outward, depending upon how they have been fitted into the frame. Side hung windows are known for their extreme durability, thanks to their unique design and sturdy connection of the frame with the hinges.

AIS Windows offers various window profiles in a multitude of colours within the side hung casement window category to meet every customer’s requirements. Our side hung windows are made from high-grade AIS glass and are available in uPVC, wooden and aluminium frames to ensure top-quality and maximum customer satisfaction. In this low-maintenance design, the frames don’t only open inwards and outwards but can also be attached to the casement using a hinge so that it can open on either the left or the right side of the casement.

French Windows Twin Sash Window

Also popular by the name of French casement windows or double casement windows, french windows offer unparalleled class and efficiency to your house. As the name suggests, these windows comprise two windows which swing out and meet in the middle to add the perfect touch of elegance to your home. While they are immensely popular for their sophisticated designs, they have surprisingly efficient qualities too.

At AIS Windows, we offer durable framing material that are not prone to rotting or warping and do not require repainting either. They are incredibly low maintenance and are equipped with traditional fly mesh panels along with a grill provision for the perfect blend of sophisticated style and high-level security. An added advantage of French casement windows is their ability to offer panoramic views, making it the perfect choice for cabins and skyscrapers.

Top Hung Windows

Top Hung windows are another standard British design targeted for residential market. Based on the choice of glass and Frames, various profiles of AIS uPVC top hung windows are available. This window is a combination of casement and window frame both made with high-grade profiles. Frame is attached to the casement via hinge on top side of the casement which allows the window to swing open outward and can be stopped at a position through high-quality steel friction stays. They can be comfortably adapted in hotels, hospitals and multi-storey buildings.

AIS Windows offers optimum functionally and aesthetics with their iconic top hung window profiles. Available in a range of attractive shades, you can customise them in uPVC, aluminium or wooden frames. In this attractive number, the frame is attached to the casement via hinges on the top of the casement, allowing the window to swing open either entirely outwards or to stop at the desired position with the help of our high-quality friction stays. They are also popular in high-rise buildings as they can be opened inwards to facilitate an effortless cleaning process.

Why Are Casement Windows the Right Choice?

While quintessential casement windows have a timeless appeal and add to the elegance of your home, technological advancements in the fenestration industry have also integrated functional features to increase the efficiency of casement windows. If you’re still on the fence about installing casement windows, take a look at some of the many benefits they bring to the table to understand why they are a preferred choice amongst several homeowners.

Improved Ventilation

Since the new generation of casement windows are designed to open on both sides, it allows maximum flow of air into the room, allowing you to enjoy the cool breeze of a pleasant evening. They are incredibly popular for brightening up cramped rooms as they act as a natural source of cross-ventilation.


Modern-day casement windows come with double and triple glazing options to improve thermal insulation and maintain an ideal temperature in your homes. They regulate temperature by trapping the warmth indoors during winters and keeping the heat away during summers. Moreover, this reduces the need for air conditioners and radiators, helping you to save on energy bills and conserve the environment in the process.

Enhanced Décor

The eternal casement windows have evolved through many styles and stages to help you find the perfect window solutions. Whether you own a modern, traditional or contemporary home, casement windows add to the visual appeal of every space.

Real-Life Home Applications

Now that we know how we stand to benefit from installing casement windows, let’s take a look at some of the creative ways you can incorporate them into your home.


All the chefs out there are acquainted with the woes of cooking food that can fill the entire kitchen with smoke. Another common problem is not being able to switch on the fan as it can blow out the flame and hinder the cooking process. Installing casement windows can be a great way to improve ventilation and keep your kitchen feeling breezy at all times. Install French casement windows will instantly enrich your kitchen space with its old-school aesthetics.


One of the most common problems faced in tiny bathrooms is fogging up of the mirrors, glass doors and windows. The residual droplets and mist can get into the nooks and crannies, leading to moisture build-up and bacterial infestation. To avoid such situations, install simple top hung windows to improve cross-ventilation and keep your bathrooms moisture and bacteria-free.

If you’re looking for the best company for casement windows replacement, get in touch with AIS Windows – the one-stop-shop for all your comfort, security, acoustic and privacy needs. We offer an extensive selection of fenestration products to enrich lifestyles through enhanced aesthetics in residential and commercial spaces with customised doors and window solutions.

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