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uPVC Lift & Sliding Door
uPVC Doors

Modern architecture demands design perfection and stellar functional benefits for construction and remodeling. In addition, the design, built quality, durability, ease of operation, and other instrumental factors are crucial in selecting the suitable variant. Promising the best of both worlds, uPVC doors by AIS Windows are a perfect amalgamation of elegant looks and functionality, making them ideal for both commercial and residential sectors. Although the cost of uPVC doors is higher as compared to traditional doors and window frame options, however, due to their long-lasting durability, you save a fortune by installing them at your home or office.

AIS Windows — Best uPVC Doors and Windows Manufacturer in India

AIS Windows, the name that has created a legacy and positioned itself as India’s leading uPVC door manufacturers, offers extensively customizable uPVC doors and windows to accentuate your existing architectural design. The uPVC doors cost for customization will depend on the size of the aperture, the frame’s design, glazing, etc.

The various uPVC door designs go much further than improving the façade of your residence but you can keep out the noise, dust, rain, and pollution, along with getting better control over the rising energy costs. Moving beyond the aesthetic appeal, uPVC doors windows (colored, timber-look, or other designs) offer a plethora of functional benefits such as low maintenance, easy to clean, thermal insulation, and energy-efficient.

With the consulting team from AIS Windows, you can get the actual cost of uPVC doors depending on per sq. ft.; and the site where they are to be installed. To know more about our uPVC doors, get in touch with us today!

Aluminium Lift & Sliding Door
Aluminium Doors
AIS Windows brings you the finest, ultra-modern, sturdiest, and most impeccably designed aluminium doors for your home and office spaces. Engineered with sophisticated cutting-edge technology, the all-new aluminium doors are designed to address the different functional, operational, and aesthetic needs of our customers. Aluminium door designs come in different variations, including sliding doors, casement doors, slide & fold doors, lift & slide doors, tilt & slide doors, and french doors. Putting Security, Energy Efficiency, and Durability first

Without a shadow of a doubt, homeowners know well enough that security, energy efficiency, and durability are quintessential in any property. The core components inspiring our range of performance-driven aluminium doors, proving that function and form can work together with ease.

Creating an inviting entry point to modern and traditional properties, our incredibly elegant range of aluminium windows and doors comes complete with 100% weatherproof properties. They are also highly resilient to scuffs and scratches, thermally efficient, and feature a multipoint locking system for enhanced security in your home.

Designed to optimize practicality, security, and style in equal measures, our residential aluminium sliding doors are sure to become a welcomed addition to any property, say commercial office space or residential property.

Aluminium Doors Prices that Work for you

AIS is India’s leading integrated glass solutions company, and we are driven by our core philosophy of 'customer first'; and our experts offer exceptional choice, value, and speed, without compromising on quality. While providing high-quality yet affordable aluminium doors, we are now widely recognized in all corners of India for always going above and beyond to ensure that all of your requirements are met, at a competitive price.

Doors Solutions
Solution Doors
With the pollution levels rising, taking precautions to keep the indoors protected from pollutants is paramount. Our doors and windows are air-tight and do not allow pollutants to enter when closed. Install AIS Windows products and protect yourself from the damaging effects of air pollution.


uPVC Windows
uPVC Windows

Fitting modern thermally-efficient uPVC windows is an aesthetically appealing, durable, and cost-effective way to replace failing timber or outdated design PVC or aluminium units.

Our uPVC windows range offers customized windows styles, each highly secure and almost maintenance-free. uPVC window design options include twin sash window, sliding window, side-hung window, top hung window, tilt & turn window, french window, and glass to glass window, offering the ability to specify uPVC window units that exceed an A++ efficiency rating. You can also take advantage of our seamless delivery and installation at the doorstep.

uPVC windows in India offer excellent value for money and are often more cost-effective compared with aluminium windows. Choosing new uPVC doors windows over aluminium or wood will bring many more benefits to your house in terms of design, security, and energy efficiency.

Choose Reliable uPVC Windows Manufacturer

AIS Windows, one of the most reliable uPVC windows manufacturers, is India’s leading integrated uPVC windows company. Since the beginning, AIS Windows has focussed on providing a hassle-free experience to the customers from beginning to end. The long-lasting window glass is sourced from our parent company, AIS Glass, which has accumulated three decades of experience building durable materials for customers across the globe. Also, uPVC window prices are competitive, and the unmatchable technical expertise in sound reduction, daylighting, energy efficiency, and safety is guaranteed.

Why AIS Windows

AIS Windows is India's leading uPVC manufacturer, providing 360-degree solutions for all your glass requirements. We are committed to offering premium uPVC windows, doors and other home improvement solutions with subject-expert knowledge and exceptional service. All our products are manufactured locally; that is why our uPVC windows prices are affordable and cater to most of the nation's population. The uPVC windows are available in a range of customizable options designed primarily for homes, offices, and apartments.

At AIS Windows, we mix art and science to produce visually appealing uPVC windows designs with high functionality and structural design thinking while using sturdy material. Our local experts live and work across India, so wherever you live, we're never far away. If you're looking for new windows, doors or a conservatory for your new house or for revamping your existing property, our local team will extend its help with your project and provide the level of expertise, care, and attention you would expect from a national company.

In addition to conventional functions like protection from the environment, daylighting, and aesthetics, our uPVC windows also cater to other functionalities like safety, security, noise cancellation, and energy efficiency through our vast product range. Our Noise cancelling windows, Burglary-resistant windows, Solar control windows, Safety glass windows, Monsoon proof windows, and a range of customized benefit uPVC windows are produced with exceptional precision and are professionally installed.

Being an innovative uPVC windows company, we stay abreast with the latest technology in the industry and implement it into manufacturing our product. We offer end-to-end solutions viz. design, consultation, glass & frame selection, and installation. Our team of highly experienced installers work day in and out quickly, cleanly and efficiently to deliver superior quality work. We operate from our company's core principle of "always putting customers first", which is why we ensure that you don't lose your peace of mind in the whole process. Thus, we will not leave you to hang in dry after availing our services; that's why we pride ourselves on our exceptional after-care services.

Key Facts

Our uPVC windows offer superior thermal, acoustic & mechanical properties specifically for Indian weather conditions. Below, we have enlisted some critical facts about our uPVC window designs that ensure the highest quality uPVC windows have been delivered:

  • - Saves up to 40% of your electricity bills
  • - 10 years warranty
  • - Durable and Hassle-free installation
  • - uPVC windows cost starting from Rs. 550/sqft* (*T&C Apply)
  • - Multi Chambered uPVC Windows Profiles
  • - Multipoint Locking System
  • - Multi Glazing systems
  • - Fusion Welded Joints

Available Variants

uPVC is a simple choice that offers high energy efficiency and is highly versatile. The uPVC window designs are strong, robust, aesthetically pleasing, and secure. There is an option to suit your property with a wide range of styles and options to choose from.

uPVC Twin Sash Window

Twin Sash uPVC casement windows are strong; and will not rot, warp, or require repainting, ensuring that they retain their colour and shape through the years with minimal maintenance. This uPVC window design combines traditional fly mesh panels with conventional casement windows to provide a classic aesthetic. A grill provision also ensures the security of the window.

uPVC Side Hung Window

A standard British design suited for the residential market, AIS uPVC side hung windows offer various profiles based on AIS glass and Frame Size. Besides, the frame is attached to the left or right side of the casement via a hinge.

uPVC Top Hung Window

A standard British design suited for the residential market, AIS uPVC side hung windows offer various profiles based on AIS glass and Frame Size. Besides, the frame of this uPVC window is attached to the left or right side of the casement via a hinge.

Application Areas

We have been setting new paths in designing and manufacturing the uPVC windows for the past three decades. We are coming up with new innovative and thoughtful ideologies in fabricating stylish and beautiful windows. Using a wide range of uPVC equipment available for various applications, we are one of the most reliable uPVC windows manufacturers, serving customers from the construction industry, residential apartments, and commercial properties.

Unlike wood and aluminium, uPVC window designs retain their shape in challenging conditions and remain unhampered in case of any physical impact. As far as uPVC windows prices in India is concerned, they are the most affordable options available in the market. That is why uPVC window designs find various applications in construction, electronics, healthcare, automobiles, etc. As a low-maintenance alternative to painted timber, people usually use uPVC at different residential and commercial places:

  • Designed with maximum space for reinforcement supporting large-sized windows/doors.
  • Can be used in the hall and bedroom, allowing space-saving and 66% opening.
  • Can be used in small properties where opening space is a constraint both inside and outside.
  • Can be used in medium-sized bedrooms, guest rooms, halls, walkways, staircases, etc.
  • Toilets in Apartments
  • Villas
  • Farmhouses
  • Patios in Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Retail Stores
  • Workspaces

Benefits & Features

Windows typically occupy about 15 to 20 percent of the walls' surface area. They add aesthetic looks and are often a crucial aspect of a home and a significant component in bringing home heating and cooling costs down. Today, Being a leading uPVC windows company, AIS Windows has radically changed the energy performance of windows. Our uPVC window designs will make your home more comfortable, significantly reduce your energy costs, and help create a cleaner, brighter, healthier environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Being one of the most trusted uPVC manufacturers, we offer uPVC Window designs with single, double, and triple glazing, offering maximum thermal efficiency, allowing you to have a significantly larger window surface area and a better view of the lush green surrounds. Some of the critical advantages of uPVC windows & doors are as follows:

High-Level Safety

Without question, the security of your home is a significant worry, and adequately so, which is why selecting the perfect uPVC window installation is critical. uPVC windows are solid and durable. They include complex multi-point locking mechanisms that provide more protection for your home. Also, uPVC windows prices are low as compared to their counterparts.

Excellent Insulation Properties – Keeps Out The Unnecessary Noise

Outside noise is an annoyance in both homes and offices. You won't be distracted by outside noise while working or spending quality time with your family if you install uPVC windows. The airtight seal between the frame and the window contributes to the room's insulation.

Easy to clean

uPVC, unlike many other materials, is easy to clean and maintain. Because of this, uPVC windows are indeed an ideal option for families with little children. So do not be concerned about splashes ruining the aesthetic.

Low maintenance

Because uPVC windows are constructed of robust plastic, they do not sustain damage very quickly. Furthermore, uPVC windows costs are substantially less, starting at Rs. 550/sqft*. As a result, you won't have to worry about doing routine maintenance to keep them looking new or spending a fortune on installation.

Structural stability

Galvanized steel reinforcements


Lead-free profiles


Stylish, modern, and available in various designs and colours – uPVC windows allow greater design flexibility.

Drainage system

uPVC window designs come with internal water drain slots, raised track rail, and gradient slope that prevents water stagnation.

Thermal insulation

uPVC windows with insulated frames are good all-weather heat insulators: The EPDM gasket and double-sealed mechanism protect against dust and rain, reducing air intrusion.

Aluminium Top Hung Window
Aluminium Windows
Offering the ideal blend of unmatched aesthetics and advanced functionality, our aluminium windows are capable of taking the oomph factor of any space to the ultimate level. They are manufactured and designed with precision to meet the unique requirements of every customer. Customised window designs are also available.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable – Resistant to corrosion and the elements
  • Low-Maintenance – Do not fade or discolour, easy to clean
  • Energy-Efficient – Thermal break technology that offers great insulation
  • Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Slim and lightweight while maintaining inherent strength of the material
  • Myriads of design options available


  • Residential Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Educational Institutions

Types of Aluminium Windows

AIS Windows offers you a variety of aluminium windows to choose from, based on your needs and preference - Aluminium Glass-to-Glass Windows In spaces where you need a little ‘extra’ natural light and a panoramic view of the gorgeous outdoors, aluminium glass-to-glass windows are the ideal option. These windows meet each other at an angle of 90-degrees and are joined together without using mullions.

Aluminium Tilt-and-Turn Windows

These dual-functional windows can either be opened wide like a casement window (inwards) or they can be tilted from the bottom and pulled inwards at an angle such that a little opening is left for proper ventilation.

Aluminium French Windows

Inject elegance into your interiors with these hinged double windows from the Victorian era. Aluminium French windows are large fixtures that are generally opened outwards. These windows are perfect for openings to patios and backyards.

Aluminium Top-Hung Windows

A casement window, when rotated at an angle of 90-degrees so that the hinge is along the top, is known as a top-hung window. Our aluminium top-hung windows are perfect for congested spaces that lack air circulation as these windows facilitate proper ventilation.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Unlike traditional windows, these space-saving windows can be slid along a horizontal track and opened by moving them back and forth. Our aluminium sliding windows are ideal for smaller spaces, openings to patios, closets, etc.

Aluminium Side-Hung Windows

Our aluminium side-hung windows come with a hinge on one side and can be opened either outwards like a casement window or inwards like a door. They are not only extremely easy to clean on both sides but are the best for facilitating proper airflow.

Aluminium Fixed Windows

Designed to be just like the clerestory windows in church architecture, these aluminium windows cannot be opened or closed. Their primary function is to allow natural light to invade the space.
Anti Pollution Solution for Windows
Solution Windows
We pride ourselves on our customer-first approach. From ordering through to delivery, we aim to provide you with the service & support tools to make your life easier, and our windows prices are competitive in the market.

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