AIS Regal Select
Our in-house innovation, AIS Regal Select redefines your floor-to-ceiling approach. Enhance your space with slim, strong and robust aluminium doors & windows with versatile handle options. The AIS Regal Select Doors & Windows are a brilliant symphony of functionality and aesthetics. One-of-a-kind fenestration solution that enables you to choose from a range of high-performance glass for floor-to-ceiling settings, allowing panoramic views and ample natural light to enter your home. Sleek and sophisticated with minimalist lock settings, these frames are strong enough to support double-glass units. With intuitively designed handles, these windows can be operated effortlessly and provides great security and ensure optimum sound insulation and thermal comfort.



  • Heightened security with concealed beading
  • Taller openings up-to 3.55 meters
  • Minimum visible interlock width of 30mm and meeting stile width of just 63 mm in Sliding system
  • Glass infill thickness of upto 34 mm
  • Customised provision of integrated insect screen
  • Zero threshold, zero architectural barriers (casement)
  • 10-years manufacturing warranty on profile and 1-year on Hardware.


  • Uniquely designed beading makes your system burglar proof
  • Ability to accommodate higher span of doors & windows for taller vistas and beautiful aesthetics
  • Maximized visibility, natural lighting and brilliant aesthetics
  • Choose from wide range of glass options SGU, DGU and Lam
  • Enjoy the cool fresh air without being worried about insects/bugs coming in
  • Obstruction free movement & effective cleaning
  • Enjoy the peace of mind.

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