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Thieves and burglars looking for ways to break into your home or any other property ensure their entry either through doors or windows.

Around 60% of break-in incidents take place through the front door or back door, and the second most favorite way for burglars to enter your home is through windows, particularly those on the ground floor. You need to address this potential security threat by opting for home security solutions such as security windows doors made of specially engineered glass – now the latest material of choice for different types of decor construction works. 

There was a time when glass was considered to be a material of only aesthetic importance, but with various technologically advanced processing techniques, it has become the most preferred material to make the best home security solutions.

Tinted glass, tempered glass, and solar control glass are some of the major variants of high utility and performance glasses that are considered to be ideal for smart home security solutions.

Architectural tempered or toughened glass for home security doors windows is one of the most standard variants among all safety and security glasses available today. Well-known for various strong and secured building features and properties apart from just beauty, the toughened glass comes with the amazing capability of forming anything right from basic building structure to all types of internal applications. It is 4 times stronger than annealed glass because it undergoes repeated cooling and heating phases to increase its strength. 

Moreover, if broken, tempered glass is designed to fall apart rather than breaking into scraggly pieces. It also gives burglars a tough time when they try to break into your home. Due to all these unique qualities, this variant of glass is considered to be ideal for security doors and windows.

The Complete Safety and Security Solution 

Putting the safety of your family on top priority, at AIS Windows, we offer a comprehensive range of premium quality glasses that include tempered safety glass, PVB laminated glass, and heat-toughened safety glass to ensure injury-free interiors and undaunted security for our valued customers.

We also provide AIS Stronglas which is 4-5 times higher than annealed glass. The laminated glass offered by us provides ultimate security to our customer with proper use of hardware and accessories like an anti-rattler, cavity blocks, sealing wedges, and raiser blocks - the enhancer of the safety and security in safety door with glass, toughened glass for home, and security aluminium windows and doors.


Key Features

  • UV Protection
  • AIS Stronglals™ in an unlikely case of breakage - breaks into small blunt pieces, which avoids injuries
  • AIS Securityglas™ does not shatter, even when subjected to enormous impact/stress


  • Toughened glass windows and doors make your homes and assets safe from burglars and intruders
  • Unmatched impact resistance
  • Reduces the risk of impact-induced breakage
  • Durable and reliable

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