Aluminium Windows

Offering the ideal blend of unmatched aesthetics and advanced functionality, our aluminium windows are capable of taking the oomph factor of any space to the ultimate level. They are manufactured and designed with precision to meet the unique requirements of every customer. Customised window designs are also available.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable – Resistant to corrosion and the elements
  • Low-Maintenance – Do not fade or discolour, easy to clean
  • Energy-Efficient – Thermal break technology that offers great insulation
  • Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Slim and lightweight while maintaining inherent strength of the material
  • Myriads of design options available


  • Residential Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Educational Institutions

Types of Aluminium Windows

AIS Windows offers you a variety of aluminium windows to choose from, based on your needs and preference - Aluminium Glass-to-Glass Windows In spaces where you need a little ‘extra’ natural light and a panoramic view of the gorgeous outdoors, aluminium glass-to-glass windows are the ideal option. These windows meet each other at an angle of 90-degrees and are joined together without using mullions.

Aluminium Tilt-and-Turn Windows

These dual-functional windows can either be opened wide like a casement window (inwards) or they can be tilted from the bottom and pulled inwards at an angle such that a little opening is left for proper ventilation.

Aluminium French Windows

Inject elegance into your interiors with these hinged double windows from the Victorian era. Aluminium French windows are large fixtures that are generally opened outwards. These windows are perfect for openings to patios and backyards.

Aluminium Top-Hung Windows

A casement window, when rotated at an angle of 90-degrees so that the hinge is along the top, is known as a top-hung window. Our aluminium top-hung windows are perfect for congested spaces that lack air circulation as these windows facilitate proper ventilation.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Unlike traditional windows, these space-saving windows can be slid along a horizontal track and opened by moving them back and forth. Our aluminium sliding windows are ideal for smaller spaces, openings to patios, closets, etc.

Aluminium Side-Hung Windows

Our aluminium side-hung windows come with a hinge on one side and can be opened either outwards like a casement window or inwards like a door. They are not only extremely easy to clean on both sides but are the best for facilitating proper airflow.

Aluminium Fixed Windows

Designed to be just like the clerestory windows in church architecture, these aluminium windows cannot be opened or closed. Their primary function is to allow natural light to invade the space.

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