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Best Aluminium Window Frames

Lightweight, strong, and durable – these are just a few reasons out of many why Aluminium is an excellent choice for window frames. Slimmer than most other window frame designs, the glass panel can be larger, giving you more light and better views from your home. AIS Windows is the Strategic Business Unit of AIS – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, offering a perfect contemporary style and unique Aluminium section window frame designs with style grooves, available in a wide range of subtle colors to give your home a sophisticated, modern style.

Aluminium Windows and Doors come with Unsurpassed Quality!

We pride ourselves on our customer-first approach. From ordering through to delivery, we aim to provide you with the service & support tools to make your life easier, in delivering exceptional quality with a wide range of services, from consultation to glass and frame selection, all the way down to simple, hassle-free installation at your leisure and our aluminium window frames prices are competitive in the market. Today, Aluminium windows and doors are at the pinnacle of architectural glazing solutions. The inherent strength of Aluminium allows the frame to be much narrower than other conventional alternatives, which means we can offer significantly larger glass areas on your project. Aesthetically, Aluminium is an excellent choice with no unsightly welded joints, thereby not requiring ongoing maintenance. Given the features and advantages that Aluminium products (like Aluminium section window frames) come with, they offer great value for your money. The  Aluminium windows are highly durable, and our experienced designers and technical advisors are on hand to discuss all your glazing requirements. Furthermore, buy best Aluminium window frames to meet the demands of the most challenging projects.

Key Facts

Our Aluminium section window frames have exceptional thermal, acoustic, and mechanical characteristics that are ideal for Indian weather. We’ve compiled a list of essential facts about our Aluminium frames below:

  • Saves up to 40% of your electricity bills
  • 10 years warranty
  • Durable and Hassle-free installation
  • Multi-Chambered Doors Profiles
  • Multi-point Locking System
  • Multi-Glazing systems
  • Fusion Welded Joints


To install the proper Aluminium section window frames, you won’t have to go on a search hunt in the market. We build optimal windows with excellent functionalities by balancing raw materials and our expert team is equipped with specific technical knowledge to help you from beginning to the end and that too in a way that justifies the costs.

Aluminium - Shape & Colour
Aluminium can easily be bent into any shape and can be sprayed any color
Aluminum Frames Application Areas
It is used in hotels, offices, auditoriums, hospitals, and showrooms – due to its impressive strength
Strongest Type of Window
Structurally, the strongest type of window
Aluminum Frames Has Modern Aesthetic
Has a modern aesthetic
Maintenance-Free Aluminum Frames
Virtually maintenance-free
Recycled Aluminum Frame
Aluminum can be easily recycled
Aluminum Frames Thermal Resistance
Comes with good thermal resistance
Aluminum Frames Durability
Durable, No rotting, and absolute resistance against termites

Available Variants

AIS Windows offers a wide range of Aluminium frames for windows and doors for home and office, is manufactured of high-quality materials, and includes acoustic and thermal insulation. We recognize that each buyer has unique tastes; thus, we provide the most updated window and door frame options for both residential and commercial areas. The available shades of Aluminium frames are as follows:

  • Noir Grey
  • Chrome White
  • Silver Grey
  • AIS S Grey
  • Walnut
  • Golden Oak

Application Areas

Aluminium is a metal that is frequently used in today’s society. It has a silvery-white look and several exciting features. There has never been another metal that has been used in as many varied ways as Aluminium. Its distinct qualities enable it to be used in a variety of applications, including the manufacture of sturdy Aluminium frames for balcony, patios, and much more. Some of the key application areas are as follows:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Study
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Conferencing Centres
  • Farmhouses
  • Patios for apartment buildings
  • Medical Centres
  • Retail Establishments
  • Workplaces
  • Educational Institutions


Our selection of Aluminium section window frames and designs provide architectural interest to your room and offer excellent performance and usefulness. The windows are made of high-quality materials that keep dust, pollution, noise, winds, and other outside elements out of the interiors of your house or office.


Aluminium has the capability of being extruded into complex shapes to exact tolerances. Aluminium can be
formed into literally thousands of unique profiles, each one meeting many specific structural and aesthetic
requirements. Aluminium frames are widely chosen as they are stable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight
metals. One of Aluminium’s primary appeals is its exceptional strength to weight ratio. At 2.7g/cm2,
Aluminium is 66% lighter than steel. The aluminium frame price is reasonable, and Aluminium is also far less
susceptible to brittle fractures.

Aluminium window frames are incredibly durable & lightweight compared to other metals. Moreover,
they are sleek, elegant & easy to clean, and more environmentally friendly than uPVC and Wood. Aluminium frame prices are reasonable; they are impervious to denting and weathering. Lastly, they are highly customizable & are available in a comprehensive array of colours to match your décor.

Pricing of aluminium doors and frames is directly proportional to the configuration (2T2P, 2T3P, 3T3P,
3T4P, etc.), dimension (WxH) and design of the door. The aluminium system is usually more expensive
than the uPVC system, but the price to value ratio gives aluminium the upper edge. Aluminium doors
and frames offer great value for money and come with many benefits with almost zero maintenance.

Aluminium window frames are more environment-friendly than uPVC. Unlike uPVC, aluminium frames
can be extruded into complex shapes to exact tolerances. Aluminium can be formed into literally
thousands of unique profiles, each one meeting many specific structural and aesthetic requirements.

AIS Windows delivers exceptional quality with comprehensive services from consulting to glass and
frame selection, right down to manageable, hassle-free installation at your convenience. AIS’s 360-
degree solution viz. design, consultation, glass and frame selection, and installation. We offer the
perfect aluminium frames with the best glass product and hardware fittings. In addition to conventional
functions like protection from the environment, daylighting, and aesthetics, we also cater to other
functionalities like safety, security, noise cancellation, and energy efficiency through our vast product range. Also, our aluminium frame prices are pretty reasonable.

Reviews & Rating Aluminium Window and Door Frames


Aluminium Frames is very good.

Ranjit, New Delhi, Delhi

I got very good experience in using Aluminium Frames.

Ravi, Noida, U.P.

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