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A modern, comfortable, and peaceful city life is what most people want to ensure for their near and dear ones. However, ‘city’ and ‘modernity’ have presented people with modern lifestyle challenges like noise pollution.

Be it an office or home, coping with noise pollution has become a way of life these days. By installing Soundproof Doors and Windows you can minimize noise pollution. These acoustic doors and windows offer better safety and performance when compared to tempered and annealed glass.

So, what is noise pollution? Sound, a common feature of our life and the means of communication, is pleasant when low, and becomes noise when loud. So, unpleasant and unwanted sounds can be defined as noise pollution, leading to various problems such as poor concentration, productivity losses in the workplace, communication difficulties, fatigue from lack of sleep, cognitive impairment, tinnitus and hearing loss, etc.

Opt for Soundproof Doors and Windows from AIS Windows to Combat Total Noise Intrusion

Soundproof glass window treatment is the best way to combat total noise intrusion in your personal spaces while improving your concentration, memory, performance, and a general sense of well-being.

AIS Windows designs the best soundproof doors and windows with best-in-class insulation technology to keep the environment of your homes and offices calm and peaceful. When installed with a special noise-canceling laminated glass, acoustic doors and windows reduce the noise intrusion by up to 42 decibels. 

How Soundproof Doors and Windows Work

AIS Windows’ soundproof doors and windows for home are made up of two major components – the window frame and the glass, both loaded with incredible aesthetic and noise-canceling capabilities to bring down all the unwanted and unpleasant noises.

Two panes of the premium quality laminated glass sandwiched between a special PVB interlayer blocks off the noise. These soundproof windows for homes can block out 90% of external noise, which is an additional 60% over an ordinary 5 mm glass pane.

AIS Windows provide premium quality soundproof glass for home in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to help protect customers from the harmful noise that invisibly penetrate their spaces.

What’s more, we also make sure that all our sound proof doors for home are fusion-welded and double-sealed to the glass, putting into use the highest quality silicone sealants. Thus, the soundproof office door and soundproof door with window treated this way get airtight, and this exemplary combination proves to be a perfect noise-reduction solution for your spaces.


Sound resistant doors and windows by AIS Windows for homes and a wide range of other spaces are made up of two major components – the window frame and the glass. Both these components are loaded with amazing aesthetic and noise-canceling capabilities. A premium quality glass is used to manufacture these products and it is the nature of the application that determines the thickness of the glass to be used. For more details in this regard, you can get in touch with us through our helpline.

Classic question! All the high-quality sound resistant doors and windows are made up of two major components that include the window frame and the glass. Both are responsible for providing the products with amazing noise-canceling capabilities. The premium quality laminated glass panes sandwiched between a special PVB interlayer prevent noise intrusion. These sound resistant windows for homes, offices, and other structures are capable of blocking out 90% of external noise, which is an additional 60% over an ordinary 5 mm glass pane.

If you want to install sound resistant doors and windows by AIS Windows in any of your structures, then just initiate the contact with a reliable solution provider. All the manufacturers often have a dedicated helpline for necessary consultations. When all the primary things are settled, a team of company representatives will visit the site for the survey and accordingly suggest the best sound resistant doors and windows solutions to you. As for time to be taken in the installation process, it depends upon the volume of products to be installed.

Sound resistant or acoustic doors and windows by AIS Windows can be installed almost everywhere including homes, offices, recording studios, classrooms, music rooms, recording and dubbing studios, hospitals and clinics, private cabins and conference rooms, residential buildings, and any other noise-sensitive structure. Those interested can choose from a wide range of options with varying sizes, thicknesses, and finesses. If someone wants something especially manufactured to serve his or her purpose, then going for a customized sound resistant door or window is a great idea.


Key Features

  • Filters out external noise by up to 42 decibels
  • Offers better safety when compared to tempered and annealed glass
  • Difficult to break because of the inner PVB layer
  • Keeps the temperature inside spaces at optimum levels
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Allows you to experience better sleep and an enhanced well-being
  • Keeps pollutant at bay and improves air quality since they are air-tight
  • Energy-efficient as they control fluctuation in temperature
  • Maintains peacefulness in your spaces


The soundproof doors and windows from AIS Windows are ideal for:

  • Recording studios
  • Classrooms
  • Music Room
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Office Cabins and Conference Rooms
  • Residential Buildings, and
  • Any other structure that is noise-sensitive

Frame Options to Choose from