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AIS Windows offers a premium and comprehensive range of uPVC doors and windows suitable for every type of space and building, be it homes, offices, retail stores, hospitality establishments, or healthcare facilities.

AIS Windows’ cutting edge uPVC door and window designs, courtesy of AIS’ three decades of expertise as one of the largest uPVC doors and windows manufacturers in India, offer the perfect mix of form and functionality to the consumers.


Thermal insulation uPVC windows are excellent, all-weather heat insulators with insulated frames: Double-sealed mechanism and EPDM gasket act as a shield against dust and rain, and reduce air infiltration
Acoustic insulation Provides insulation against noise
Maintenance-free No painting required; easy to clean and operate
Aesthetics Stylish, modern, and available in various designs and colours – uPVC allows greater design flexibility
Durable No pitting, peeling, rotting, drying out, or corroding and absolute resistance against termites
Structural stability Galvanized steel reinforcements
Safety and security mechanism Single or multipoint locking systems
Drainage system Internal water drain slots, raised track rail, and gradient slope prevent water stagnation
Eco-friendly Lead-free profiles
Energy efficient High-performance AIS glass used in AIS Windows