uPVC Windows

Fitting modern thermally-efficient uPVC windows is an aesthetically appealing, durable, and cost-effective way to replace failing timber or outdated design PVC or aluminium units.

Our uPVC windows range offers customized windows styles, each highly secure and almost maintenance-free. uPVC window design options include twin sash window, sliding window, side-hung window, top hung window, tilt & turn window, french window, and glass to glass window, offering the ability to specify uPVC window units that exceed an A++ efficiency rating. You can also take advantage of our seamless delivery and installation at the doorstep.

uPVC windows in India offer excellent value for money and are often more cost-effective compared with aluminium windows. Choosing new uPVC doors windows over aluminium or wood will bring many more benefits to your house in terms of design, security, and energy efficiency.

Choose Reliable uPVC Windows Manufacturer

AIS Windows, one of the most reliable uPVC windows manufacturers, is India’s leading integrated uPVC windows company. Since the beginning, AIS Windows has focussed on providing a hassle-free experience to the customers from beginning to end. The long-lasting window glass is sourced from our parent company, AIS Glass, which has accumulated three decades of experience building durable materials for customers across the globe. Also, uPVC window prices are competitive, and the unmatchable technical expertise in sound reduction, daylighting, energy efficiency, and safety is guaranteed.

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