House Window

House window

Constructing a new house, maybe giving the existing one a makeover? AIS Windows’ 360-degree bespoke fenestration solutions cover every possible house window option, style, and size you can think of. Blending the goodness of innovative glass solutions and premium-quality frame variants, our house windows offer the best of both worlds – eye-pleasing aesthetics and advanced functionalities (privacy, safety, energy-efficiency, acoustic insulation, and anti-pollution).


Selection Criteria for House Windows

  • Location of the space
  • Size of the space
  • Wind forces of the area
  • Climatic conditions of the area
  • Utility point of view
  • Architectural point of view


Myriads of Styles to Choose from

Combining the selection criteria with our customers’ individual needs and tastes, AIS Windows offers the following house window styles –

Casement House Windows

Hinged on one side, AIS Windows’ casement house windows can be opened outwards by pushing them out from the inside. These windows are ideal for superior ventilation creating a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors – next to patios and terraces.


French House Windows

Similar to casement windows in terms of their operability, French windows having a dual sash are also great house windows for connecting between interiors (rooms with twin access points) or interiors to the exteriors (opening into the patio or terrace).


Slider House Windows

AIS Windows’ sliding house windows can be opened or closed by gently gliding the windows back and forth along a horizontal track. A great space-saver, our sliding windows can be installed near planters, as openings to patios, or even for giving your home a restaurant feel – serving kitchen window that connects the kitchen to the living or outdoor area.


Fixed House Windows

Available in a variety of different shapes –circle-top, triangle, etc. – our fixed or picture windows are stationary and do not open or close. Their primary purpose is to provide ample natural light and stunning views of the outdoors.

These house windows are ideal for any space but especially the bathrooms for ensuring floodlit interiors.


Glass-to-Glass House Windows

For spaces where you need to allow generous amounts of natural light as well as enjoy a glorious view of the outdoors (panoramic view), our glass-to-glass windows meeting each other at an angle of 90-degrees and involving minimal framing material are the right-fit.


Bay House Windows

A type of picture windows, our bay house windows project out from the main wall of the home forming an inner recess – a ‘bay.’ The structure of a bay window allows more natural light and airflow along with enhanced views of the surrounding areas.


Skylight House Windows

Perhaps a unique type of house window option, skylight windows are roofline windows installed to allow copious amounts of natural light to invade the space. Though these windows may include ventilation shafts, the windows themselves are fixed and cannot be opened or closed.

These house windows are great for spaces where natural light is scanty and installing a window in the walls may not be feasible. For example – bathrooms or small attics.


Frame Options

  • uPVC
  • Aluminium

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