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02 Nov

Reason why uPVC is a Better Option for Tilt and Turn Windows

Posted 11:38 am, November 2, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows ,Windows

Aluminium Glass-to-Glass Windows

Traditionally, window replacement was about choosing from a limited selection of window profiles, all of which were typically designed with only one objective in mind – enhancing the beauty of your spaces. But thanks to technological advancements in the fenestration industry, we’re not limited to one or two solutions anymore. Modern-day windows are designed to be visually appealing as well as to rank high on functionality. Not only do they add to the beauty of your space’s interiors and exteriors but also aid in improving its structural integrity. One such window style that has gained popularity due to its versatile qualities is tilt and window windows.

Windows are the glue that holds your homes and offices together and poor-quality windows make for fragile spaces. That’s why more and more designers and architects are leaning towards robust window construction materials that enhance beauty and safety measures of your space. uPVC is the ultimate construction material which checks all the boxes. That’s why uPVC tilt and turn windows serve as the perfect choice for creating elegant and sturdy spaces.

What are Tilt and Turn Windows?

Equipped with a unique design, tilt and turn windows have emerged as the top choice amongst designers looking to install stylish, multipurpose windows. Possessing the characteristics of a fixed window, an inswing casement window and a hopper window, the three-in-one; design of tilt and turn windows offers the perfect blend of easy operability and smart aesthetics. Tilt and turn windows are built with a sash that opens entirely inwards to mimic a fixed and inswing casement window. For optimum functionality, users can tilt the top of the window and open the sash inwards at an angle to use it as a hopper window for increased ventilation.

Advantages of uPVC in Tilt and Turn Windows

Now that you know how a tilt and turn window operates, let’s take a look at some of the many extraordinary benefits that tilt and turn windows can possess when combined with uPVC.

Extreme Durability

When designed with uPVC, tilt and turn windows come equipped with chemical, saltwater, UV, termite, mould, bacteria and high-impact resistant properties to increase their lifespan. They possess the robustness and flexibility of uPVC which helps create durable yet appealing windows frames. uPVC tilt and turn windows also do not require any extra protective coating of paint which in turn prevents peeling and chipping of windows and helps maintain a clean space.

Low Maintenance

Tilt and turn windows are a blessing for high-rise buildings as their ergonomic design makes them easy to clean. But when combined with uPVC, they practically become maintenance-free. uPVC tilt and turn windows only require a high-quality glass cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth to achieve crystal clear clarity. Cleaning uPVC tilt and turn windows is a breeze as the windows’ exteriors can be cleaned by simply tilting the top of the sash inwards at an angle. All those who wish to get a thorough cleaning can swing the entire sash inwards to clean all the dirt and debris lodged into the nooks and crannies of the window frames.


Tilt and turn windows are a great source of natural cross-ventilation and help reduce the usage of fans, chimneys and other electronic equipment that are responsible for generating expensive utility bills. But being equipped with remarkable thermal insulative properties, uPVC tilt and turn windows achieve new levels of energy efficiency. They help regulate indoor temperature by preventing the warmth of your space from escaping through notorious gaps and cracks during winters and also blocking heat from entering your cool interiors during summers. These unique features eliminate the need for air-conditioners, heaters and help cut down on energy bills considerably.

Enhanced Décor

If the goal of window replacement is to enhance your space’s interiors, uPVC tilt and turn windows are the way to go. Upon pairing the versatility of uPVC with tilt and turn windows, AIS Windows has developed a unique range of uPVC tilt and turn windows. You can customise your windows by coupling our high-grade uPVC frames with AIS glass of your choice. We offer a multitude of attractive glass shades that are low on maintenance, possess noise reduction properties, and are perfect for adding that oomph factor to your space.


While standard tilt and turn windows are known to be environment-friendly owing to their ventilation properties, uPVC tilt and turn windows are all the rage amongst architects and designers looking to incorporate eco-friendly elements into their projects. uPVC is a 100% recyclable, non-toxic material that is used for medical purposes such as making dental gear. Subsequently, uPVC tilt and turn windows are also designed to be BPA and phthalate-free. Since they do not require any additional coat of paint, they are lead-free too and ensure that you do not leave behind a carbon footprint.

Looking for a trustworthy window company to install high-quality uPVC tilt and turn windows in your space? Get in touch with AIS Windows- the one-stop-shop for all your fenestration needs. We believe in enriching lifestyles through smart aesthetics and offer customised solutions to serve your needs. Book a consultation today and choose the perfect style for your space from our extensive collection of designer window profiles.

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