16 Sep
5 Different Types of Windows Builders Use in 2019
Posted by 10:18 am , September 16, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: Windows

So, you have given your home a coherent aesthetic, complete with matching furniture, brilliant wallpaper, glossy wooden tables and an intricately designed bed-frame. Despite this, if the style of your windows is not carefully chosen, it can throw off the entire look of your house. Windows can make your home look vintage or modern, cosy […]

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16 Sep
Casement Windows – Things You Need to Know
Posted by 9:16 am , September 16, 2019 By Satish Garg / Category: Windows

Casement windows, also called crank-style windows, are slowly replacing the traditional hinged windows in our homes and offices. Not only do they look sleek, they also free up a lot of space in a room. These windows are quite versatile as they blend with both modern and traditional architecture and décor. Since they swing out […]

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14 Mar
uPVC doors and windows: An Innovation that took the market by storm
Posted by 7:26 am , March 14, 2019 By admin / Category: Windows

There are few innovations that can capture a marketplace’s attention in the home fixtures segment. uPVC is one of those innovative concepts that completely changed the way we viewed traditional doors & windows. Additionally, from a purely functional stand-point, uPVC doors and windows offer multiple features in return. They have insulating properties that block out […]

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