Signs to Revamp and Replace Your uPVC Doors and Windows

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Extreme durability and robustness are the reasons for the widespread popularity of uPVC doors and windows amongst several interior designers and homeowners. With a long life expectancy of about 40 years, uPVC windows are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions such as heat, cold, wind, rain, sleet and snow. They are also equipped with UV, chemical, saltwater, high-impact, moisture and infestation resistant properties to keep your space looking immaculate at all times.

While uPVC doors and windows are extremely low maintenance, they go through a lot of wear and tear over the years and their once attractive designs can start looking dull and worn-out. Moreover, they can witness a drop in their energy-efficiency rates and may not be able to offer high-quality thermal, rain and sound insulation as efficiently as they once used to.

Besides offering stylish aesthetics and impeccable functionality, uPVC doors and windows are also important for maintaining the structural integrity of your space. Hence, it is important to restore your uPVC doors and windows back to their pristine position by revamping them from time to time. Unfortunately, in some cases, they may be well beyond repair and rejuvenation. In such cases, replacement may be the only option.

Can’t figure out if you need to revamp or replace your uPVC windows? Be on the lookout for these signs to increase their lifespan and ensure that you get the most out of your uPVC doors and windows.

Fading Furniture

Are your gorgeous wooden floors starting to look patchy and discoloured? The problem is not with the flooring but your old uPVC windows. Over time, your uPVC doors and windows may start to lose their UV-resistant properties, leading to fading of curtains, carpets, floor and other furniture. To avoid such issues, you can either revamp your uPVC windows with an extra low-E coating or opt for a replacement for maximum utility. You can even use restoring products to revive the shine of your sun-damaged uPVC windows.

Falling Safety Standards

uPVC doors and windows are often equipped with double or triple glazed panes and galvanised steel frame reinforcements to ensure maximum protection for you and your family. Certain windows are manufactured with an anti-crowbar feature and internal glazing to prevent burglars from breaking in by removing the glass from the outside. They are also designed to be fire-resistant to prevent mishaps during a fire hazard.

However, worn-out uPVC doors and windows struggle to keep up with these safety standards. They may not lock as well or may get stuck, resulting in reduced safety. Moreover, double-glazed uPVC windows can start getting fogged or misted, further reducing their strength and performance. In such cases, revamping your windows would involve simply replacing the glass panes instead of the entire window.

Enhancing Décor

Apart from their unique functional properties, uPVC doors and windows have emerged as the preferred choice due to their aesthetic appeal. Their sleek and minimal designs can transform the look and feel of your space. An elegant uPVC sliding door or a classic uPVC casement window at the entrance can set the premise for a lavish and sophisticated space. uPVC doors and windows go through constant wear and tear to keep your space looking classy at all times. This can cause them to deteriorate and lose their appeal over the years.

They may be low maintenance but cleaning them regularly can significantly improve their lifespan. While cleaning them, opt for high-grade glass cleaners and steer away from abrasive cleaning cloths as they can remove the glossy coat and do more harm than good. You can even revamp your worn-out uPVC doors and windows by painting them in a new colour. Add a pop of colour to instantly brighten up a room and liven up your space’s interiors as well as exteriors.

Rising Energy Bills

Another reason for the growing popularity of uPVC doors and windows is their energy-efficiency. They are equipped with remarkable thermal insulation features to regulate indoor temperature for an ideal environment. They trap the warm air indoors during the winter season and prevent the heat from entering your space during sweltering summers. Certain glass manufacturers design uPVC doors and windows with multi-chambered panes to minimise heat loss and also install frames with a double sealing and EPDM gasket to seal the area between the window glass and the body.

However, if your old uPVC windows are cracked, chipped or dented; they may not be able to function as efficiently as before. You will have to deal with expensive utility bills as they lose their energy-efficiency and cannot provide thermal insulation. You may even spot dust and dirt slipping through the cracks and spoiling your home. Moreover, your windows become susceptible to breakage as they cannot handle the harsh weather and impact anymore. In such situations, it is best to replace your uPVC doors and windows.

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