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Installing uPVC Windows and Doors

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Installing uPVC Windows and Doors

Contemporary buildings reflect pragmatism and individual style. Whether it is your home or office, you want a décor choice that suits your tastes and needs perfectly while also being cost-effective. Since fenestration is an essential component of design and décor, most homeowners are resorting to framing materials that are holistic and stylish.

If you are looking to install new windows and doors or change old ones, choose uPVC frames. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is a synthetic fenestration material that is incredibly versatile in terms of style and functionality. Here are some reasons uPVC frames will give your home or office a trendy edge –

Advantages of uPVC Frames


A common myth surrounding glass windows is that their installation automatically leads to compromised security. This is not at all true of uPVC windows and doors. Since safety is a priority for everyone, uPVC frames entail anti-crowbar features and galvanised steel reinforcements, preventing intruders from entering your home. Some manufacturers also offer a built-in multi-point locking system so that additional safety issues are warded off. Such locking systems come in handy, especially if you have toddlers in your house. Another prominent safety feature of uPVC windows and doors is that they are fire-retardant and are perfect for fire exit staircases. When installed in regular spaces, they keep your building safe from fire accidents as well. For added security, you can always choose toughened glass with uPVC frames. Overall, uPVC is an incredibly safe choice for both residential and commercial buildings.


One of the best features of uPVC windows and doors is their ability to adapt to different window shapes and styles with ease. Regardless of whether your window is rectangular or has an elaborate form, uPVC frames can be customised to suit it. The material is also incredibly friendly to paint, allowing you to fashion it into different colours, accents, patterns and shades as required. Be it a balcony window or a floor-to-ceiling French door overlooking your pool, uPVC delivers the best.


Installing gorgeous windows and doors only to replace them a few years later is extremely impractical. Choosing durable window frames, therefore, is extremely important. uPVC is long-lasting, courtesy to its features like weather, UV, high-impact, saltwater and chemical resistance. It does not get affected by termite, mould or pests even after years of exposure to heat and humidity. Moreover, it does not facilitate rotting, flaking, peeling, scratching or corrosion, making it adequate for both personal and professional spaces.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing inadequate window and door frames in exchange for exorbitantly expensive energy bills makes no sense. Not only do you waste your money trying to keep your living or working space comfortable, but you also consume plenty of electricity. Proper heat insulation is the only solution to rising energy costs. With uPVC frames, you get perfect heat insulation within your house or office, allowing you to save on heating and cooling bills. High-quality uPVC frames also do not allow drafts in your space, thereby maintaining ideal interior temperatures throughout the year.

Excellent Drainage

Water stagnation can be a common problem in buildings facing intense rainy seasons. Stagnant water invites pests and insects while also damaging the décor of the building. uPVC frames eliminate this problem by ensuring adequate drainage. Most uPVC windows and doors contain additional drainage mechanisms that do not let water accumulate near them, thereby maintaining their structure and keeping insects away from the building.


Even though uPVC is a synthetic material, it does not introduce toxic wastes into the environment. Since modern buildings are highly ecologically-sustainable, uPVC windows and doors are perfect for them. The material is free of lead, BPA and phthalate. It is also 100% non-toxic and recyclable and therefore ensures a reduced carbon footprint for you.

uPVC windows and doors cost different for different companies and locations. The frame quality, style and additional features also affect their prices. If you choose to install them with particular types of glass like smart glass or toughened glass, the cost might increase slightly. However, taking into account their benefits, they prove to be cost-efficient over their lifetime.

If you want to have an accurate quote or estimation, contact AIS Windows. Being India’s leading fenestration brand, we offer the best to our customers – both economic and quality-wise. Our uPVC windows and doors are available in a range of attractive styles, all of which can be customised according to your requests and design choices. Our experts will assist you every step of the way, from shopping for the best frames to their post-installation care. AIS uPVC windows and doors promise quality, durability, energy efficiency and noise insulation. Our products are also pollution resistant and fully recyclable. To avail expert consultation about uPVC fenestration, contact us today.

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