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Top Five Reasons to Go for French Windows

Posted at 11:22 AM, May 15, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

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Windows are basic yet such intriguing architectural elements – they help in connecting the indoor with the outdoor splendour, ushering in the free gift of natural light, and facilitating proper ventilation, and making a lasting first impression. And today, a plethora of window options are available to personalise and beautify spaces. Among them, the classic French windows are becoming popular by the day.

What Is a French Window?

A French window is a double-sashed window that can be opened both inwards and outwards instead of the sliding or folding movement used in other windows. It consists of two panels that are attached to the framework with hinges in the corner. The panels are fitted with handles that help the window to lock and unlock. More often than not, French windows and doors are outward-opening owing to convenience.

Both the panels of a French window have multiple segments, also known as sashes. The number of these sashes depends upon the window’s vertical size. The glass is attached thereon, charming the walls with a beautiful effect during the daylight hours.

A French window’s design has brilliant characteristics that make it a go-to for both residential and commercial properties. Let’s discuss the prime five reasons to opt for French windows and doors.

Superior Architecture and Aesthetics

French windows and doors are not novel but they’re certainly timeless, gracing spaces with an unmatched aesthetic brilliance. They came into existence in the 17th century and can be found in structures belonging to the Baroque period of the French rule. Their antiquity instils tradition in modern homes and reflects the values of cultural integrity amidst modernity.

Moreover, French windows and doors leave ample room for glass to work its aesthetic magic. Not to forget the utility that comes with it – heaps of natural light, proper air circulation, and a seamless connection between the outdoors and indoors. This also makes it easier to keep an eye on kids or pets playing in the backyard or patio. But the best of all is the glories of creation that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home – think majestic clouds that look like cotton candy or gorgeous star-lit night-sky. Marvellous, isn’t it?

You might be of the view that French windows hold precedence in residential spaces alone but nothing could be further from the truth. They’re a top hit even in corporate buildings and other commercial establishments, aiding in natural light, fresh air, and productivity.

Furthermore, French windows are available in a variety of frame options, textures, sizes, and colours, making them highly versatile and customisable.

Massive Strength and Durability

The glass-to-frame ratio of French windows and doors is pretty high, which can force you to believe that they might not be the best at durability or strength. But, this is certainly not the case, thanks to modern-day glass solutions such as toughened or laminated safety glass. Such glasses are five to six times stronger than regular glass and can withstand heavy impact. Moreover, the low-maintenance nature of glass will ensure that these windows last you for decades without losing their sheen or functionality.

Safety Exits

Bearing in mind the perception about glass, anyone can assume that French windows aren’t secure. On the contrary, a French window can withstand heavy impact and often comes with multi-point locking mechanisms to ensure that they are not easily broken into.

“But if they’re secure from external intrusion, what about internal emergencies?” French windows and doors lack the presence of vertical or horizontal crossbars, which is why you can consider them as a safety exit in case of disasters. They can also be used as great entrances for transfer of capacious objects like boxes, gifts, appliances, etc.

Enhanced Ventilation

With wide sashes that protrude in either direction, French windows and doors are good facilitators of ventilation. This is especially useful if your home is situated in the midst of nature. Fresh air is vital for enhanced well-being and French windows ensure that you get plenty of it.

Improved Eco-friendliness

Traditional iterations of French windows used to provide zero insulation. However, such inconveniences have been eliminated by innovative glass solutions such as low-E or heat-reflective glass; such glasses maintain optimum indoor temperatures throughout the year. And what’s more is that while unwanted heat is blocked, natural light is allowed to invade the interiors. This helps in reducing energy consumption, and thereby energy bills.

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