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Glass Windows Style Trends for 2020

Posted 11:26 am, May 17, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows
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Let’s face it! The only unchanging thing about trends is that they change with time – be it fashion, architecture, or interior design. Keeping up with the changing trends can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and resale value.

Today, most of the modern interior, as well as exterior décor, stands incomplete without glass. This material is eternal, but it is cast in several designs – most commonly, in the form of glass windows, doors, partitions, etc. Here are the latest top trends in glass windows to help you with your home or office improvement project.


Guess what! Transom glass windows are back, and they look as hip and trendy as ever, installed atop a door or another window. If your kitchen or dining room needs more natural light, retrofit them with brand-new transoms. Also, if you are remodelling your bathroom and want a spa-like feel, choose wood-framed transoms.

These structures utilise the height and width of a wall optimally. You can also make them movable for enhanced ventilation. Privacy is another benefit offered by transom windows. Since these structures are installed near the ceiling, people outside are unable to look in.

Picture Windows

Modern homes want to maximise the flow of natural light and lend spaces a sense of openness. That way, picture window walls perfectly fit the bill. Architects and designers swear by this design and use it to enhance a home’s core living space.

These structures are glass walls running from floor to ceiling. Several homeowners are requesting less frame and more glass for this design, which is made possible with the help of cutting-edge uPVC or aluminium frames. With the right glazing option, picture glass window walls can add exquisite charm and panache to your home’s décor.

Bay Windows

We are not talking about the old semi-circular bay windows that protruded from the main façade of homes. Old-timey bay windows are still alluring, but now they come with a modern twist. Thanks to frameless glass, you can install this classic design in a combination of three panels with varying widths along with the usual bench-like space to sit near them.

Frameless bay glass windows are a great addition to your bedroom, living area, study, etc. You can also create a cosy nook in the dining area by installing a smaller-sized bay window. This design slightly extends a corner of any room it is installed in and provides extra seating along with ushering in heaps of natural light.


If you are looking to award your home a contemporary charm, place glass windows vertically next to doors. This effect can be achieved with the help of sidelights. A sidelight is designed to match the length of the door, but not the width. You can use frosted glass panes for sidelights for improved privacy when installing these structures next to the main entry door of your home.

Sidelights can brighten up gloomy passageways that have an opaque door at the end. These glass windows can be designed to stay fixed or movable depending on your design sensibility. Sidelights can swing outwards and offer excellent ventilation. You can also combine sidelights with transoms to give your entryway a unique and classy feel.

Bold Window Frames

Interestingly both frameless, as well as thick-framed glass windows are in style these days. Glass laden with thick frames is preferred in darker shades, mostly black, to offset the white or nude pastels used in different rooms.

Bold and black frames can add a great deal of drama and style to your bedroom or living room. If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, bold frames can offer an ultra-contemporary backdrop. Don’t forget that glass windows with bolder frames are cranking up the heat in 2020.

French Windows

Do these windows ever go out of style? The answer is no! There is nothing quite like the evergreen charm of a French glass window. These expansive glass structures are responsible for opening up spaces and providing easy access between rooms.

If you live in a metropolis, chances are that you have a shortage of square footage. In such a case, French windows are a fantastic option for you. Pair French windows with arched transoms if you want to add a dash of vintage charm to your modern home.

Awning Windows

This type of glass window is hinged from the top and needs a push at the bottom to swing open outwards. Awning windows offer protection from rain and wind without blocking any light and ventilation. They are oft-used with fixed and picture windows and also in spaces where the height of the window is smaller than its width.

Awning windows award spaces with expansive and unobstructed views of the outside as they house a sash or a frame only around the glass and not in the middle. These structures look quaint, are durable, and require minimum maintenance.

Double-Hung Windows

This type of glass window has two shutters attached to one frame. These shutters are sequenced one over another and can slide vertically within the frame. Therefore, double-hung windows can be opened from the top as well as bottom depending on your mood.

These glass windows can be given a vintage look and feel by getting them installed in wooden frames. A double-hung window is an excellent feature for living rooms and bedrooms. They offer ventilation and light in abundance without compromising on safety.

Casement Windows

This trend is a true classic, which makes it evergreen. Casement windows are widely used in residential as well as commercial spaces. These glass windows can be installed with a single or a double glass panel. Casement windows open outwards, much like traditional doors and offer a great deal of ventilation.

These windows are very easy to maintain, and they offer excellent sound and dust insulation when installed with the right kind of glazing and framing materials.

Lantern Windows

Lantern glass windows are installed over flat roofs, and they usually cannot be opened or closed. These structures enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or office and usher in heaps of natural light from above.

These glass windows can be accessed only from the terrace and can be easily cleaned from the outside. Lantern windows are often used in restaurants as they completely transform the interiors by ushering in tonnes of natural light.

Arched Windows

Another classic design making a comeback in 2020 in a big way is that of arched glass windows. These structures have rounded tops, and they can be installed in any dimension. You can opt for a floor-to-ceiling arch window or you can make it smaller for your kitchen or bedroom.

These arches are generally static and installed above standard windows that can be slid or swung open. To give these glass windows a more contemporary look and feel, opt for a flatter arch, meaning an arc with a lower degree of curve. These structures can also be integrated with a pivot mechanism that makes these windows pivot from the centre.

Over to You

While these glass window designs are trending at the top in 2020, it does not mean they will look dated in the coming years. The styles mentioned above are timeless and can genuinely uplift the décor of any space. Are you looking for expert help for your next fenestration project? If yes, then step into the world of AIS Windows. We offer a host of solutions for all your glass window and door needs. Our team of experts will help you out in every step of the way, from selection to installation to even after-sales support.

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