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uPVC Windows — A Comprehensive Guide

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If you have been searching the market for good fenestration solutions, you’ve probably encountered uPVC windows early on. A vastly popular solution, the high technicality of uPVC windows has taken the market by storm. So much so that uPVC windows have now become synonymous with thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, durability, and enhanced security.

uPVC Windows — A Comprehensive Guide

What is uPVC material?

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a type of hard plastic material widely used in windows and doors. Pollution, moisture, rust, and mold are all ineffective on the material. This makes uPVC windows a more durable choice than wood windows.

uPVC windows have a distinct elegance to them and come in beautiful colors. If you plan to renovate your house, consider installing uPVC windows because of their numerous benefits. 

What are uPVC Windows?

In uPVC windows, a plastic powder called uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is used to make the frames for windows. Firstly, uPVC is heated to a certain temperature, and it is ordered into shape by being injected into a mold. After it has been injected into a mold, several cooling methods are applied to it.

Once cooled, uPVC is cut and prepared along with other components to be assembled in the window. Since uPVC is an unplasticized material – meaning no chemicals called plasticizers have been added to it – it hasn’t been softened and retains its strength. Due to this, uPVC windows are highly durable and possess multipurpose functionalities.

The Reason Why uPVC Windows are So Popular

Supreme quality is at the core of uPVC windows. Regular windows can’t match the high insulation, noise-cancellation, weather-resistant properties of uPVC windows. uPVC windows virtually require no maintenance, yet they retain their strength, color, and functionality for a long time. After all, what is UPVC windows’ secret to popularity if not its durable built and minimal yet refined aesthetics?

Moreover, urban lives have become busier than ever so homeowners are gravitating towards stylish fenestration solutions that are low-maintenance yet highly durable. In the long run, uPVC windows can prove to be highly cost-effective and energy-efficient fenestration solutions. Apart from this, their compatibility with numerous design styles is also a significant contributor to their popularity.

Choose uPVC Windows, Here’s Why

If you want effective insulation, long-lasting built, and aesthetic appeal, uPVC windows should be among your top picks. So, for your benefit, listed below are the various advantages that come with uPVC windows.

uPVC windows are aesthetically pleasing!

Vintage or modern, whatever aesthetic you pick, you will find uPVC windows available in colors that go with your style. Not only colors, but uPVC windows also come in numerous types. uPVC windows give your spaces a premium, sleek look. Sliding windows, side-hung windows, twin sash windows, and other uPVC windows are also available. You may choose a style that will complement your interiors and color schemes. These windows are customizable as well. AIS Windows tailors uPVC windows to your property and requirements.

uPVC, Aluminium Doors and Windows

Enhanced Security with uPVC windows

With uPVC windows, homeowners can ensure heightened safety measures against threats from natural elements and intruders alike. The robustness and resilience of uPVC windows can withstand high-temperature fluctuations, wind loads, harsh sunlight, and even chemicals. Also, with their single or multi-point high-security locks attached to the window framing, uPVC windows provide a high level of security. In case of impact-induced breakage, uPVC windows disintegrate into tiny granular pieces to deter potential injuries, and because of their thick coating of galvanized steel, it becomes extremely difficult to crack. When equipped with advanced multi-locking systems, uPVC windows also provide enhanced security against burglars since they are difficult to break in.

uPVC windows are termite-free

One major threat to any piece of furniture in our home is termite infestation. Termite eats up the infested part and causes irreparable damage. Since uPVC is a synthetic product, any spending on periodical termite control procedures is not required. uPVC repels termites or any other insects.

uPVC windows can be recycled

Responsibility towards the environment is a burning issue. When we opt for wooden windows, we must note that the materials cannot always be recycled due to moisture infusion, respectively. However, uPVC windows can be recycled up to ten times because of their sturdiness and longevity. As a result, uPVC windows are the most environmentally friendly choice.

Thermal Insulation with uPVC windows

Enhanced insulation properties are a characteristic feature of uPVC windows. Especially for homeowners living in tropical climates, installing uPVC windows is a great way to control interior heating and cooling conditions. uPVC windows reduce heat gain during summers while preventing heat loss during winters. AIS Windows solutions are engineered to lower electricity consumption for saving up to 35% – 40% on your energy bills.

uPVC windows allow for proper drainage

After heavy rain, it is common to see water collected in the sliding grooves of windows. It is hard to clean and very unhygienic. Windows also become the avenue for water leaking inside the houses during rains. However, you don’t need to worry about these problems with uPVC windows. These windows have shutters and built-in drainage systems. This keeps water from being stagnant, and water spillage is also prevented by the drainage system installed between the shutters and the outer frame.

uPVC windows allow for maximum ventilation

Another advantage of uPVC windows is that they have a “Tilt and Turn” design, which means they open in two directions for optimum ventilation. This ergonomic design makes uPVC windows better than wooden or aluminium windows.

Ease of Maintenance with uPVC windows

Being maintenance-free is perhaps the biggest advantage uPVC windows have over regular windows. They offer resistance against dust, rust, corrosion, rot, and mold, so they do not require incessant maintenance. For cleaning uPVC windows, you can simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth dipped in soapy water and restore their shine.

Durability with uPVC windows

uPVC windows are inherently stronger than regular windows. Since their material is durable, they maintain their original structure and remain intact in the face of weather pressures. The uPVC coating also protects against UV rays, which can cause materials to fade and wither when exposed to the sun. In addition, the robust and resilient built of uPVC windows makes them highly durable against tensile stress, while their ability to resist corrosion, rot, and termites makes them last longer. Due to this, uPVC windows remain strong for about 25 years with zero to minimal maintenance requirements. Thus, uPVC windows help you to maintain the beauty of your house for a long, long time.

The flexibility of Styles with uPVC windows

Along with an array of functionalities, uPVC windows also offer immense scope for flexibility in style. They are compatible with different window styles and can be painted in numerous colors. Furthermore, uPVC windows resemble wooden frames and have a similar grain-like texture. Whatever your décor requirements may be, uPVC windows are both suitable and complimentary.

UPVC Windows: The Ultimate Energy-Efficiency Solution

Using uPVC windows can dramatically lower your energy consumption rates. Due to their highly efficient insulation properties, maintaining a comfortable and cozy living space becomes far easier. Furthermore, uPVC windows offer greater solar control and thermal performance, thereby ensuring a steady influx of daylight without increasing the indoor temperature. A highly energy-efficient solution, uPVC windows brighten your interiors while decreasing reliance on artificial lighting and ACs.

What Makes Certain Windows Energy-Efficient?

Windows are made of glass and frames. The material used in the frame can range from wood to metal to plastic. Different framing materials along with different types of glass and glazing layers provide a certain level of performance. Certain materials like uPVC, especially, protect your home from heat loss or gain and cut down energy bills. Fenestration solutions incorporating uPVC are considered energy-efficient and are available in various colors and finishes.

uPVC or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, as a material, possesses low conductivity. Windows with uPVC frames are easy to fabricate with double or triple glazing. This is essentially what makes them great for energy efficiency. This material is heat-resistant to a large extent and does not transfer temperature from inside to outside and vice versa. You can check this phenomenon next time you are standing next to a uPVC window. How? Simply, put your hand on the window frame and feel its temperature. uPVC as a material for window frames is used all across the world in residential complexes as well as commercial enclaves.

Did you know that almost 70% of heat or cold is gained or lost through glass panes, and even more is lost through metallic frames? During the summer season, a single-glazed non-uPVC window accounts for almost 25% of heat gain in your home.

During winters, a 3mm glass pane ends up losing ten to fifteen times more heat as compared to an insulated wall. Double glazing your windows within a uPVC frame can improve the thermal comfort of your home by almost 94%. A steady non-conductive uPVC frame supporting double-glazed panes acts as an insulating barrier that keeps the scorching heat or cold from entering inside.

Whether you are renovating your home or are moving into a new one, installing a well-sealed and glazed product is a must. UPVC windows provide both said advantages at an affordable price. How exactly do uPVC windows keep you warm during the summer season? By absorbing the entire glorious natural light and reflecting away the unwanted heat and glare. In addition to not absorbing too much heat, it also does not allow for the cool air to leak out. This way, the temperature inside your home stays optimal.

During peak winter months, uPVC windows cut the transfer of temperature from the cold side to the warm side. This significantly reduces the cost of heating your rooms as warmer air stays inside for longer. UPVC windows make a valuable contribution towards reducing your electricity bills, and also towards lowering greenhouse emissions.

Make a choice!

Having learned about uPVC windows – you can now make an informed fenestration choice. Compromising on either form or function can prove to be harmful to your pockets in the long run. That’s why you should opt for uPVC windows. A highly energy-efficient, durable, and stylish variant, uPVC windows can help you find a balance between enhanced functionality and modern aesthetics.

At AIS Windows, we offer end-to-end fenestration solutions for all your architectural needs.  We provide world-class fittings that assist in enhancing protection and performance using a variety of accessories. Moreover, for a hassle-free and seamless service, our trained professionals will be with you at every step of the installation process.

For further information about uPVC windows, you can reach out to us on our website www.aiswindows.com and avail of an expert consultation today!

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