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Applications of Casement Windows

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Applications of Casement Windows

Windows are the silent furnishings that open up any space. They are responsible for ushering in heaps of natural light and aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for a classic stylish design with high functionality, go for casement windows. 

What are Casement Windows? 

Let us rewind to the 18th century when casement windows were used for the very first time as a replacement for stone-mullioned windows. Today, this design is widely used because it never goes out of style.

Casement windows come attached with side-mounted hinges, and they swing open from one side only. These windows open fully, much like doors and offer excellent ventilation. Casement windows are predominantly used in residential real estate. Let us look at some of the most loved casement window designs. 

Popular Casement Window Designs 

Single casement window houses one frame that is hinged on either one side or from the top. 

Double casement windows are also known as French casements. This type has two hinged frames that open from the centre. 

Picture casement windows are generally sealed and don’t open. This type is often used for installing skylights on roofs. 

Awning casement windows are pushed up to open as they are hinged at the top. This design offers excellent ventilation as it allows air to flow from the bottom as well as the sides of a frame. 

Bay windows fan in a semi-circular form and protrude out of a façade. This design also provides additional interior space and is a combination of casements that are fixed and movable. 

Applications of Casement Windows 

Given the versatility and durability of this classic design, casement windows have a diverse range of residential applications. 

Above the Kitchen Sink 

Kitchens are notorious for feeling claustrophobic, especially if you are short on square footage. Imagine staring at a solid dull wall as you face your sink to do the dishes. To open up a kitchen, a casement window above the sink works wonders. Depending on the wall space, you can either install a single or a pair of casement frames for unobstructed exterior views. 

Next to the Bed 

Bedrooms are private, but now and then you may want to fill them up with tonnes of natural light. Casement windows next to the bed can award you positivity every morning when you wake up. After all, there is nothing like the light of breaking dawn occasionally coupled with a light breeze. Double casement windows can also be installed on the wall behind your bed. 

Beside a Shower Stall or Bathtub 

Free your bathrooms from looking gloomy and sullen. Casement windows are a great addition that can be installed next to shower stalls or above bathtubs. They brighten up this little room and also allow proper ventilation, which is necessary for such a humid space. Since privacy is a grave concern inside a bathroom, you can choose to get frosted glass panes for your casement windows. Frosted glass does not obstruct light but provides complete privacy. 

On a Living Room Wall 

Instead of furnishing your living or lounging area with lots of artefacts and wall hangings, convert an expansive part of the wall into a series of casement windows. You can choose from any type of casement windows listed above. Doing this will not only add heaps of charm to your home but will also provide excellent light and ventilation whenever you want.

Advantages of Casement Windows 

Now that you know about the types and applications of casement windows, you must be wondering about their benefits. Listed below are the main benefits casement windows have to offer. 

Design Variety 

Several types of casement windows can be customised to suit the décor of your home. Be it a bay window overlooking the coastline or a picture window facing high-rises, these structures look elegant regardless of the space they are installed in. Furthermore, you can also choose frames for casement windows in a wide variety of colours and finishes. 


Whether you choose aluminium or uPVC casement windows, they hardly require maintenance. However, it is advisable to wipe them clean with a soft damp cloth once every month. Casement windows generally have a lifespan of at least 30 years.

Improved Ventilation 

Casement windows open fully, thus flooding a space with tonnes of quality ventilation. During the interim months between peak summer and peak winter, these windows provide ample airing that contributes towards enhanced thermal comfort. 

Sturdy and Durable 

These structures can easily support double or triple glazing, thus making them a safe and secure choice for your home. If you live in a high-rise building with strong gushes of wind, uPVC casement frames along with toughened glass panes are the right choice for you.   

Final Thoughts 

To get the best out of casement windows, reach out to AIS Windows. We offer a host of window and door solutions in uPVC, aluminium, and wooden frames that are bound to match your design sensibilities. Our team of experts provides help at every step of the way from selecting to installing, to after-sales support.

So, give us a call at 1800-103-4805 to receive an expert consultation today!

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