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Things to Consider while Buying Replacement Windows

Posted 11:44 pm, May 17, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

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Confused about which replacement windows to buy? We can make the process easier for you. In this article, we explain important factors that must be considered when zeroing on replacement windows. After all, this can be a good opportunity for you to invest in better and improved living.

Significance of Windows

Stylish fenestrations can take your interior décor a notch higher. Be it your home or your office, quality windows are essential for maintaining comfortable interiors. Offering an ideal blend of form and function, windows must cater not only to the architectural design but to geographical needs as well. This is why choosing the right type of replacement windows is important.

Whether you’re remodelling or replacing drafty and damaged windows, you must select replacement windows that allow an easy passage for natural elements to enter indoors. Think – smooth airflow and substantial daylight – without the issues of excessive heating and wind loads. Thus, you should upgrade to high-quality replacement windows that provide a host of offerings from energy-efficiency to weather insulation and aesthetic appeal.

What to Look for in Replacement Windows?

Inspect the damaged windows that need replacement and identify the reason for their poor performance. Once that is established, you will have a better understanding of the type of replacement windows that can avoid such performance failures.

Follow this simple principle – the more efficient your product is, greater are the returns on investment – to purchase the right replacement windows and enjoy maximum benefits.

Here are some factors to consider for making an informed replacement windows purchase.

For Special Regional Needs

With subpar fenestrations, coping with weather changes can be a nightmare. Because different regions experience different weather conditions, you must consider replacement windows that are optimised to withstand them. You can opt for windows that have airtight and waterproof profiles, for regions prone to torrential rains and thunderstorms. Similarly, it is advantageous to buy replacement windows with high insulation properties for keeping indoors cosy during harsh summer and winter months. You can go for AIS uPVC Windows that are specially engineered to provide complete insulation from dust, rain, pollution, and noise.

Right Frame for Replacement Windows

No matter the style of replacement windows, without the right framing material, they might not perform optimally. To ensure greater performance, choose a framing material for replacement windows that requires low maintenance, provides structural stability, termite-resistance, while being invulnerable to rot or corrosion. For instance, AIS Windows offers frames – aluminium, and uPVC – that have thermal and noise insulation properties with pleasing modern designs.


There are no two ways to go about it – your replacement windows must be energy-efficient to facilitate brighter yet comfortable interiors. Especially if you want large replacements like bay windows or sliding windows, choose replacement windows that allow natural light to flow in while protecting against harmful UV rays and solar glare. Moreover, having enhanced solar control properties in your replacement windows will help cut down your cooling and heating costs as well. Given the state of rising global warming, buying eco-sensitive solutions has now become crucial than ever.

Required Maintenance

Poor performance of windows is often a result of poor maintenance. Poorly maintained windows suffer from air infiltrations and leaks due to the presence of drafts. In most cases, windows fall prey to rotting, pitting, or peeling that can cause stress cracks to occur on glass panes, causing damage. By investing in replacement windows that require low or zero maintenance and are easy to clean as well as operate, you also get your money’s worth. Such replacement windows are highly durable and last long against a host of impediments like termites, smog, or moisture.

Décor Considerations

While deciding on replacement windows, try to opt for styles that compliment your interior as well as exterior décor. There must be a synergy in designs to promote harmony and comfort in the interiors as well as extended spaces like patios and balconies. Moreover, stylish fenestrations can add immense value to the overall visual appeal of your residential and commercial spaces.

Make the Right Decision!

Today, a wide range of options is available for replacement windows. This can affect your decision making process and make it quite confusing. Style, material, frame, or glass – are the primary areas of concern for replacement windows buyers.

Therefore, while making your choice, keep all the aforementioned considerations in mind as they can help you to choose the right replacement windows for your structural needs.

AIS Windows – a subsidiary of Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS) – offers comprehensive range of fenestration products in substrates such as uPVC, wood, and aluminium. We provide varied customisable solutions in privacy, security, and acoustic comfort. For enhanced aesthetics and functional performance, we deliver solutions that combine the right glass products with the best profiles and hardware fittings.

At AIS windows, you can receive end-to-end services – right from consultation, glass and frame selection to customisation and installation, even after-sales support.  Our technicians are well-trained in providing a smooth and hassle-free installation service. You also receive flexibility of customisation and an array of elegant designs to choose from.

Give us a call at 1800-103-4805 to receive an expert consultation today!

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