uPVC Casement Door
A (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) uPVC casement door has a single sash which is hinged from the side but can be designed to open either inward or outward, based on your requirement. AIS uPVC Casement Doors are suitable for balcony patio or deck. They are very economical and popular and are available in variety of designs and colors allowing homeowners to choose options that complement their overall architectural design and aesthetic preferences. Check out  Aluminium Casement Doors and uses of casement doors. 
Overall, uPVC casement doors are a popular choice for those seeking a durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing entry or exit point for their homes or buildings. 



  • Energy efficient
  • Noise insulation properties
  • Prevents dust and pollution inside
  • Blocks rainwater seepage
  • Available in different colours & designs
  • Termite proof, fade resistant and no expansion or contraction properties
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Key Facts of uPVC Casement Door

  • 2600

  • mm

    Construction Depth

  • 1.8

  • W/m^2 K


  • 38

  • dB

    Sound Reduction

  • 62

  • mm

    Max. Infill

  • up to 42

  • mm

    Max. Height

  • 1200

  • mm

    Max. Width

* Products key facts are given considering standard specifications. These specifications will change basis each site requirements.

Reviews & Rating uPVC Casement Door


My family and I have shifted to Delhi from Guwahati and face high levels of pollution. During my search for the solution to the problem, I came across AIS Windows on the internet and called them for immediate installation of antipollution doors and windows. Their products are awesome and the service is great.

Debjani Ghosh, South Ex., New Delhi

The ever-growing electricity bill was always a serious concern for me. I am an upper-middle-class citizen and have been looking for some energy-saving solutions for many months. I learned about energy-efficient doors and windows and got them installed by the AIS Team. Excellent products and amazing service!

Sitaram Kathuria, Meerut, U.P.