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Customize Your Own uPVC Windows and Doors for Your Home

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Customize Your Own uPVC Windows and Doors for Your Home

The world is evolving at a lightning speed by the day. It’s not uncommon to wake up every morning to the news of some or the other scintillating innovation going viral. The same holds true of the world of interior designing. One such champion of the architectural world has been uPVC. This beloved material is so versatile that it has become an all-time favourite amongst designers and architects looking for versatile solutions to develop stylish and functional spaces. And this package of visual appeal plus functionality of UPVC can be utilised best in making uPVC windows and doors. 

Why choose uPVC Windows and Doors?

The reason why uPVC windows and doors are presently having their moment in the design world is their low maintenance requirements, sturdiness, and visual appeal. Such windows and doors do not require constant care – one thorough wipe occasionally breathes fresh life into them. Moreover, they can withstand changing weather conditions without incurring the slightest of damage. Investing in uPVC windows and doors for your home is wise; they last for up to 20 years, do not fade, or lose their charm over time.

uPVC also serves as a great thermal insulator for your home and keeps your energy bills low during all seasons. Besides being energy efficient, uPVC windows and doors are strong, resilient, and hard to break providing security to your home. Most uPVC windows are anti-crowbar, which means it’s extremely difficult for an intruder to force them open. They also offer excellent sound insulation, ensuring that you have a good night’s sleep free of any disturbances. 

Finding the Best Fit for Your Home

Every house is unique in design and has different requirements. uPVC windows and uPVC doors are available in different shapes and sizes to ensure that your house remains eco-friendly and energy-efficient without compromising on style.

  • uPVC Windows

uPVC windows make sure that you feel comfortable in your space. These windows ensure security and prevent air leakage. This helps in controlling the temperature of the room and protects your family from harsh weather conditions. You can install uPVC windows in your house to allow proper airflow and natural cross-ventilation. These windows do not rot or rust and can hence be installed in places with high moisture, like bathrooms.

If aesthetics is your priority, UPVC windows are available in designs such as twin sash windows which combine traditional fly mesh panels with casement windows to provide a classic look. UPVC French windows are the epitome of elegance. They are a pair of casement windows hinged on the sides and can be opened both ways, inwards and outwards. They provide unobstructed panoramic view of the outside.

If you have a smaller room that needs ventilation, UPVC tilt and turn windows are ideal. These multi-functional windows can be swung open sideways, or tilted bottom inward depending on the level of ventilation required. You can also choose UPVC sliding windows for optimal usage of space. These windows consist of sashes that can be moved back and forth for maximum ventilation.

  • uPVC Doors

You can choose to install uPVC glass doors in different rooms of your house to create a stunning look. uPVC can also be used in sliding doors which open on to patios and decks, allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of the outdoors. They create a smooth flow between the indoors and the outdoors allowing you to comfortably sit on your couch and adore the view.

Similar to UPVC French windows, there are also UPVC French doors that are beautifully and smartly designed. This architectural design dating back to colonial days renders security and durability to your home. They are installed in smaller places to provide you with maximum ventilation and year-round view of the outdoors. They are waterproof so can be installed on pool-sides. If you have a vast space available, UPVC lift and sliding doors are designed to accommodate large openings. These glass doors render your home grandeur and convenience.

At AIS Windows, we offer different types of uPVC windows and doors, depending on which is the best fit for your house. We offer stunning designs in uPVC windows such as uPVC French windows, uPVC side hung windows, uPVC sliding windows, uPVC twin sash windows, uPVC top hung windows, et al. Our windows are made of top-quality uPVC when coupled with toughened or laminated glass render much-needed security to your home. So, if you’re looking for a one-stop source for all your door and windows needs, simply get in touch with us! 

uPVC windows and doors offer strong, reliable, long lasting and hassle-free design solutions. These windows barely require any maintenance and last for years. They protect you from harsh weather conditions and changing climate. They soundproof your space to ensure a peaceful atmosphere. UPVC windows and doors are available in different styles so that you can choose from plenty of options. After installing UPVC windows and doors, you don’t have to worry about the security of your home either. They have a layer of galvanized steel making it extremely difficult to break them. UPVC windows and doors are the way to go to customise your space into a modern and sophisticated one.

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