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Enrich Your Homes with French Windows and Doors

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Windows are irreplaceable parts of all houses. Not only do they provide ventilation and excellent views, but also bring in natural light and add space. Strategic placement of doors and windows can make your house look welcoming and spacious.

You can play with different window and door styles to personalize your living space. One of the oldest and most popular window styles is French windows. French windows and doors are a product of Renaissance architecture. They have been used in houses for centuries for aesthetic, security, and religious purposes. These floor-to-ceiling windows allow optimum light into your house and offer spectacular views of your surroundings. If fixed optimally, they add elegance to your home without overshadowing another décor.

Types of French Windows and Doors

French windows may double as doors in some houses. They come in different shapes, styles and types. Some of the popular types include

  • External (Patio Doors)

French windows and doors that are fixed to provide you access to your house’s exteriors are called French patio doors. These are normally hinged, i.e., they can open both inwards and outwards. External French windows allow more light and breeze into your house.

  • Interior French Doors

French windows that divide a room are usually called interior French windows and doors. These are floor to ceiling glass fixtures that add space to your house. These are also hinged and can be unidirectional or bi-directional.

  • Sliding French Windows

Sliding French windows are typically used as external patio doors. The window slides to open or close in a pre-constructed frame. Though not very common, they are an interesting stylistic choice and do not require a lot of space.

Benefits of French Windows

French windows and doors can dramatically enhance your living space. They add special value to your home, both aesthetically and otherwise.

1. Enjoy Stunning Views

If you want to enjoy beautiful views of your house’s immaculate garden from your living room, installing French windows is a good idea. French windows allow unobstructed views of your house’s exterior. If you live in a penthouse, having French windows will ensure panoramic views of your surroundings at all times.

2. Upgrade your Home’s Style

French windows make your house appear sleek and posh. They add structure and durability to your house while maintaining a delicate feel. They are not bulky and come in different styles that can mix well with your overall décor choice. While investing in French windows and doors, you can choose from several frames made of wood, aluminium, uPVC, and steel. Timber French windows give your house vintage and antique look, while those made of uPVC or aluminium provide a sleek feel. You can either choose a pre-designed frame or have one specially made according to your style. You can also choose from several glass types like coloured, stained, and plain.

3. Stay Private and Secure

Numerous homeowners believe that having glass doors warrants zero privacy. This is not true in the case of French windows and doors that can incorporate specialized glasses to ensure privacy and security. You can opt for blurred glasses if you wish to keep your living space hidden. You can also choose glazed glasses offering one-way view. The best option to maintain privacy while not compromising with your view is to choose smart glass. Smart glass, like AIS Swytchglass, offers flexible opacity at the click of a button. With smart glass, you can adjust your French door to completely block outside view whenever you wish. If you do not want sounds to escape your living space, you can opt for acoustic glass for your French windows.

4. Create an Illusion of Space

Since light bounces off glass naturally, it creates an illusion of space. If you want to divide a room in two without compromising on space, installing a French window is a wise choice. French windows allow light in and out of rooms easily, adding space to your house. French windows and doors soften the aesthetics of sleekly designed modern homes, providing an airy and open outlook.

5. Be Energy Efficient

French windows and doors allow plenty of natural heat and light into your home, allowing you to save a lot of electrical energy during the day. French windows with glass insulating technologies trap some heat inside your house, making it energy efficient. At night, you can open your windows to create a pleasant draft and ventilate your house without an exhaust fan.

AIS Windows offers uPVC French windows and doors meant to add to your house’s beauty. Our French doors and hinged, come in uPVC frames with a wooden finish, offer multipoint locking systems and are durable. We understand your unique sense of style and offer customized French door and window solutions. Our French windows reduce unwanted sound, are less prone to shrinking, and are energy efficient. Our experts assist you in shopping and complete installation, making the process hassle-free for you.

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