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Why Balcony uPVC Sliding Doors Are Becoming Popular in India

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Ever since the pandemic, we’ve realised the importance of creating a personal space in our home which can help us work and relax in peace. A balcony seems to be the most comforting space as it allows us to admire nature and work. The only thing that can make this experience better is by opting for an aluminium sliding door for the balcony or uPVC sliding doors so we can enjoy the picturesque view even when we’re inside.

Why are balcony uPVC sliding doors in demand?

If you sit down to ponder why balcony uPVC sliding doors have become a rage these days, then not one but multiple reasons come to mind. From durability to seamless integration, we have listed it all below.

  1. Save space

  2. If you live in an urban area, then you must be aware of how difficult it is to find spacious homes and offices. Opting for an aluminium sliding door for the balcony helps save space and makes the area look more expansive than usual without spending an extra dime!

  3. Robust

  4. Despite their modern and lightweight looks, uPVC windows and doors are secure and are built to offer uncompromised safety. These sturdy frames, when coupled with premium quality glass, like safety or double-paned glass, can prevent chances of physical intrusions or break-ins. You can also install sensors on them for enhanced safety.

  5. Weather-resistant

  6. If you reside in areas known for harsh climatic zones like beside the sea or up in the hills, then installing an aluminium sliding door for balcony can be a rewarding choice. It can withstand extreme weather conditions as it is equipped with an excellent insulator, robust frame and EPDM gasket shields that protect the interiors from dust and rain.

  7. Durable

  8. Balcony uPVC sliding doors and windows manufactured by leading companies are built to offer good resilience and last for decades despite extreme weather conditions and normal wear and tear on a daily basis. It is a naturally sturdy material that does not corrode, peel, rot or disintegrate. It offers optimal functionality and deals with all external extremities like harsh sun rays, impacts, or busy environments without breaking down.

  9. Flexible

  10. Besides saving space, uPVC doors can come in handy if you want to decorate and customise your personal space without making the room look stuffy and small. It has seamless integration and can create a sense of depth with seamless lines that accentuate the architectural choices. You can powder coat uPVC profiles in a shade of your choice and get unique customised frames.

  11. Termite free

  12. Unlike wooden frames, balcony uPVC sliding doors do not get infected by insects and bugs like termites. Since they are synthetic they do not allow the cultivation of insects and are easy to maintain and clean in the long run.

  13. Low maintenance

  14. If you are confused between aluminium sliding doors for balcony and uPVC doors, then you also need to keep in mind the fact that both are unparalleled when it comes to durability. However, uPVC doors and windows tend to retain their strength and structural integrity with minimal maintenance as it is easy to clean. All you need is a wet sponge and a few spare minutes to make it look new and shining like before! The fact that it does not rot, peel and is prone to termites makes it an ideal alternative.

  15. Good insulation

  16. Balcony uPVC sliding doors when paired with double-glazed glass can ensure excellent thermal insulation. During winters, it can keep your home warm and cool during summers. uPVC doors and windows can also reduce the external noise to a great extent if you live in a busy area. This not only ensures you can work and live in peace but also helps regulate the temperature inside the room.

  17. Energy efficient

  18. When coupled with low emissivity glass panes, uPVC doors and windows can prove to be energy-efficient. The special silicone sealants applied to these structures and the double glazed glass trap heat during winters and reflect the sun’s heat away during the summers. This ensures the ideal temperature within the room and reduces the load on the heating and cooling systems thus reducing electricity bills. uPVC is also non-toxic which makes installing it an environment-conscious decision.

  19. Secure

  20. uPVC doors and window designs prove to be a secure fenestration solution as they offer a high level of security. They can be equipped with multi-point locking systems that prevent break-ins. Moreover, they also have galvanized steel cores which are difficult to break and act as an additional layer of protection. Leading manufacturers offer tons of customisation like gaskets, aluminium seals, hook-over mechanisms etc that prevent the doors from being opened due to external force.

These are only a few of the countless benefits and features that balcony uPVC sliding doors boast about! If you are interested in knowing more about what these have to offer besides security and enhanced aesthetics, make sure to reach out to a AIS Windows, a leading fenestrations manufacturing company, and make an informed choice to create your ideal dream space!

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