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What is Toughened Glass Window and Why they are Popular?

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With the rapid optimisation in the glass manufacturing process, glass has become a popular alternative when it comes to building modern architecture including commercial and residential spaces. You can now find tons of options and variety when it comes to choosing different types of windows but that’s not all! You can even opt to install different kinds of glass too! But toughened glass seems to steal the show and this article will shed light on the reasons behind the same.

What is toughened glass?

The very first question that needs to be answered is what is toughened glass and why has there been an increase in its demand when it comes to different types of windows, wall panels and other glass structures.

Different ways to make toughened glass

There are mainly two ways in which toughened glass is manufactured:

  • Using chemical reactions

  • Another way to temper glass is by submerging it in a bath of potassium salt at 300°C. Once the ions are separated, the salt is dissolved and these ions replace sodium ions present on the glass. The former is 30% larger than sodium ion and forcefully compresses the outer surface while the inner surface remains unchanged. The tension created as result makes sure that the glass does not break down due to small impacts and force as the glass is strengthened due to the chemical ion exchange.

  • Using heat and cold

  • The most common way to make toughened glass is by tempering. The process involves heating ordinary glass up to temperatures as high as 620°C for a while and then rapidly cooling it down using strong jets of cold air. This compresses the outer layer while the inner layer is still hot. This method ensures that the higher the thermal expansion of the glass and the lower the thermal conductivity, the higher will be the level of residue stress, which is directly proportional to the strength of the glass formed.

Types of toughened glass

Now that you are aware of the different ways in which toughened glass can be created, it’s time to explore and know the different types of toughened glass available in the market, so you can choose the right one for different types of windows.

  • Clear toughened glass

  • Clear toughened glass is mostly used for balcony doors, windows, facades and displays as it has high transparency. This glass has great strength and is installed in spaces that require safety glass to reduce the chances of mechanical or thermal breakage.

  • Reflective toughened glass

  • Reflective toughened glass is made using transparent flat glass plated with metal or metal oxide film such as gold, silver, copper, aluminium, etc. It is also called coated or sunlight-control film glass. It can reflect up to 50% of the infrared rays and is energy efficient. It is used to make facades, decorations and windows.

  • Tinted toughened glass

  • If you want to add a splash of colour to your personal space then you can also opt for tinted toughened glass windows as they not only enhance the visual appeal of your home or office but also offer more privacy by obstructing the indoors from prying eyes of the outsiders.

  • Frosted toughened glass

  • Frosted toughened glass can also prove to be a great option if you are looking for glass that can be installed in different types of windows as it offers privacy and creates a unique appearance that enhances the looks of the windows.

Features of toughened glass

  1. Strength

  2. Toughened glass can be used for different types of windows as it can bear high pressure and surface compression (up to 10,000 lbs per square inch) and is categorised as safety glass. It is less prone to shattering on impact.

  3. Resistance to thermal breakage

  4. If you live in tropical areas then harsh weather conditions might be a common occurrence. Toughened glass windows can easily withstand heat from the sunlight without breaking down as it has excellent heath-withstanding capacity.

  5. Resilience

  6. Since it is manufactured by exposing the glass to high heat and chemicals, its structure and chemical composition make it even more resilient.

  7. Safety

  8. Since it does not shatter into sharp shards on harsh impact, it is considered a safety glass. If toughened glass windows break down, they end up shattering into harmless circular chunks that are easy to clean up without any injuries.

  9. Versatility

  10. Toughened glass is quite flexible and versatile which means it can be used for multiple purposes and different types of windows and doors with ease. It is an ideal choice for all kinds of modern interior settings like chests, shelves, tabletops, etc. It can also be treated with acid to get a smooth finish and make it easier to clean and maintain.

  11. Heat resistance

  12. Toughened glass windows have five times more heat resistance than standard glass and can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees. This makes it fire resistant and also ensures better heat insulation, thereby bringing down electricity bills during winters.

  13. Sound reduction

  14. It has soundproofing abilities also and can provide a reduction in noise levels up to 60 dB which makes it ideal for studios, gyms or workspaces where sound reduction is important.

  15. UV protection

  16. Toughened glass can also absorb up to 65% of ultraviolet rays and offers an SPF of approximately 16. Opting for a tinted toughened glass of bronze or grey colour increases the SPF and ensures better blocking of UV rays.

Why opt for toughened glass windows?

  1. Unparalleled strength

  2. Toughened glass windows are at least five times stronger than normal glass which means it would require a lot of force for them to break. It is also three times stronger than heat strengthened glass and is quite robust, enabling it to bear a greater load. This makes it a great choice for skyscrapers, stand-alone glass partitions, etc.

  3. Enhanced safety

  4. If broken, it will shatter evenly into small pieces so there are no shards or splinters of glass. While it does not break easily, even if it does break under heavy impact it does not shatter into sharp shards. It breaks into harmless circular chunks which makes it easy to clean without getting injured. This makes it safer for installing in homes in comparison to other types of glasses.

  5. Remarkable resistance

  6. It has a superior structural and thermal resistance and can cope with extreme conditions like high-temperature differential (up to 250 degrees), direct sunlight, strong winds, rains, hailstorms, etc without breaking down.

  7. Immune to wear and tear

  8. Toughened glass does not get damaged easily and is immune to daily wear and tear which means you won’t have to deal with too many scratches or cracks. This makes it an ideal choice for different types of windows and doors!

  9. Versatile

  10. Last but not least, toughened glass can be moulded in different ways due to its incredible strength, flexibility and resistance. It finds its applications in a myriad of fields from cookware to commercial buildings. It can also be amalgamated with other forms of glass like laminated glass to create stronger structures like bulletproof windows for vehicles. Its various kinds also offer greater options to choose from and different hues to make your space more aesthetic and energy-efficient!

Now that you have tons of reasons to back up your decision of picking toughened glass over other glass forms, it is time to get in touch with a premium glass manufacturing company like AIS Windows to get your hands on this versatile glass! Make sure to explore the different kinds of toughened glass available in the market for different kinds of applications in order to create your ideal luxurious space without worrying about money, effort or durability!

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