uPVC Sliding Doors
Do you want the passageway at your residence to offer unhindered access and doesn’t take up too much space? uPVC sliding doors are the ones you need. uPVC Sliding Doors are lightweight, highly durable, and comes in sturdy design options. Additionally, they are also waterproof. In fact, as the functioning of uPVC sliding doors is effortless and noiseless, the mechanism of sliding doors is also often referred to as the Silent System.

Why AIS Windows

AIS Windows is India’s premier uPVC manufacturer, offering 360-degree glass solutions for all of your needs. We are dedicated to providing superior uPVC sliding doors and other home renovation options with subject-expert knowledge and excellent customer service. Our uPVC sliding doors’ prices are affordable and appeal to most of the country’s population because our products are manufactured locally and are adapted according to the latest trends. The uPVC glass doors come in various customized alternatives primarily intended for use in homes, offices, and flats.
As a modern uPVC glass sliding doors manufacturer, we at AIS Windows keep up with industry advancements and incorporate them into our product designs. Design, consultation, glass & frame selection, and installation are all included in our end-to-end services. Day in and day out, our team of highly skilled installers work swiftly, cleanly, and efficiently to provide exceptional results. We ensure that you’re receiving outstanding after-care services.

About uPVC Sliding Doors

Because of its sturdiness and longevity, AIS Window’s uPVC sliding doors are incredibly durable and require little maintenance. Our uPVC sliding doors are also suitable for office use since they provide a positive first impression to visitors and do not require much effort to keep their new-like appearance. The design of these uPVC glass doors ensures that they will withstand exposure to radiation and climate change for many years to come. This helps you to cut down on the sliding door’s maintenance costs.
The uPVC sliding door line from AIS Windows includes a multi-chamber technology that helps to improve the heat and sound insulation capabilities. When it comes to house security, the uPVC sliding doors have multi-point locking systems, double toughened glass, and uPVC frame grills, all of which cooperate to ensure that no uninvited intruder can gain access to your home.

Key Facts

Our uPVC sliding doors are designed for local weather patterns and have exceptional thermal, acoustic, and mechanical features. We’ve listed some key facts regarding our uPVC glass door designs below to guarantee that you get the best uPVC sliding doors possible:

  • Construction Depth – 2700 mm
  • Uf-Value – 1.8 W/m²K
  • Sound Reduction – 24 dB
  • Maximum Infill – 62-112 mm
  • Maximum Height – 20-30 mm
  • Maximum Width – 1500 mm

Application Areas

For the past three decades, we have been breaking new ground in the design and production of uPVC sliding doors. We are developing new unique and creative concepts to create trendy and gorgeous uPVC sliding doors for balcony, high-rise buildings, and large openings. We are one of the most dependable uPVC glass door manufacturers, servicing customers from the residential apartments, and commercial properties, with a comprehensive selection of uPVC glass sliding doors accessible for broad applications. Furthermore, our uPVC sliding doors also look better in high-traffic regions of your home than ordinary doors since they give the entire room a sense of continuity and harmony.
Unlike wood and aluminium, sliding PVC door designs maintain shape in adverse weather and are unaffected by physical damage. Regarding the cost of uPVC sliding doors in India, they are the most cost-effective solutions available, which are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Patios
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Balcony
  • Bathrooms
  • Office Spaces
  • Educational Institutions
  • Commercial Buildings

Benefits & Features

uPVC Sliding doors from AIS Windows come with a variety of striking qualities. The inside temperature of the home is maintained via uPVC sliding doors. The doors are engineered to be highly energy-efficient and sound insulating. Fusion-welded uPVC glass doors with silicone sealant and laminated/tempered glass are available for residential and commercial purposes. Furthermore, only high-quality materials are used to manufacture AIS Windows’ uPVC sliding doors, which require little maintenance. Notably, the uPVC glass sliding doors are solid and durable, making them perfect for use in any country region. Some of the critical advantages of uPVC sliding doors are as follows:

High-Level Safety

In practically every city in India, security is a big concern in villas and low-rise structures, and an open window or door is an accessible entry point for any criminal. Intruders are deterred by uPVC sliding doors with shatterproof safety glass fitted. A robust layer of galvanised steel is also present in uPVC, limiting the chances of a burglar breaking in.

Excellent Insulation Properties

The energy efficiency of uPVC sliding doors is a significant benefit. uPVC is a superb thermal insulator that prevents heat from flowing out during the winter and saves money on heating bills. Insulating against the heat outdoors lowers the amount of electricity spent on coolers and air conditioners during the summer. Furthermore, a uPVC sliding door with a composite gasket can improve this ability to insulate. It also lets in much natural light, eliminating artificial lighting.

Highly Durable

uPVC sliding doors are unrivalled in terms of durability. It is significantly more durable than wood and is not susceptible to swelling or cracking. In fact, because it does not rust, it outlasts even iron in terms of durability. uPVC is an excellent material for sliding doors because of its rust resistance. uPVC glass sliding doors are more likely to glide smoothly for a more extended period than rough wooden or rusted iron doors.

Low maintenance

A uPVC sliding door is resistant to rust, paint breaking, swelling, and most other forms of deformation despite constant exposure to the sun and rain. This means that it pays for itself over time because you don’t have to spend money on upkeep.

Structural stability

Galvanized steel reinforcements


Lead-free profiles


If used as a transition to a garden or balcony, uPVC sliding doors are a sleek and simple addition to a modern home, allowing a good view of the outside. They also give the impression of more space in a room. To fit the interiors of your home, you can customize the uPVC frame with any finish or colour.

Key Facts of uPVC Sliding Doors

  • 2700

  • mm

    Construction Depth

  • 1.8

  • W/m²K


  • 24

  • dB

    Sound Reduction

  • 62-112

  • mm

    Max. Infill

  • 20-30

  • mm

    Max. Height

  • 1500

  • mm

    Max. Width

* Products key facts are given considering standard specifications. These specifications will change basis each site requirements.


uPVC sliding doors are often used as an entry point to balconies and internal partitions like closet doors. Sliding uPVC doors ensures a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior.

uPVC glass sliding doors by AIS are dust-free, energy-efficient, and improve room's space utilisation. The
uPVC sliding doors for balcony can be used for wider openings; therefore, more sunlight enters the

The uPVC sliding door is made from a specially engineered system, which is more expensive than locally
available wooden or aluminium sliding doors. However, the uPVC sliding door price is cheaper than
Aluminium-system engineered doors.

Tracks in uPVC sliding doors for balcony define the positioning of various sliding panels. Generally, more
tracks specify more sliding panels in uPVC sliding doors.

Many factors determine the uPVC sliding door price. Minimal Installation charge of uPVC sliding door
varies as per the location, floor level and ease of accessibility of the site of the doors.

Reviews & Rating uPVC Sliding Doors


Recently I purchased a freehold property on the main road where I was highly disturbed by the noise intrusion. One of my friends suggested AIS Doors and Windows to me to combat the problem. I gave them a call and it was amazing to see how they went about their work. Great job done!

Shashikant Shukla, Noida, U.P.

I was in search of some high-quality energy-efficient doors and windows for my house. I initiated contact with AIS Windows for the same. The team came, took a survey, and within 3 days the job was done exactly the way I wanted. I thank AIS Windows for their high-quality work.

Prem Kumar, Panipat, Haryana

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