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20 Feb

Benefits of Installing Aluminium Sliding Doors and Windows

Posted 7:32 am, February 20, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Uncategorized

Aluminium’s robust nature and versatility have made it a favoured construction material for architects and homeowners alike. The metallic sheen and sleek visual feel of aluminium coupled with the variety of colour options available in the market today have debunked the most typical misconception associated with the metal – it is only available in the standard silver colour and does not have much to offer in terms of aesthetics. While it is possible to build almost all door and window styles out of aluminium frames, one of the most common and pragmatic forms are sliding doors and windows. Aluminium sliding doors and windows can add oomph to your home without compromising on security or strength – the best of both worlds.

Here are some of the key benefits of aluminium sliding doors and windows that make them the ultimate fenestration option for your house –


Glass doors and windows add elegance to your living space. However, bulky and complicated frames can tarnish their beauty by attracting unwanted attention. With aluminium sliding doors and windows, minimalism is highlighted to its best. They are thin yet sturdy, functionally-perfect and offer unobstructed views of the outside.

Moreover, aluminium sliding doors and windows are available in a wide range of shades and framing styles. With a unique powder-coating technique, you can change the silvery hue of aluminium to a subtle charcoal grey or a bold black. You can also choose between a matte texture and a glossy finish.

Space Maximisation

Many a time, homeowners refrain from installing glass doors and windows in small rooms out of the fear of losing the carpet area. The vast arc-space required by hinged Floor-to-Ceiling windows makes them unfit for smaller spaces. With aluminium sliding doors and windows, arc-space is not a requirement. These are built within a minimalistic frame where glass doors slide adjacent to each other. You can easily put a piece of furniture right next to your sliding door and enjoy beautiful views. If you want to create an illusion of space for your room, install a mirroring glass in the door.

Resistance to Moisture

One of the commonest problems with sliding doors and windows is seasonal swelling due to moisture. When the frame swells due to increased humidity, it becomes difficult to open and close the sliding door. Moreover, there is an increased chance of glass breakage with swollen structures. Since aluminium is a metal, it is immune to humidity. Even with the highest moisture content in the atmosphere, aluminium sliding doors and windows do not swell, making them especially perfect for homes located in humid regions.


No one wants to spend hours every once in a while, attending to windows and doors. With dirt and pollution, however, cleaning every window and door of your house becomes a necessity. With aluminium sliding doors and windows, cleaning is effortless. You do not need harsh window cleaners for the glass panes. For the frames, a window cleaning agent, simple pointed brush, or a clean damp cloth are sufficient. Occasionally, you may also lubricate the rails with oil or a specialised lubricant. Doing all of this is extremely simple and doesn’t take a lot of time.


A common misconception attached with aluminium is that being a metal, it is incapable of providing optimum insulation against heat. Although aluminium as a metal indeed has high thermal conductivity, modern-day aluminium frames are manufactured using thermal break technology that makes them extremely energy-efficient. Thermal brakes create an air bridge between the inner and outer layers of the frame, making aluminium frames ideal for heat insulation. Moreover, special insulation polyamides and gaskets can be further used for zero-consumable energy buildings. Aluminium is also highly-reflective making it perfect for places that experience harsh solar radiation and warmer climates. Thus, with aluminium sliding doors and windows, the heat or cold air remains contained within your house, and you save plenty on energy bills.


Having a beautiful sliding glass window installed is moot if you have to get it replaced soon after. Since temperature fluctuations and other natural factors bring about wear and tear, it is vital to choose fenestration materials that do not wear easily and last longer. Aluminium is one of the most durable construction materials. It does not corrode, flake, or peel off. Moreover, it is termite and pest-resistant and also weather-proof. It also does not foster water stagnation, thereby having a minimal chance of rotting.

While aluminium is undoubtedly an excellent choice for sliding doors and windows for your home, it is necessary to choose only the highest-quality metal. At AIS, we promise you high-quality and exceptional aluminium sliding doors. Our aluminium sliding door and window frames are manufactured with internationally-rated high-grade aluminium. We take every step to make your house a private sanctuary, customising your aluminium doors and windows; however, you desire. Our experts also assist in everything, from shopping to installation and aftercare for your fenestration choice.

Our full-range fenestration solutions include security, safety, ecological-sustainability, energy-efficiency, acoustic-insulation, and privacy. Contact us today to enjoy our prompt services and transform your spaces into unmatched excellence!

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