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05 Feb

uPVC Doors and Windows – The Best Choice for Coastal Homes

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uPVC Doors Windows For Coastal Homes

Living in a high-rise penthouse or a quaint mansion that stands facing the view of the mighty oceanic waves gently kissing the horizon is a dream-come-true for many. Luckily, India has plenty of coastal cities where modern homeowners can buy residential properties overlooking the ocean. However, owning a beachfront home is beneficial only if you can customise it both aesthetically and pragmatically.

For coastal homes, fenestration solutions must adapt to a wide range of locations and weather concerns. One of the latest fenestration technologies that can be perfect for your seaside house is uPVC. uPVC windows and doors are trendy, customisable, and versatile. Here are some of the primary features of uPVC that makes it the best window and door frame material for houses located near the seashore –


Weather conditions near the coast are vastly different from other parts of the country. The humidity and salinity of such regions are capable of damaging even the most beautiful of homes. uPVC is saltwater, rain, chemical, and UV-resistant, making it perfect for windows and doors of coastal homes. Its weather-resistant properties make it immune to constant wear and tear, keeping your property good as new all the time. It can bear everything from torrential rains to particularly violent sea-storms or cyclones. Moreover, uPVC keeps salinity-induced corrosion at bay.

Style Choices

If you live right on the beach or can see the ocean from your home, you must want an unobstructed view of the sea. Experimenting with different window styles that lend an airy and aesthetic appeal to your home is natural in such cases. Since uPVC frames fit well with almost all window and door shapes and sizes, you can have your chosen window style without worrying about the frame-window compatibility.


Reducing heat ingression and eliminating draughts remains a priority for beachside homes. This becomes very easy with uPVC windows and doors since uPVC acts as an excellent insulator. It keeps the heat contained within your home during winters or night-time and does not allow humid or hot winds to seep into your home during the warmer months and time of the day. This, in turn, will enable you to save considerably on energy bills.


If you live on a beach or right beside the sea, you are probably familiar with the loud sound of sea-waves and tides. Even if you live a little further from the beach, the constant sound of tourists and traffic might prove distracting and disrupt the peace of your living space. In such cases, soundproofing the entire house can be cumbersome and ruin the décor. The best way to tackle unwanted noise in coastal homes is to install uPVC windows and doors. uPVC has noise-cancellation properties that prevent the entry of unwanted external noise into your personal space.


While city homes are usually equipped with fences for added security, coastal homes have to opt for alternate security arrangements that do not destroy the aesthetics of the house. uPVC is undoubtedly the most secure framing material for doors and windows of coastal homes. Most uPVC windows and doors come with galvanized steel reinforcements and anti-crowbar installations. Moreover, at the request of homeowners, a multi-point locking system can be incorporated into uPVC frames, making them extremely safe from burglars or intruders. If you still desire security, you may opt for toughened glass. These safety features collectively will make foreign intrusion a near impossibility.

Drainage Features

Since unexpected showers are relatively standard in coastal areas, water accumulation on the patio or the back lawns can be a huge problem. Stagnant water can lead to the growth of mould around your house and destroy your furniture. Therefore, it becomes vital to have windows and doors that ensure proper drainage. uPVC windows and uPVC doors come with suitable drainage solutions that prevent water stagnation at all costs and keep your beach home fresh.


Whether you live on the coast or in the city, your responsibility towards the environment is equally binding. Modern beach homes are ecologically sustainable, which means uPVC windows and doors are the best choices for them. uPVC is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. Moreover, it is highly durable and does not need to be replaced often. This, in turn, reduces waste emission into the environment. For an ecologically-sustainable beach home, opt for a uPVC framing.

High-quality uPVC windows and doors make your house as beautiful as the ocean and keep it sturdy. If you wish to have uPVC window and door frames installed in your home, contact AIS Windows.

At AIS Windows, we understand your need to maintain a stylish yet pragmatic coastal home. We offer you a variety of colour and style choices in uPVC windows and doors. Our experts will assist you in everything from frame shopping and installation to aftercare. We offer all kinds of customised window and door solutions. For excellent service and world-class quality, contact us today!

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