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Toughened Glass Windows: The Best Glass for Warm Climates

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Installing upvc windows enhance security

Pragmatism, coupled with brilliant aesthetics, is what puts the modern into ‘modern homes.’ Discerning homeowners like you are on the lookout for fenestration solutions that meet their varied requirements – privacy, safety, durability, energy-efficiency, ecological-sustainability, and acoustics.

And when it comes to that one material that houses within itself all these functions, the answer is resoundingly glass. Not only is its intrinsic visual appeal a treat to the eyes, but with modern-day innovative glass solutions, both glass’ aesthetics and functionality levels have amplified significantly.

Yet, homeowners of the tropical regions often hesitate to challenge the strength of glass in withstanding hot and humid conditions. To dispel all such fears, toughened glass has emerged as an ideal glass solution.

Toughened glass is a select type of glass innovation that can withstand extraordinary amounts of pressure and impact than regular annealed glass. Since regular glass is very fragile, homeowners nowadays opt for toughened glass windows, doors, and walls. If your home is located in a place with a sweltering climate, having toughened glass exteriors can have several advantages.

How is Toughened Glass Made?

Security glass, safety glass, toughened glass or tempered glass is made primarily through a process of thermal or chemical tempering. Such glass is preferred for its durability and strength – it is around five times stronger than standard annealed glass and can withstand heat and massive impacts.

One of the chief qualities of toughened glass includes its breakage style. If toughened glass breaks, it does so into small, blunt, pebble-like pieces incapable of causing any serious injuries, unlike standard glass that shatters into sharp shards.

Controlled heat and chemical processes, when applied to float glass, lead to the creation of toughened glass. The method of subjecting float glass to heat is known as thermal tempering, where the outer glass layer is heated beyond its transition temperature. Through air drafts, the outer part of the glass is cooled while the interior remains hot for longer. This, in turn, creates varying stress (compression and tension) on the inner and outer layers. The tensile strength on the edge of adequately-treated glass pieces is higher than that at its centre. The process of making float glass is used to produce flat and parallel glass pieces that do not create overt distortion.

Toughened glass can be customised, cut, and shaped before being subjected to heat and chemical treatments. This ensures that the balanced stresses of the inner and the outer layers do not get disturbed.

Advantages of Toughened Glass Windows in Warm Climates

Several reasons make toughened glass windows an ideal fenestration solution for tropical homes and offices –


Living in a hot city means your house is exposed to the harsh rays of the sun throughout the day. The outside temperatures, coupled with the tropical winds, can be excruciating for your Floor-to-Ceiling glass windows. Sometimes, this heat can also cause them to crack. If you do not want to replace your windows frequently, opt for toughened glass windows as toughened glass has a thermal-resistance power of up to a whopping 250°C and will not yield under the pressure of the external heat.

Unparalleled Strength

During summers, violent and hot winds are prevalent. These winds can sometimes bring stones and hay that hit and get stuck to your windows’ glass, the sudden impact of which can break them. If you do not want a chip on your glass windows, you should have toughened glass installed. Since such glass has differential stress on its surface, it can withstand sudden impacts and is around four to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass.


Warm climates mean hot temperatures, extreme humidity, and exposure to UV rays. Such climatic conditions are known to bring quick wear-and-tear for your glass exteriors. The point of installing glass windows and doors is turned moot if you end up with a scratched surface after every season. Toughened glass resists wear-and-tear effectively and does not get scratched easily, making toughened glass windows perfect for warmer climates.


Security should be the primary feature of your house, regardless of the environment you live in. Many times, homeowners do not install glass windows and doors because of their fragility and inability to provide enough security. With toughened glass windows, all your safety concerns will be elevated. These windows can easily suffer violent impacts and provide you with optimum safety against intruders.


The sun’s rays do not just contain heat. Its UV rays are harmful to your health and dangerous to the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exteriors. Toughened glass windows are known to provide sufficient resistance against UV rays, making them perfect for houses located in tropical regions.

Aesthetic Appeal

Having bulky window frames can damage the sleekness you originally wanted. Since toughened glass windows are sturdy, they do not need heavy frames for support. You can even go frameless in case of Floor-to-Ceiling glass fixtures. Moreover, there is a range of shades and styles of toughened glass available for you to choose from. Regardless of the type of window you have planned for your house, toughened glass can suit your needs.

For a sustainable and durable home, toughened glass windows are a perfect choice. They are the necessary security and aesthetic upgrade that homes situated in hot regions need. For holistic toughened glass solutions, contact AIS Windows – a subsidiary of India’s leading glass manufacturer, Asahi India Glass Limited. We provide a full range of fenestrations solutions and use the best-quality toughened glass for your home. Our experts will assist you right from shopping for glass windows and doors to installation and aftercare. Get in touch today to get an expert consultation!

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