Aluminium Sliding Doors

AIS Aluminium Sliding Doors are preferred over conventional doors as they are compact and occupy less space. The Aluminium frames provide an elegant and glossy look, enhancing the aesthetics of the space. These doors are more durable and secure than other doors.

Key Facts

  • Construction Depth – 91.2 – 212.5 mm
  • Uf-Value – 7.0 W/m2K
  • Sound Reduction – 20-30 dB
  • Maximum Infill – 31 mm
  • Maximum Height – 3300 mm
  • Maximum Width – 1800 mm

Application Areas

Our Aluminium sliding doors are appropriate for various spaces and structures, including houses, offices, retail businesses, hospitality enterprises, and healthcare institutions.

  • Homes – openings to patios, closets, dividing spaces
  • Offices – hallways, conference rooms, office fronts, cabins
  • Educational Institutions – staff rooms, entrances
  • Commercial Buildings – entryways, storefronts

Benefits & Features

Our high-performance Aluminium sliding doors give your home an architectural dimension. In India, Aluminium sliding glass doors benefits  keep out street noise, pollution, rain, and gale-force winds. At the same time, they are low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. We Supply Aluminium Doors are favored over traditional doors. The Aluminium frames have an exquisite and polished appearance, adding to the space’s beauty, whereas Other doors are less robust and secure than these.

  • Easy to operate and maintenance-free
  • Establishes a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Easy gliding function that helps in saving space
  • Allows ample natural light
  • Facilitates proper ventilation
  • Protects from air and noise pollution as they are airtight
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Energy-efficient

Available Variants:

Our aluminum sliding doors come in the following variants –

Bypass Aluminium Sliding Doors

The ideal option for smaller spaces such as bathrooms or closets, Bypass Aluminium Sliding Doors come with tracks placed on the top and bottom of the door.

Pocket Aluminium Sliding Doors

Another great option for smaller spaces or for those who do not prefer large doors – Pocket Aluminium Sliding Doors do not come with hinges, and when slid open, they easily disappear into a ‘pocket’ in the adjacent wall.

Slimline Aluminium Sliding Doors

These types of Aluminium sliding doors are the best option for a more minimalistic appearance. They come with a wider glass area and the least amount of visible Aluminium to give a thoroughly unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Lift-and-Slide Doors

These types of Aluminium sliding doors pair large door panels with effortless fingertip operation – the doors sit down directly on the track and have to be ‘lifted’ by wheeling their handle around before they can be slid open.

Tilt-and-Slide Doors

Working on the principle of both sliding doors and tilt-and-turn windows, these doors can be opened completely or simply at their top portion to allow proper ventilation.

Aluminium Patio Sliding Doors

As the name itself suggests, these ‘no-swing’ doors are generally installed as openings to patios but can be used anywhere in the home. These huge fixtures are a great way to allow in natural light and facilitate air circulation.

Sliding French Doors

For those who enjoy the timeless appeal of French sliding doors but do not have enough space in their home to install them, these hingeless French doors that slide along a panel are the perfect solution.

Key Facts of Aluminium Sliding Doors

  • 91.2-212.5

  • mm

    Construction Depth

  • 7.0

  • W/m²K


  • 31

  • dB

    Sound Reduction

  • upto 20-30

  • mm

    Max Infill

  • 3300

  • mm

    Max Height

  • 1800

  • mm

    Max Width

* Products key facts are given considering standard specifications. These specifications will change basis each site requirements.


Aluminium sliding doors are comprised of solid and durable metal. They’re generally made of aluminium
sheets with a thermal insulating substance commonly made of plastic. These sliding doors have an aluminium thermal frame to help keep your home energy efficient and stainless steel or aluminium handles.

Aluminium is one-third the weight of steel while still being incredibly durable, making it an excellent
choice for a large patio door. The great strength-to-weight ratio of the material significantly improves
dent resistance, making aluminium sliding doors a perfect choice for homes and offices. Furthermore,
aluminium sliding glass doors require minimal maintenance to maintain their structure and performance
over time.

Many factors determine aluminium sliding doors prices. Generally, aluminium sliding doors prices vary
as per the location, floor level and ease of accessibility of the site of the doors.

uPVC Sliding doors are less expensive than aluminium sliding doors. However, Aluminium sliding doors
will provide you with the security you require while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of your property.
It majorly depends on the homeowner’s preferences.

Aluminium sliding doors prices are pretty higher than other door options in the market as they are more
of a premium product. However, they may prove a worthwhile investment, as aluminium sliding doors
have a far longer lifespan than the likes of their uPVC equivalents.

Reviews & Rating Aluminium Sliding Doors


Aluminium Sliding Door is very good.

Vinay, Noida, U.P.

I got very good experience in using Aluminium Sliding Door.

Anuj, Noida, U.P.

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