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How to use UpVC sliding doors in commercial spaces?

Posted 7:21 am, August 26, 2021 by AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Doors
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Doors are one of the first things that people notice while walking into a building, so they should suit the ambience that you are trying to create. Commercial spaces must compete with numerous other commercial areas to retain and attract loyal patrons, and ambience plays a considerable role in that. One of the best ways you can stand out is by creating a modern and open space while utilising UPVC sliding doors

What are UPVC sliding doors?

What are upvc sliding doors

As the name suggests, sliding doors are doors that work on a sliding mechanism to open horizontally. They are not made using traditional materials like wood. Instead, they are made using UPVC, which is a plastic-like material that is highly durable. These frames are most commonly used when the builder is using double-glazed glass in the building. This type of glass is apt for commercial spaces as it offers thermal and noise insulation. From this point of view, UPVC sliding doors provide the advantage of stunning aesthetics and the functionality of high-performance glass. 

What kinds of UPVC sliding doors can you use in commercial spaces?

Most people don’t realise that there are many different types of UPVC sliding doors. They all have different benefits and can be used to jazz up various areas in your commercial building. Here are the different types of UPVC sliding doors and how you can use them in a commercial space efficiently:

  1. UPVC Lift and Sliding doors

    Lift and Sliding doors are a type of UPVC sliding doors that are characterised by their large glass windows. While all UPVC sliding doors have glass as a part of their structure, these doors have a much more significant proportion of glass when compared to other UPVC sliding doors. 

    Where should you use these UPVC sliding doors in your commercial space?

    Due to how these UPVC sliding doors are structured, they are perfect for areas with a large balcony where people can gather. Many restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating that’s generally decorated along the lines of their theme. These UPVC sliding doors add to the overall visuals and feel of the place by showing customers that the outside area is a part of the restaurant and can be accessed. 

  2. French Doors

    When most people think of UPVC sliding doors, they end up picturing french doors. This is because this design is quite popular and is used in many residential buildings too. These doors create a very lavish look and tend to inspire awe in people who see them.

    Where should you use these UPVC sliding doors in your commercial space?

    French Doors are ideal for grand entrances, whether it’s an entrance to an office lobby, a beautiful mall or a simple store. As they allow people to look inside, they can inspire people to walk in and enjoy what you have to offer. 

  3. Sliding Doors

    A UPVC sliding door has two panels of doors on a sliding track. These doors are quite popular as they help people save space, which is why you’ll see them in many places, notably smaller buildings. Using these doors can be a great idea if you plan to build a commercial building where each inch of space is used wisely.

    Where should you use these UPVC sliding doors in your commercial space?

    As mentioned earlier, these UPVC sliding doors are ideal for saving space. They are most commonly used in the form of doors that lead to open spaces, and this makes them an excellent option for office buildings where one wants to give employees access to a balcony. Working professionals can simply slide open the doors and head out to the balcony to take a break. 

  4. Casement Doors

    Casement doors are a type of UPVC sliding doors where the door slides open sideways. 

Where should you use these UPVC sliding doors in your commercial space?

If you want to create a cabin space, these UPVC sliding doors can be the perfect option. You can also use these for creating an entrance for balconies, patios and decks. 

At AIS Windows, we are the leading manufacturers of UPVC doors and windows. To know more about different types of UPVC sliding doors and how they can enhance the beauty of any commercial space, get in touch with us today!

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