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Things You Need to Check While Installing Sliding Doors

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‘Sliding doors’ have become a popular component in the world of interior designing. After all, why wouldn’t they? They do not take up as much space as traditional hinged doors, allow ample of natural sunlight to brighten the space they’re installed in, and give an excellent view of the outdoors. However, even though sliding doors sound like a great addition to your home, there are a few things you should check before installing them.


Traditional doors come in a few standard widths, but sliding doors do not have this limitation attached to them. A full-size sliding door is typically more than six feet wide, while more conservative sizes measure in the range of four to five feet. You should keep in I mind that although the door might look quite wide, only half of it will open at a time which can make for a narrow passageway if you do not free up enough space for an adequately-sized sliding door.

Structural Stability

Since most old homes do not come with sliding doors already installed, you should take care that removing the hinged door and installing a new one will not have any impact on the structural stability of your home. This may not apply to new homes, but would certainly be something to consider in homes with timeworn support beams and foundations.

The Look You Want

Since sliding doors, especially uPVC sliding doors, come in a variety of colours and finishes, you should choose the exact look you are going for carefully. If you are going for a more contemporary feel to your home, a wooden texture may not go with the rest of the walls, furniture, etc. The same applies to coordinating colours with the rest of the room where the door will be placed – most people might end up ordering a stark white door just because they have not considered any other options when some other colour may have been better for the room where the door is to be installed.


Since sliding doors are generally made of glass, you will want them to be installed in a room that offers a good view of the outside while also maintaining some privacy. If installed in the correct place, they allow the natural light to enter and also exude the feel of a more spacious room. And the multitude of modern-day glass options can also aid you in this search. You can opt for frosted glass that gives you the best of both worlds – soak in the benefits of Vitamin D without compromising on privacy. 

Protection from Pollution

With sliding doors, you want to savour the magnificent view of the outdoors minus the various harmful pollutants floating in the air. Hence, look for sliding doors that are completely airtight so that no contaminants and dust floating in the air are let inside. Being airtight also means that the door will provide some insulation against heat and cold since no hot or cold air can pass through any gaps. If you live in a busy city, airtight sliding doors also eliminate a lot of noise pollution, allowing you to enjoy much-needed tranquillity.


Sliding doors might end up being heavier than hinged doors but their weight does not impact their convenience when it comes to being opened. This is the advantage they have over French doors that can slam shut when they are made of thick glass. This is why you should look for heavier, more durable glass doors. Glass thickness is an especially important variable to keep in mind, as this is what is most likely to break in a sliding glass door. To avoid breakage, the safest options would be either toughened glass or laminated glass. Using the correct frame is also extremely important – a uPVC frame, for example, is waterproof and will keep the door from chipping and will not require much maintenance to keep going for years.


Using the right kind of glass can make your new sliding door more energy-efficient than a regular hinged door. Glass with low-E properties and good insulation means that you save money on electricity in the long term as you do not need to use your air-conditioner as much as you normally would in the summers, and neither do you need to use much heating in the winters. Hence, you can save electricity and money in style with energy-efficient sliding doors.

At AIS Windows, we offer the best and most energy-efficient maintenance-free uPVC lift & slide and sliding doors. These are the perfect choice to give your home the fresh new look you have been craving for while ensuring durability and a clear view of the outdoors. At AIS Windows, we pride ourselves on providing the most reliable glass solutions for homes, offices, shops, automobiles, or practically any other purposes. For end-to-end glass solutions that provide both structural integrity and aesthetic value, contact AIS Windows today!

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