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How to Choose Best Door Design — A Complete Guide

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The doors play a crucial part in adding elegance and visual appeal to your property apart from just being a passageway. The doors can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your home. No matter how vibrant or luxurious your home or office is, if your doors are bland, it can bring down the visual appeal of your place. The home door design can help in creating a good impression on visitors and passers-by.

Guide to Choose Best Door Design

Gone are the days when a few home door design options were available. Nowadays, you can experiment with different door styles to give your property some personality. Whether you want a door design that can help your property to stand out or you are looking to opt for a door design that can complement your living space, you can easily find the door style that matches your preferences.

Can door design influence my home experience?

Homes must be cozy and comfortable, providing a living space attuned to your senses, moods, and movements. Having a healthy outdoor-indoor balance can promote brighter interiors, natural airflow, and accessibility. Moreover, right door design solutions are required to combat harsh temperatures throughout the four seasons.

You must select a door design depending on the placement and direction of openings in walls. Since fenestration solutions are advanced now, you do not want to lose out on space optimization and energy efficiency with an improper door design. Paying attention to the aesthetic, maintenance, and functional requirements of your interior and exterior décor, choose a door design that can facilitate the integration of natural and artificial elements.

Bay Windows for Home

Furthermore, when it comes to door design, you’re not just dealing with a décor choice but also an opportunity to optimize daylight penetration inside your home. Additional benefits like enhanced security, solar control, privacy, or spatial enlargement are also presented while considering door and window design. Here’s why you should care about your home door design.

The Visual Effect

The aesthetic synergy between the interior and exterior decor is equally vital. If your home’s door design looks out of style or lacks modern trends, it will negatively impact the overall visual appeal. Moreover, fenestrations serve significant roles by establishing a direct connection with the exterior surroundings.

A door design that doesn’t draw positive attention towards your residence seems unwelcoming. From a social standpoint, an uninviting or aloof-looking door design will be discouraging for guests as well. After all, your residential space is an extension of your personality and character.

Harmony of Built

When your door design has fine framework lines, it promotes spatial harmony and a peaceful ambiance. Furthermore, maintaining consistency with the architectural style is quintessential to facilitate an organic sense of integrity in design. Therefore, you should opt for a door design that utilizes frameworks, complimenting your interior and exterior décor styles.

Moreover, frame materials decide the amount of maintenance needed to upkeep doors, so investing in durable materials can favor you in the long run. Also, from a safety standpoint, fenestrations are the most vulnerable parts of your home. Ensure that your door design uses frameworks that take security considerations into account.

Maintenance Ordeals

Every door design has specific maintenance needs depending on its built, glazing solution, and framing material. Identifying the right home door design for your projects can help save time and money you would otherwise spend on fenestration upkeep. All due credit goes to modern technology, innovative room door design that has been introduced in the market, requiring zero to minimal maintenance.

Moreover, fenestrations are essential barriers against external elements like noise, wind, and heat, so they are prone to regular wear and tear. You can avoid maintenance ordeals by installing door designs that compliment your architectural style while requiring low servicing.

Door Design for Home

For the Perfect Layout

Placements of fenestration solutions have a direct impact on the layout of a room. Different room door design options have different types of operation, so the placement of furniture and other fixtures in your home will depend directly on the opening-closing of doors and windows. For instance, using double-hinged doors for closets inside bedrooms can take up enough space. Here, using a sliding door design is a more suitable option for space maximization.

Besides, the value of comfort in a home is heavily influenced by how neat and uncluttered the residential space is. Therefore, you should select a highly functional double door design to optimize both space and function.

Why Front Door Design Matters?

On the surface, it seems superficial. However, front door design options are responsible for setting the ambiance of the entire home. After all, it’s not just the main door but also the main entrance. It can draw positive attention or pass on a negative first impression based on its design.

Both Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui accord immense importance to front door designs. Front doors are called the gateways of energies as they characterize connectivity, beginnings, and endings. No wonder door designs are vital.

As you know, main doors help in establishing a social connection with the surrounding. Their design, color, and built reflect the personality of homeowners. In Indian homes especially, front doors have a special significance from the festival’s standpoint.

Why Front Door Design Matters?

Besides, the door design impacts its functionality in connecting spaces. If the overall design is inefficient, they offer substandard performance. Nobody likes rusted, stained doors, do they? Therefore, using clean, well-designed doors is vital for making a killer first impression.

From adorning flower garlands during Diwali, tying mango leaves above the main doors for positivity, creating rangoli designs in front of the main doors during Onam and Pongal — front doors are a crucial part of Indian home décor.

Following is the list of popular choice for door types of homeowners and an eclectic variety of door design options:

Types of Doors

Aluminum Doors


It is no secret that doors made from aluminum award your entryway with immense tenacity matched only by a few other materials. But, do not for a second be fooled by aluminum’s vanilla appearance. Aluminum doors today are considered the epitome of contemporary décor. They lend a chic, minimalistic quality to any space and demand bare minimum maintenance. Also, if you live in maritime weather or next to the sea, aluminum doors are the perfect choice for you as with all sorts of treatments available on their surface, they are entirely rust-free.

Modern Aluminum Door Design Options

Are you on the lookout for sophisticated yet straightforward aluminum door design options for your home or office? If yes, then check out the following options.

Aluminum Door Designs

Slide-and-Fold Aluminium Doors

These structures are built & installed in large sizes, and they can open up your home. They often work both as a divider and an exterior door. Aluminum door design frames can be thinned out to a large extent, offering better views through expansive glass panels. Whether you want to open up your living room into the porch or bring the outdoors inside, aluminum slide-and-fold doors provide ease of movement and stellar aesthetics to your space.

Solid Door Design

Get that timeless charm with solid aluminum door designs. They are available in hues ranging from fancy silver to regal white, complementing your home décor completely. Also, you may get a pop-out effect by using a solid aluminum door against a bright-colored wall. You will be rewarded with a solid, eye-catching door with minimal effort.

Aluminium Casement Doors

A timeless classic – casement doors have been a popular choice for years on end. Mostly made out of wood, these structures have now received a facelift since aluminum became available. Aluminum casement doors usually come with large glass panels affixed to the main aluminum frame that has hinges on the side. This structure offers panoramic views of the surroundings. You can choose from a wide variety of room door design options (for example, single or double aluminum casements) for a broader entryway into your home.

Dutch Door Design

Dutch aluminum doors combine style and function effortlessly. They keep your pets from running out; and your toddlers from wandering away. From a safety standpoint, the half-shut/half-open mechanism works wonders. Besides, you can powder-coat Dutch aluminum doors in any hue you want – from summery yellow to gentle pink — the design possibilities are galore!

Aluminum French Doors

Who does not know and love french doors? These stunning glass structures come flawlessly studded in aluminum frames and are very practical. How? Unlike other door design options, french doors provide flexibility in operation. You can either go for aluminum french doors that swing inwards and outwards or opt for ones that slide within their frame. Sliding aluminum french doors are effectively functional if you live in a bustling metropolis and are short on square footage.

Side and Top-lit Aluminium Doors

If you want a solid door design without compromising natural light, try opaque aluminum doors with side and top lights. Side-lights and top-lights are glass sections installed right next to or on top of your main entrance. The top lights may remind you of transom windows. However, both of these mechanisms can be fixed, or you can opt for operability. Aluminum doors with side and top lights are a great idea with glass door design options.

Pivoting Aluminium Doors

Introduce a unique door design with aluminum pivoting doors to your home. A pivoting door has a pivot on the floor supported by another pivot on the top. A fantastic alternative to standard entries, aluminum pivots allow people to enter and exit from either side of the structure. Since this door design is fixed from the center and not the side, it offers ease of movement. Aluminum as a framing material is exceptionally sturdy; thus, there is no need to reinforce these frames even after years of exhaustive usage.

Pivoting Aluminium Doors

Why Invest in Aluminium Doors

Of the doors available in the market, aluminum doors fare better – thanks to superior strength, high functionality, durability, and diverse styles. Easy to maintain, aluminum doors are exquisite door choices at affordable rates, which is why investing in aluminum doors is highly beneficial.

Sleek, Refined Look

Out of all elements, aluminum has a distinct visual appeal. It is known for its sleek and refined finish — no wonder; it is widely compatible with varied décor styles – from contemporary, vintage, industrial, and minimalist. In terms of appearance, aluminum’s silver elegance or laidback grey tones are unbeatable. Aluminum door design choices blend perfectly well with the interior and exterior décor, creating the harmony of styles.


Aluminum requires virtually zero upkeep. Resistant to termites, weathering, corrosion, and pests, aluminum doors stand the test of time, so you bear zero maintenance costs. Moreover, a simple wipe using a damp cloth is enough to keep the doors clean and looking anew.

Highly Durable

Aluminum’s durability is no joke. Let it be UV rays, rain, mold, wind, or termites — aluminum door design options show high resilience against them all. Despite being lightweight, aluminum lasts longer than many other metals in the market. Even better, aluminum doors are resistant to rust and corrosion, offering superior structural strength.

Thermal Insulation

Using aluminum doors can lower heat exchange. Thanks to advanced technologies like thermal break technology, modern-day aluminum door design options offer good insulation properties. They help maintain ideal temperatures throughout the year – warm during winters and cool during summers.

uPVC Doors


In recent years, uPVC has become a popular material choice in the fenestration industry. uPVC doors come with a host of functional qualities, such as reliability & durability — and can easily be fitted as external or internal doors in your home. uPVC door design options are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, so you can easily match them with your décor. uPVC doors are also perfectly suitable for Indian climatic conditions.

uPVC Doors for Indian Climatic Conditions

Striking uPVC Door Design Options

Casement Doors

A casement door is a popular door design that you can find in many homes. A uPVC casement door is hinged from the side and has a single sash. This door design opens either inwards or outwards, based on the requirement. Besides that, it is perfectly suitable for your home’s deck, balcony, or patio.

uPVC casement doors have incredible insulation properties that can help you reduce your energy consumption. These doors also provide excellent noise insulation, as this becomes especially important if you live near a busy street or in a cacophonous neighborhood. These uPVC doors have a long product life as they don’t expand or contract. They are also termite-proof. Further, weather components are unable to alter their visual appeal as uPVC is fade-resistant.

Sliding Doors

uPVC sliding door design options have two separate panels of glass within uPVC frames. You can open them by sliding along a track; one glass pane slides over the other. These doors are the perfect addition to rooms that open up to backyards, terraces, and patios.

A benefit of this front door design is that it helps you save space. Since these doors have one glass pane slide over the other, they don’t take up much space. uPVC sliding doors are glass panes giving you an unobstructed outside view. As the large glass panes run from top to bottom, they allow an ample amount of natural light to enter your living spaces. Therefore, this door design creates a seamless flow between your inner space and the outdoors.

French Doors

uPVC French doors are hinged at the sides and can open either outwards or inwards. Undoubtedly, this front door design is one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs, and they are the perfect additions to your living space which opens up to patios, balconies, or gardens, or even entryway. uPVC French doors are one of the most secure types of doors.

They come with multi-point locks and only have one opening handle from the inside. Hence, they offer maximum security to your home. uPVC French doors have a long lifespan as they are less prone to swelling or contracting.

The glass panels in the uPVC French doors allow an ample amount of natural light to enter your homes. Moreover, these doors also enable proper air ventilation in your home, thus making your living space bright and fresh. uPVC French doors are quite easy to maintain. All they need is an easy wipe down.

Lift-and-Slide Doors

You can opt for uPVC lift-and-slide doors to create expansive glass walls. Being built straight, curved, or in a corner, these door design options can fulfill any homeowner’s requirement, based on terms of design. These doors sit on a track — can be opened when the handle is rotated at a 180-degree angle, lifting the door onto its rollers. The panels can go into a wall pocket, slide against a jamb, or along an outside wall. Moreover, you can get the modern door designed in a way that the slider panel stops in the middle, giving you a partial opening.

To accommodate large openings and look like glass walls, they can provide you with an outstanding view of the outdoors. The large panels are heavy-duty hardware which is why they have an immense load-bearing capacity.

Panel Doors

Nowadays, many homeowners are choosing panel doors for their main entrance. This is because of their rigidity and flexibility in design. Besides, you can opt for one or more panels depending on your favorite style. If you want the entrance to be brighter, you can even insert glass panes or lights in the panel doors. Or you can go for metal inserts to achieve a more contemporary look.

You can play around with panel designs too. They can be solid, patterned, or stripped to create an eye-catching modern door design.

Panel Doors

Bright and Bold Doors

If you have seen the pictures of Jaipur, Venice, or Copenhagen, you know how impactful bold and bright architecture can be. Think your home needs a colorful addition? Check out colorful and bold front doors to achieve a sophisticated and novel style.

Also, you may strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional styles. The bright front door design options will help you to stand out from the crowd. The radiant, fresh, and cheerful ambiance created by the doors will be favorable for that perfect first impression.

Industrial Design Doors

From a design standpoint, industrial design doors (double door design option) offer a minimal yet sleek look. If you’re going for a contemporary style, these doors can be a stylish addition. In this door design, the makers have emphasized strong geometric lines and patterns. They combine elements of metal, wood, and glass to create an industrial finish contrasted by the warm tones of the wood.

Solid Doors

Unsure which front door design to choose? Go for a solid main door design if you want a simple yet clean design that benefits several décor styles. Besides, you can insert several motifs in the door design style; opt for flower patterns, deities (Ganesha is a local favorite!), or geometrical lines, and solid doors. Thus, offering immense flexibility of design.

Best of all, solid doors can be made of wood, metal, or a combination of both. If you desire a classic look, go for wooden designs. While for a sleek, minimalistic appeal — a metallic solid door design is recommended.

Solid Doors

Make the correct choice!

If you are looking to opt for any of the door design options mentioned above in your property, then turn to AIS Windows. AIS Windows promises unmatched quality and finish for all its door profiles. To spoil you with choices, you get the above modern door design options and more in three substrates- uPVC, wood, and aluminum.

Call us at 1800 103 4805 to avail an expert consultation today!

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