Top Door Design Ideas in 2020

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Doors, apart from being the passageway, also play a crucial part in adding elegance and visual appeal to your property. The doors can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your place. No matter how vibrant or luxurious your home or office is, if your doors are bland, it can bring down the visual appeal of your place. The doors, especially the main door design, can help in creating a good impression on visitors and passers-by.

Gone are the days when a few door design and style options were available for you to choose from. Nowadays, you can experiment with different door styles to give your property some personality. Whether you want a door design that can help your property to stand out or you are looking to opt for a door design that can complement your living space, you can easily find the door style that matches your preferences.

To help you in this venture, given below are some trending door designs and styles of 2020.

Casement Doors

Casement doors are undoubtedly one of the most classic door styles. A casement door has a single sash and is hinged from the side. This type of door can be designed to open either inwards or outwards, based on your preference. If you want your property to appear more elegant, casement doors are the best option.

Casement doors are quite versatile and can widely be used for both exteriors and interiors of homes and offices. This door style can work great as a beautiful entrance or front door design. If you are thinking about installing this door style in your home, then they are perfectly suitable for your balcony or patio. This door style can open up an entire wall and enable excellent ventilation while letting you enjoy the beautiful vista. Moreover, you can find casement doors in a variety of colours and finishes to fit the décor of your property. If you want your property to appear more elegant, casement doors are your best option.

Sliding Doors

If your office or home lacks some, opting for sliding doors over conventional doors can be a smart move. Sliding doors are apt for the effective use of space as they slide along a track and do not open into another area. In cities where homes and offices come with limited square footage, sliding doors can open up rooms and give you an accentuated sense of space. Moreover, the sliding door design can establish a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sliding doors are a popular choice for interior doors. If you want to make two spaces into one and then have the flexibility to divide them into two rooms again, a sliding door is the best option. Installing sliding doors with large glass panels, particularly in the doors that face outside or the patio can usher in a copious amount of natural light and light up your office or home. This can reduce the usage of artificial lights during the day, and help cut down on electricity bills. Installing glass panes from the floor to the ceiling in your sliding door can also provide an expansive view of your surroundings. As the sliding doors have sliding door tracks, they provide ease in entering and exiting spaces in offices, conference rooms, etc. Furthermore, sliding doors also can be used as room dividers in hotels. Installing them in hotel rooms will increase the charm and the functionality of the rooms. If you are installing sliding doors at home, then they are perfect for rooms that open up to backyards, terraces, etc.

French Doors

If you want to give a plain room an aesthetic appeal, then opting for French doors is your best option. This door design is known for its aesthetically-pleasing looks. French doors are hinged at the sides and can open either outwards or inwards. As French doors use a lot of glass, this door style can bring in abundant natural light and make your property’s interiors look bright and cosy.

French doors can create fluidity between two spaces, which is why they are the perfect choice for connecting two adjoining rooms or outdoor and indoor spaces. This door design is the easiest way to maintain a visual connection between spaces while ensuring privacy for each space. You can install French doors as elegant entryways for your kitchen, living room or dining room. They are also the perfect addition for rooms that open to a deck, patio, backyard, garden or balcony. Moreover, French doors are known to be the most secure form of doors, as there is only one opening handle from inside. Therefore, they can provide proper security to your property.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to opt for any of the door designs mentioned above in your property, then turn to AIS Windows. AIS Windows promises unmatched quality and finish for all its door profiles. To spoil you with choices, you get the above door designs and more in three substrates- uPVC, wood and aluminium.

uPVC Door Designs-

No matter which door design you go for, the door frames made from uPVC will ensure a long product life as uPVC is incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance. Moreover, uPVC is a low conductor of heat, which means that it doesn’t enable heat transfer through the frames.

Aluminium Door Design-

Our aluminium door designs don’t peel, warp or flake easily. Aluminium is a low-density metal, due to which slim yet strong aluminium frames for doors can be made. Moreover, due to thermal-break technology, our aluminium doors offer excellent insulation.

Wooden Door Design-

At AIS Windows, the wooden door frames are made of high-performing Accoya wood. Our wooden-frames are termite-resistant and are incredibly durable. Moreover, they are also naturally insulating.

Furthermore, we follow international manufacturing standards to ensure high-quality products. We also specialise in customising doors according to your needs. We also offer 360-degree fenestration solutions, from the selection stage to the after-sales support.

So, contact us today!

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