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06 Jul

How to use wooden doors to transform your house into a luxury home?

Posted 5:47 am, July 6, 2021 by AIS Windows / Category: Doors
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Have you ever walked into a friend or relative’s home and wondered why their house looks more luxurious than yours? Both places could be similarly sized, have the same type of furniture, and even lighting – yet, there’s just something about the other house that makes it look exquisite. Take a closer peek at the doors next time. Are they made of wood? 

wooden doors can transform any space into a more luxurious one simply because wood exudes elegance and has a more impressive aesthetic when compared to any other material. Light bounces off wood more naturally when compared with the way light bounces off a laminated surface, and this also adds to the sense of luxury in one’s home. 

If you’re about to remodel your house or are thinking of building your dream home, it’s time to consider using wooden doors throughout the home. Not sure how to go about this? Don’t worry – we’ve got a few easy-to-implement tips that will help you transform your house into an elegant abode. 

1. Use tall wooden doors

One of the most common interior design mistakes that many people make is that they do not pause to give enough thought to the length of their doorways. Tall doorways can help enhance the room as a whole by making it look taller and more spacious. As a rule, do not let any doorway be shorter than 8 feet.

Fit these tall doorways with beautiful wooden doors. You’ll find that the entire home automatically looks more high-end once you do so. 

2. Create an imposing double-door entrance

Why do we find specific aesthetics luxurious while feeling as though others have missed the mark? A lot has to do with the attainability of the aesthetic. While the design itself is a subjective matter, an impressive aura isn’t one. We are often in awe of things that are out of the ordinary, whether we realise it or not. One such thing is double doors – they are far less common than they seem!

Double doors often create a sense of grandeur that single doors can rarely match. If you want your home to look like a luxury home, creating an entrance with double wooden doors can be a great start. Ensure that the finish you choose for the doors matches the colour scheme of your home – otherwise, the result might not be what you expect!

3. Choose the right doorknob

Here’s something that many people don’t really think about – the doorknob! The colour and style of your doorknob has a huge role to play in how elegant your home looks. So, don’t pick simple ones believing that no one is going to notice them anyway!

If your home’s aesthetic is dictated by warm tones, you should pick brass doorknobs. Now, if you’re going for a classical look, ornate designs won’t hurt. However, if you’re more partial to contemporary decor, then choose simple, minimalist designs that highlight your sense of style. 

Remember, the overall look of your wooden doors can be enhanced tenfold just by picking the right door knobs!

4. Pick a natural finish

Decor trends change each year, and it’s natural to want to keep up with them. However, if you’re planning to introduce a new colour into your home by painting your wooden doors, then that’s a big no-no. 

The beauty of wooden doors lies in their finish. A natural finish that highlights the wood’s colour and grain is the best way to honour the material and do justice to it. On the other hand, covering it up with an unnatural colour is a sure-shot way to take the elegance factor in your home down a few notches! 

5. Go with a timeless design!

When you’re shopping for wooden doors, you’re likely to come across a range of funky designs that align with current trends. If you’re someone who regularly remodels their home every couple of years, then building your home based on trends is a good approach. However, if you’re not planning to turn your home into a project that you can always work on, then you need to choose wooden doors with a more classic appeal.

Before you finalise any purchase, ask yourself whether you’ll still like the design in a few years. If the answer is no, then it’s probably not the right design for you. 

Where can you get beautiful wooden doors?

Wooden Doors from AIS Windows

At AIS Windows, we offer a stunning range of wooden doors that fit well in all types of aesthetics. Our doors are not just built to be aesthetically pleasing – they also have a range of features such as noise isolation, thermal isolation, and more. As a result, you can transform your home into a quiet and peaceful place, unhindered by street noises. 

To know more about the right wooden doors for your home, get in touch with us today!

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