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Tips to Make Your Sliding Doors Secure

Posted at 9:24 AM, April 13, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Doors

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Who doesn’t like sliding doors! They award your interiors with a sense of openness and usher in a great deal of natural light. But, they can be vulnerable to break-ins if not secured properly. The good news is that they are fairly easy to secure. If you wish to install sliding doors for improved aesthetics and space maximisation, ensure that they are secure by following the steps listed below.

Use Reinforced Glass

Aluminium frames are ideal for external sliding doors as they provide great structural support, but what if an intruder breaks the glass? To avoid this, lace your frames around double-paned toughened or tempered glass. This type of glass is 200 times more resistant to impact than standard annealed glass. Toughened safety glass will make a sound if an intruder tries to break in but it won’t smash into sharp pieces. Once the situation is under control, toughened glass panels will be easier to clean if broken. You can also use a single-glazed pane of toughened glass if you don’t live on the ground floor.

If you don’t want to double glaze your sliding door, consider getting a shatterproof film installed to hold the glass in place for some time even after breaking. Doing this will increase the time taken by an intruder to enter through a broken glass door from a few seconds to several minutes. During this time, you can call for extra help and gain control of the situation.

Properly Maintain Locks and Rollers

Most sliding doors move to and fro with the help of plastic rollers, but they can get damaged if not maintained properly. Reduced functionality of plastic rollers will not let the door slide smoothly, causing it to shut sloppily. If your plastic rollers are not moving as they should, chances are that the tracks underneath need to be cleaned thoroughly. Start by slightly lifting your door off the track and clean the dirt and debris underneath with a soft brush or cloth. Once you are done cleaning, the door should again slide smoothly and lock properly. Remember that clean tracks and snuggly fitted rollers will prevent an intruder from lifting the door and bypassing the lock you have in place.

Install a Locking Bar

A locking bar comprises a thick metal piece or wooden dowel that can be cut to size and fitted into your sliding door track. This solution is also commonly used by stores inside malls that have main doors made of glass to prevent intrusion. When you step out or lock your home for the night, simply fit the metal or wooden bar into the track to lock it. This will keep the door from sliding open even if an intruder successfully picks your main lock.

Cover the Glass

Firstly, this solution does not take natural light away! The idea behind this solution is simple – If a potential intruder can’t look inside your living space, the chances of them breaking in reduce significantly. It is critical to keep people from being able to look inside your home through the sliding door. Why? These transparent doors can assist a burglar with scoping out your dwelling space, and plan their approach carefully. Use frosted or tainted glass panes to fit into your sliding doors. This provides ample privacy and makes your interiors more secure without stealing away all that precious natural light.

Get a Burglar Alarm Installed

Get a home alarm system installed or if you already have one in place, ensure that it is wired to any point on your glass sliding door. This can be conveniently done at the time of getting a fresh alarm system installed by a technician. Once the alarm is installed, a warning will sound if there is a breach. Burglar alarms are fairly affordable and require a one-time investment only.

Install a Tougher Lock

In addition to a locking bar, install a one or a two-bolt locking system that latches to the closing point of your sliding door, and have steel bolts that fasten in place. These commercial-grade locks can be secured from any local hardware store and can supplement or replace an older lock. Tougher locks coupled with frosted double-paned tempered glass will surely make your sliding doors impregnable.

The Final Word

If none of the above tips work, we suggest getting your doors replaced with a new sliding door that snaps tightly within a frame, offering the best protection to your household. Consider getting your sliding doors replaced by AIS Windows. We offer a wide variety of high-quality sliding glass doors and windows that ensure the safety and comfort of your family members. Choose AIS Stronglas or AIS Securityglas for your glass doors. These trademark glass panes are tough and can deal with a great deal of stress without breaking. To know more, log on to https://www.aiswindows.com/.

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