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07 Feb

Best Ways to Save Space with uPVC Sliding Doors

Posted 6:29 am, February 7, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Doors

Save Space with uPVC Sliding Doors

When it comes to preparing a list of dream home renovations and upgrades, rarely, if ever, do doors and windows make it to the list, let alone the top of it Most homeowners are more excited about installing a backyard oasis or setting up a dream dining patio. Though windows and doors may not seem like a glamorous component of a space, they are nonetheless vital from the perspective of security, ventilation, daylight management, and energy-efficiency and hence, must be given the care due them. When it comes to saving of space, no other door design matches the aesthetic appeal and functionality of sliding doors, especially uPVC sliding doors.

What are uPVC Sliding Doors?

By definition, uPVC sliding doors are a type of door that open horizontally by sliding on a track, wherein one glass panel slides over the other. The gliding function of the uPVC sliding doors ensures a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior. The addition of uPVC sliding doors to your property can make your interiors seem spacious and more open. Generally, these doors are installed in access points to give your interiors a better airflow and maximum natural light.

uPVC sliding doors are extremely durable and tough. They practically require no maintenance and are also corrosion-resistant, dust-proof and weather-proof. But the biggest feature of uPVC sliding doors is that they occupy very little space. Traditional doors usually swing open as a result of which a lot of space is rendered unusable. This leads to cramping up of the interiors of your home or office. This becomes an even bigger issue when your home or office already has limited space and installing traditional doors can end up taking whatever little space is left. In such a situation, installing uPVC sliding doors becomes the best solution. Unlike traditional doors, uPVC sliding doors don’t require extra room to swing open as they glide along a track. This is why they are a perfect addition to interiors with limited space. Along with this, uPVC sliding doors can also make compact areas look huge and spacious.

Let us explore the best ways to save space by installing uPVC sliding doors

Narrow Corridors with Multiple Sliding Doors

If your home or office has a narrow corridor, the use of uPVC sliding doors in it can be incredibly helpful as you will be able to access all the rooms without causing any obstruction in the passageway. uPVC sliding doors can be easily built into the wall as they don’t require any additional space to swing open. Their addition will give the narrow corridor an airy and spacious vibe. uPVC sliding doors opening into a narrow corridor can also make your home layout more appealing.

Sliding Doors between Two Rooms

If you have a small home or apartment then adding traditional doors can make it look more cramped and crowded. In such a situation you can add uPVC sliding doors as room dividers. The sliding doors will give you easy accessibility between rooms and can also provide privacy when needed, although for that you might have to add some blinds or install frosted glass in the uPVC sliding doors.

Sliding Balcony Doors

Adding a uPVC sliding door as your balcony door to separate your room and the balcony is the most common yet effective way of using these doors to save space in your house. uPVC sliding doors make up for an easy transition from the interior to the exterior. uPVC sliding doors also create the impression of a wider balcony space. You can add plants and furniture to this balcony space and make it into a seating area from where you can enjoy the view.

Separate Kitchen or Office

uPVC sliding doors can be used to separate the kitchen from the living room without compromising on the open-plan layout of your home. Similarly, it can be used in the office as well to separate cabins or office stations from each other. With the installation of uPVC sliding doors, your space becomes multi-functional without making it appear too crowded or cramped.


Sliding Doors for Wardrobes

UPVC sliding doors can also be used for wardrobes not only because they are available in a plethora of styling options but are also multi-functional. These doors provide easy and unrestricted access to the wardrobes and do not cut off any remaining space. Along with this, uPVC sliding doors for wardrobes can make your interiors look sleek and contemporary.

If you are planning to install uPVC sliding doors to increase your property’s functionality as well as aesthetical appeal then AIS Windows is your perfect choice. We at AIS Windows follow international manufacturing standards and make sure that our uPVC sliding doors perform their absolute best. Our uPVC sliding doors can completely alter the way your space looks. Our uPVC sliding doors are not only high-grade but they also provide impeccable aesthetic sense to your property. They are highly durable and sturdy. Along with this, our uPVC sliding doors can also provide optimum security, protection from air and noise pollution, and help you in creating an energy-efficient zone in your property. AIS Windows provides comprehensive services from consulting for glass and frame selection to hassle-free installation undertaken by trained professionals.

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