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18 Apr

Ways How Door and Window Designs Influence Your Home

Posted 9:28 am, April 18, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors ,UPVC Windows

Benefits of glass windows

You may not know it, but doors and windows are the silent furnishings that decorate your home and enhance its functionality. They act as trusted gateways for the outer world.

A home’s door and window design unconsciously represents the personality of those who occupy the space. The doors and windows in your home not only provide safety and security but also help optimise space. Every room can benefit from well-styled doors and windows, and they are available in countless designs. If you are looking to brighten up your interiors, think about experimenting with door and window designs. Here are five ways in which these structures can positively influence the design of your home.

Usher in Natural Light

Do not underestimate the positive effect of natural lighting flowing indoors. It is what fills our mind and body with positive and healthy thoughts. Natural light is one of the primary sources of healthy living, and doors and windows are the sources through which it makes its way indoors. Before zeroing in on a door and window design, make sure that each room, balcony, and corridor has a source of natural light. French doors and windows with right glazing options can genuinely open up your home to tonnes of natural light.

Capture Picture Perfect Vistas

There is nothing like soaking up a picturesque view of either the ocean or of dancing city lights through floor-to-ceiling fixed picture windows or curtain wall windows of your apartment or bungalow. Combine them with French glass doors and convert an entire wall to glass that brings the outdoors inside. If you are constructing a new home, give ample thought to what perfect views you wish to capture before choosing the door and window design to capture it with.

Improve Privacy

Door and window designs come in a variety of opacities that influence the privacy and space of your home. If you want to keep your interiors hidden without using too many curtains, but also want natural light, use translucent glass. Companies like AIS Windows provide high-quality frosted glass panes that offer total privacy but allow tonnes of natural light to seep through. You can also choose AIS SwytchGlas for differing opacity levels. AIS Swytchglas is a smart glass that provides transparency or opacity with the flick of a button. AIS Swytchglas panes are hooked to a power source. When you switch on the current, these glass panes become entirely transparent and are rendered translucent once the switch is turned off. This technology enables privacy on-demand and works wonders to transform a space.

Optimise Space

If you are short on square footage, which is usually the case in metropolises these days, get sliding French doors and windows. Sliding glass doors open up a room and do not require any extra space to operate. These door and window designs provide easy access to your garden or balcony and are available in a host of materials. You can get French doors and windows to transform your home in metal, wood, uPVC frames, etc. Companies like AIS Windows provide said structures in countless colours and finishes. Optimising space with the help of door and window designs can amplify the interiors as well as exteriors of your apartment or bungalow.

Design Flexibilities

Door and window designs, shapes, and sizes are plenty. If you are bored with the usual rectangular casement windows, try circular, awning or diamond-shaped windows. There is no specific rule when it comes to choosing the shape of your windows and many architects like to play with walls and place windows in alternative configurations. Such experimentation can genuinely surprise you as well as make your interiors more lively. There is a whole universe of rectilinear and curvilinear windows that manufacturers like AIS Windows can customise for you. When it comes to experimenting with doors, think about installing them with arched transoms to award your home with a vintage feel. You can also think about getting pivoting doors for your exterior walls to provide your home with an edgy architectural character.

Over to You

It is no secret that modern innovations have paved the way for exciting as well as practical options for door and window designs today. Base your choice on several factors such as aesthetic, wind load, insulation, etc. before zeroing in on any specific style. To positively influence the décor of your home, turn to AIS Windows. We offer a world of doors and windows in every possible material, glazing options, colour, design, and finish. Our team of experts provides end-to-end services, from selection to installation including after-sales support. To experience the world of AIS Windows, walk into one of our stores or log on to book a free consultation today!

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