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Things to Consider Before Going For A Sliding Door

Posted at 11:28 AM, September 14, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: Doors

When it comes to decorating your interiors, doors are perhaps the last on your list. With time, however, home and office owners are realizing the important role doors play in enhancing the look of a space. If you want sleek, inviting doors to adorn your space, go with sliding doors.

Customizable and versatile, they can be used as both interior and exterior doors. Perfect for modern, trendy spaces, they let in an ample amount of air and natural sunlight. Sliding doors are a great choice as they are practical, functional, and pleasing to the eye.

There are several factors that one must keep in mind before opting for sliding doors or replacing your old hinged doors with these. Here is your guide to choosing and installing contemporary sliding doors. 


Sliding doors come in a variety of materials – uPVC, timber, aluminium, et al. While timber doors will lend your spaces a classic appeal, they come at a higher price tag than uPVC doors, which are both affordable and stylish. Aluminium may offer a slim profile but cannot beat uPVC in terms of aesthetics.


Sliding doors are not only lightweight and occupy less space, but they are also highly sturdy and durable. A great feature that adds to their durability is that they are waterproof as well. They usually come with a wool pile to drive water and dust away, characterized by an in-built drainage system that prevents water stagnation, keeping them clean and dry for a long time. Once installed, vacuum your sliding doors’ tracks to improve longevity. 


Many sliding door use materials like wooden and UPVC, which are renewable and durable. They can easily be kept out of landfills for years and still perform well. Such sliding doors are easy to remove, clean and fix, thus saving time and energy. This makes them an environmentally friendly option.

Cost Efficiency

Sliding doors are airtight and made of insulators such as metal or wood, which keep and cold heat away. Sliding doors not only keep your house cool but they ensure that your home remains as energy-efficient as possible. Compared to wooden doors, steel, aluminium, and Upvc sliding doors are cost-effective. In any case, the amount you spend on installation can be easily be recovered in energy savings.


Homeowners need to keep their main entrance protected. Even though sliding doors are aesthetically pleasing, their glass panes are known to cause security problems. Sometimes people can even look into your homes through the glass. To solve this problem, you can use tempered glass or place a film on top of the glass to make it unbreakable. Since most modern sliding doors use double pane glass that is pretty strong and hard to break into, this keeps intruders at bay. Installing a strong locking system like a commercial lock or a barricade can further enhance security. A good trick to keep attention away from your property is to put blinds or curtains to maintain your privacy. But the best option to maximize your security and peace-of-mind is to opt for shatter-proof safety glass.


Sliding doors usually demand less maintenance to retain their structure and performance over a long period of time. A coat of very durable, resilient and powder-coated aluminium offers a durable finish. This not only prevents the door from peeling and chipping but also maintains its premium look for decades with no upkeep. 

Buying Sliding Doors

Replacing traditional hinged doors with sliding ones is a smart option. Not only are they chic, but they also free up a lot of space in your property. These doors are effortless to handle and maximize security with their reinforced glass panes and a good lock system. Moreover, they are great for the environment and cost-effective. Some of the biggest benefits of installing sliding doors

  • Offers great outside views
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to operate
  • Versatile; can be used in offices, homes, offices, and commercial buildings

To install a sliding door, only rely on experts that guarantee safety and durability. At AIS Windows, we elevate the look and functionality of your spaces with uPVC uPVC sliding doors that are compact, stylish, and safe. Our uPVC frames are high grade and our doors durable as well as secure. In fact, our doors are also waterproof.

With years of expertise, AIS Windows is the one-stop solution for all your window frames and doors requirements. Offering a high-quality and customizable range of windows and doors, we only deliver the best, because that’s what the spaces close to your heart deserve. Our solutions are designed for both commercial and residential spaces, combining comfort with a unique allure.

Don’t wait any longer. Install your choice of sliding doors today. Request a free consultation with AIS Windows.

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