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5 Noteworthy Benefits of Toughened Glass Windows

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Benefits of Toughened Glass Windows

In recent years, glass windows and doors have become a popular décor choice among modern homeowners. People experiment with different patterns, colours, and frames of glass to design their homes. Glass partitions, windows, and doors make your home appear sleek and stylish.

Despite their popularity, some people steer away from glass windows because of safety concerns. Normal glass is prone to easy breakage, making it a dangerous and inconvenient choice for windows. If you want your house to be trendy yet safe, opt for toughened glass windows.

The Science Behind Toughened Glass Windows

Toughened glass is made by subjecting annealed glass to controlled heat and chemical reactions. Thermal tempering brings about varied compression and tension in annealed glass. Subjecting the outer layer to rapid cooling and the inner layer to high temperatures brings about compression and tension respectively. The compressive stress on tempered glass can be from 60 to 100 mega Pascal. This compressive stress provides tempered glass with safety against impact. When toughened glass suffers an impact, it breaks down into fine pieces instead of large shards. In an annealed glass, there exists no balance between inner tension and outer compression. As a result, a crack on such glass propagates rapidly to the inner layers, causing irregular breakage.

Tempered glass is subjected to cutting and grinding before it undergoes heat treatment. Cutting toughened glass after tempering causes breakage.

Everything from mobile phone screens and car windscreens to home windows and shower frames is made of toughened glass. In houses, toughened glass is used for fireplaces, furnaces, tables, around swimming pools, glass shelves, and cabinet glass.

Why Should You Use Toughened Glass Windows?

Due to technological advancements in glassmaking, toughened glass windows come with more benefits than one. Using toughened glass windows is a wise decision for people wanting to have large windows and glass partitions in their house.

  1. Stay Safe

It is irrational to compromise with safety. Glass windows from any not-so-professional company rarely stay intact when subjected to heavy impact. If you live in a house with kids, they can be particularly dangerous. Since regular glass breaks into jagged shards, it can substantially harm you. Toughened glass from AIS dissolves into powdery pieces as it breaks, significantly reducing the chances of injury.

  1. Damage Resistant Windows

Typically, you install glass windows for their aesthetic value. Scratched and dirty glass windows do the exact opposite of adding beauty to your home. They can make even the most stunning homes look shabby and unkempt. Toughened glass is fairly resistant to scratches and regular wear and tear, making it perfect for windows and doors that are used regularly. Toughened glass windows can also withstand strong winds and do not get damaged by heavy rain or hailstorms.

  1. Heat Resistant Windows

Annealed glass cracks easily when exposed to high temperatures. Something as meagre as a splash of hot water while taking a hot shower could damage your regular window. This is because the compression-tension balance between its outer and inner layer is not accurate. If you live in a place that experiences high temperatures all year round, regular glass windows might not suffice. Toughened glass can withstand high temperature with ease, making it preferable for windows exposed to heated surroundings like kitchens and bathrooms.

  1. Varied Designs

Toughened glass is available in several patterns, colours, and styles. Experts at AIS will customize toughened glass windows before installing them. Since they are highly durable, you can opt for floor-to-ceiling frameless windows and partitions too. If you desire additional privacy, you can always opt for frosted or soundproof toughened glass. If you looking to play with colours but do not want to install artificial colourful lights, choose coloured or patterned glass.

  1. Security

Floor-to-ceiling windows and partitions are being used increasingly in modern homes. Some people believe glass windows to be vulnerable. That is never the case if you choose toughened glass windows. Just like you prefer firm gates for your house, choosing toughened glass windows can provide you with added security. Being highly durable, they can protect you from accidents and other external disturbances.

At AIS Windows, we value your security and privacy over everything else. We understand your need for increased safety and security, thereby offering customized toughened glass windows and doors. Our safety glass is PVB laminated and heat-toughened and ensures injury-free interiors. AIS Stronglass breaks into small and blunt pieces on suffering the considerable impact. AIS Security glass does not shatter even after suffering a huge impact. Our toughened glass also provides you with UV protection, allowing you to bask in the sun without worrying about skin damage. Our experts recognize your individuality and offer consultations to ensure the perfect window styles for your living space. All our products are warranted, durable, high-quality and weather-resistant, making them the perfect fit for modern homes. AIS Windows provides hassle-free installation and quick services to ensure increased convenience for you. Reach out to us online or call 1800-103-4805 to secure our services.

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