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Why Do I Need Soundproof Doors?

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Need of Soundproof Doors

If your home or office is located on a busy street, you’re probably accustomed to blaring automobile horns and the constant chatter of people. Noise has detrimental mental and physical effects – sleep disturbance, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, irritability, and reduced concentration. Are your doors flimsy, incapable of blocking out external noise? Soundproof doors and windows are the solution to your problems, necessary to maintain peace in your spaces.

What are Soundproof Doors?

A soundproof door prevents sound and vibration from passing through, inside a room. It achieve this through heavy insulation and strong acoustic seals. Soundproof doors are typically used in loud spaces like nightclubs, recording studios, concert venues etc. They are also installed in doctors’ offices to maintain confidentiality in the rooms. In any office, soundproof doors are typically installed in meeting or conference rooms to ensure privacy. However, the utility of soundproof doors is not limited to these use cases; any door can be soundproofed according to your requirements. 

What Are The Benefits of Soundproof Doors?

The primary benefit of choosing soundproof doors is noise reduction. Soundproof doors control acoustics and minimise outdoor noise, helping you concentrate better. The result – improved mood, reduced anxiety, and undisturbed sleep at night. In fact, soundproofing prevents sound leakage so much so that you can watch television at a high volume without being concerned about causing disturbance to the other members of the household.

The multiple insulative layers also help in controlling the temperature of your space. The prevention of air leakage keeps your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. This reduces the need for air conditioners or heaters, bringing down your electricity bills all-year-round. The reduced air leakage also helps maintain the air quality of your home. Thanks to the seals and multiple glass panels, air pollutants and allergens are kept at bay. 

Reasons to Install Soundproof Doors

There are multiple reasons for installing soundproof doors, prime among them the improved quality of life. Soundproof doors are a necessity if you have loud neighbours. Or if your office space is located in a high-traffic area, it can get difficult for workers to concentrate.

If you work from home, you require a quiet place where you can work with complete concentration. The commotion caused daily in a household can be a huge distraction. If you own pets, they only add to the noise levels. To create an optimal working space at home where you can work efficiently, you should install soundproof doors.

Moreover, if you often entertain guests or enjoy playing loud music, you’ve got more reasons to install soundproof doors. Hosting parties and entertaining guests can be a task. You not only have to worry about taking care of your guests, but also must ensure that you don’t disturb your neighbours with the loud music. Soundproof doors in your entertainment space help you unwind and enjoy your recreational moments in a carefree manner.

In short, installing soundproof doors will help you live and work undisturbed. 

Where Can You Install Soundproof Doors?

Soundproof doors have several applications –

  • Bedroom

As they say, “If you find no peace at home, you search it in vain elsewhere.” And even at home, the most important place where one needs peace is their bedroom. Soundproof doors can restore the peace in your room and give you a good night’s sleep.

  • Recording Studio

If you’re an artist and own a personal recording studio at home (as most artists do these days), a soundproof door can be a godsend by allowing you to record and rehearse in an obstruction-free environment.

  • Office Conference or Meeting Rooms

When it comes to offices, the need for confidentiality makes it imperative to have conference rooms that will not allow internal matters to be audible to those outside. What better way to go about it than to install high-quality soundproof doors?

  • Personal Office Space

A distraction-free environment is as much a necessity for ensuring privacy in conference rooms as it is for personal office cabins. Working in peace is imperative to sustain concentration and to be productive. Whether your personal office space is in an office or your home, soundproof doors can grant you the tranquillity you need. 

Professional Installation of Soundproof Doors

For top-quality soundproofing, professional installation of soundproof doors is the way to go. At AIS Windows, experts craft the right soundproofing solutions for your homes and office spaces. Our noise cancelling soundproof doors come with a specialized PVB layer sandwiched between the glass units, which reduces sound intrusion up to 40 decibels. Fusion-wielded and double-sealed, our products are available in a variety of frame options – uPVC, wood, and aluminium. Make way for peaceful surroundings and a calm environment with AIS Windows. Get in touch for a consultation today.

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