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15 Sep

Myths about Sliding Window that Everyone Should Know

Posted 11:55 am, September 15, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Windows

Myths about Sliding Window

Are you scouting for an elegant fenestration solution, but are also looking to save space? If yes, then turn towards sliding windows. It is not unusual today to be short on square footage even if you live in a posh neighbourhood. Real estate in metros and mini-metros is costly, which is why solutions that award your dwelling exquisite charm with optimal use of space are more than welcome.

However, many homebuyers carry a few myths about sliding windows that are entirely untrue. This highly practical and stunning fenestration solution can make a significant contribution to any space, which is why this article busts the myths associated with sliding windows.

Top Myths about Sliding Windows: Busted!

Myth 1# Sliding Windows Leak

Sliding windows do not leak. These structures are manufactured to exacting standards and specifications of your home or office and are incredibly weatherproof. However, a critical thing to keep in mind here is quality installation. Who is placing the set of sliding windows in your space is a big part of how weatherproof they will be.

A team of skilled fenestration professionals can ensure optimum weather resistance. Remember, a properly manufactured and precisely installed sliding window should never leak! If it does, then the problem is most likely with the expert you chose.

Myth 2# Sliding Windows are Hard to Operate.

Another baseless myth, modern sliding windows are one of the easiest to open and close. You do not need to stretch to reach bolts or latches placed at odd locations to push these windows open or pull them shut. However, it is valid to a certain extent that massive sliding windows once existed that got stuck in the frame tracks, which made them difficult to operate. Good news! All of that is gone, and today you can get sliding windows that come with extra-smooth tracks, top-hung design or a lift-and-slide style.

These solutions further reduce the friction generated on bottom tracks. What’s more, sliding windows slide freely with only minimal maintenance as opposed to times gone by when keeping the bottom tracks clean was a bit of a task.

Myth 3# Sliding Windows are Bulky and Unsightly.

A myth without reason, sliding windows today are sleek, chic with narrow sightlines. Framing around the glazing is getting smaller, and the weight of the structure is getting lighter. Sure, expansive sliding windows of yesteryear were a tad heavy, but never outlandishly bulky. But, today even the slight bulkiness is out of the question. With a host of material upgrades, frames for sliding windows offer you a tonne of freedom when it comes to your fenestration’s overall look, feel, and design.

Coming to the myth which states that sliding windows are unsightly, there are very few designs that offer an increased view for panoramic vistas. And, sliding windows are one of them. As mentioned earlier, these windows give you more glass and less frame, which ushers in gobs of charm. These structures offer a tonne of colour and finish options, thus, allowing them to blend into your home’s décor without a hitch.

Myth 4# Sliding Windows Seal You Inside

Not true! A sliding window is not entirely airtight and will let a tiny amount of air in and out of your home. But, this is not a quality unique to these structures. It is impossible to make any window or door fully airtight. You don’t want that anyway, as it may cause you to breathe more recycled air. Remember, windows and doors essentially cover a massive hole in the wall, which is why there will always be space for air to pass in and out.

So, if you think that sliding windows will make you feel like you’re sitting inside a Tupperware container, you would be wrong. However, window performance is a legit concern, and a sliding window, when manufactured by a real expert with the right glazing and framing solution, can offer exceptional insulation. Getting insulated sliding windows are also phenomenal for enhanced thermal comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

The Bottom Line

Knowledge is power! And, now that you know the top myths hounding sliding windows, you can bust them. However, one thing that is not a myth is the need for a true-blue fenestration expert for installing sliding windows. If you are looking for such a service provider for your home or office, turn to AIS Windows – India’s leading doors and windows expert. We offer end-to-end fenestration-related services – from selection and installation to exceptional after-sales support.

We offer a mammoth variety of glazing and framing solutions in the colour, size, and shape of your choice. To know more about our entire line of products and services, get in touch with us today!

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