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uPVC Sliding Windows: A Good Choice for Your Dream House

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Myths about sliding window

Choosing the right kind of window for your dream house is an exciting task, albeit a tricky one. After all, it’s the windows that are responsible for lighting and ventilation, important factors for a residential property. Considering space, strength, aesthetics, and durability, uPVC sliding windows are the perfect investment for your dream house.

Adorn your dream house with uPVC sliding windows

uPVC, or un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, is a material popular with interior designers and architects. Among the many variants of uPVC windows in the market, sliding windows offer a sleek and stylish solution for modern homes.

A uPVC sliding window comprises of frames (or sash) that can slide back and forth. If you are looking to add elegance to and spruce up your dream living space, here’s why you should consider opting for uPVC sliding windows.

Improved visual appeal

Whether you choose to live in a period property, a modern apartment, or a high-rise structure, uPVC sliding sash windows will add an unmatched aesthetic appeal to your dream house. With a wide availability of colour, shape, and size of sliding windows, you can customise every aspect to match with the interior and exterior elements of the room.

A long-lasting material

uPVC sliding windows are tough, and the frames can easily withstand extreme weather elements like hailstorms and scorching sun. The uPVC coating also protects the window from harmful ultraviolet rays, thus preventing it from deteriorating under extended exposure to sunlight. If your house happens to be located by the seaside, the high salt content in the air will not damage uPVC sliding windows. Apart from being rust-free, your windows will also be termite-proof.

Ease of use and maintenance

All it takes to clean uPVC windows is a soft wet cloth or a sponge, and they will sparkle as new. Even with the darkest of stains, they don’t require varnish, sand, or paint. The stains can still easily be removed with some hard scrubbing, without any harm to the material. uPVC sliding windows are not only easy to maintain but are also easy to handle. Sliding windows move smoothly while opening and closing, courtesy the rollers attached to the bottom.

Superior noise insulation 

Houses near airports, national highways, and in the middle of buzzing cities often complain of noise pollution. Well, with uPVC sliding windows, you have to look no further as they offer excellent noise proofing. With sound-insulated sliding windows, you can keep the honking noises and building construction cries out of your home.

Makes room for air and light 

uPVC sliding windows provide you a wide opening, allowing more natural air and light to come in. The sash slides completely out of the way, hence obstructing nothing. You can choose from a wide range of sizes in which uPVC sliding windows are available; the bigger the size, the better the view. Sliding windows can also be easily paired with net and screens without affecting ventilation.

All-season thermal efficiency

uPVC sliding windows can give you a major advantage during blistering summers and freezing winters with excellent energy efficiency. uPVC, being a thermal insulator, reduces the strain on the room heater in winters and significantly cuts down the energy spent by the coolers and air conditioners.

Complete safety and security

Your security concerns while installing new windows must always be a priority. With uPVC sliding windows, you can be assured of the highest level of security. These ultra-light and elegant windows are equipped with advanced locking mechanisms, exceeding all expectations.

With consultation from AIS Windows, you can couple the uPVC frames with AIS Stronglas, which in an unlikely case of breakage, shatters into small blunt pieces instead of sharp shards. Or pick AIS Securityglas, that does not shatter even after suffering massive stress and heavy impact.

An eco-friendly product

The life span of materials used in uPVC windows is usually more than 40 years. uPVC being recyclable, leaves a minimal imprint on the environment. When replacing old windows and doors made from uPVC, ask your installer if they will be disposed of appropriately.

Over to you

Sliding windows are beautifully complemented with uPVC frames that elevate the elegance and appeal of your dream house. With the right choice of glass, size, shape, and design choices, uPVC sliding windows can lend a fresh appeal to your home.

At AIS Windows, you get uPVC sliding windows with improved space usage, optimised ventilation, durable structure, and low maintenance, safe, insulated, and eco-friendly features. With great ventilation and aesthetics, our sliding windows come with unrivalled high-quality uPVC frames.

Our team of professionals at AIS Windows will help you find the right window design for your dream house. Get in touch today to discuss sliding window prices and our complete range of uPVC solutions.

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