Simple Yet Sophisticated Aluminium Door Designs for Your Space

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Until just a few years ago, homeowners were not spoilt for choice when it came to materials and designs for doors. However, in the last decade, there has been a welcome explosion in the styles and variety of materials for doors and windows. Sure, everybody knows that wooden doors were the primary go-to option for most homeowners, and indeed they look beautiful, but they are no more the only choice. With modern advancements in manufacturing and colour coating, aluminium doors are also soaring in popularity.

It is no secret that doors made from aluminium award your entryway with immense tenacity matched only by a few other materials. But, do not for a second be fooled by aluminium’s vanilla appearance. Aluminium doors today are considered the epitome of contemporary décor. They lend a chic, minimalistic quality to any space and demand bare minimum maintenance. Also, if you live in maritime weather or next to the sea, aluminium doors are the perfect choice for you as with all sorts of treatments available on their surface, they are entirely rust-free.

Striking Aluminium Door Designs

Are you on the lookout for sophisticated yet straightforward aluminium door designs for your home or office? If yes, then check out the following options.

Slide-and-Fold Aluminium Doors

These structures can open up your home as slide-and-fold aluminium doors are usually installed in a large size. They often work both as a divider and an exterior door. Aluminium frames can be thinned out to a large extent, offering better views through expansive glass panels. Whether you want to open up your living room into the porch or bring the outdoors inside, aluminium slide-and-fold doors offer ease of movement and stellar aesthetics to your space.

Aluminium Casement Doors

A timeless classic – casement doors have been a popular choice for years on end. Mostly made out of wood, these structures have now received a facelift since aluminium became available. Aluminium casement doors usually come with large glass panels affixed to the main aluminium frame that has hinges on the side. This structure offers panoramic views of the surroundings. You can choose to get single or double aluminium casements for a broader entryway into your home.

Aluminium French Doors

Who does not know and love French doors? These stunning glass structures come flawlessly studded in aluminium frames and are very practical. How? Unlike other door types, French doors provide flexibility in operation. You can either go for aluminium French doors that swing inwards and outwards or opt for ones that slide within their frame. Sliding aluminium French doors are especially useful if you live in a bustling metropolis and are short on square footage.

Side and Top-lit Aluminium Doors

If you want a solid door without compromising on natural light, try opaque aluminium doors with side and top-lights. What are these? Side-lights and top-lights are glass sections installed right next to or on top of your main entrance. Top-lights may remind you of transom windows. Both these mechanisms can be fixed, or you can opt for operability. Aluminium doors with side and top-lights are a great idea with glass doors as well as opaque doors.

Pivoting Aluminium Doors

Introduce a unique door type with aluminium pivoting doors. A pivoting door has a pivot on the floor which is supported by another pivot on the top. A fantastic alternative to standard entries, aluminium pivots allows people to enter and exit from either side of the structure. Since this door type is fixed from the centre and not the side, it offers ease of movement. Aluminium as a framing material is exceptionally sturdy, so, there is no need to reinforce these frames even after years of exhaustive usage.

Make the Correct Choice

As you can see, there is no dearth of choices when it comes to aluminium doors. And, remember that selecting this material gives you superior levels of security. Aluminium door frames also come with multi-point locking capability, which means an unwarranted intrusion is out of the question. Given the many benefits of modern glazing that ensure toughness, performance, and insulation; an aluminium frame is perhaps one of the safest and most aesthetical choices you can make.

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