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03 May

All You Need to Know About uPVC Casement Doors

Posted 11:19 am, May 3, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Casement Door

uPVC Casement Doors

Doors may be an overlooked design element; however, they hold the power to transform any dull and stuffy space into warm, airy, and inviting. There are so many things to consider when choosing new doors – materials, functionality, aesthetics, performance, and so on. This can become overwhelming. However, when in doubt, go for a simple and elegant option of a uPVC casement door.

What Is a Casement Door?

There are very few designs that have the classic look and functionality of casement doors. These doors can be installed as a single or a double sash creating a graceful main entrance. uPVC casement doors are very versatile and are widely used for both exteriors and interiors of homes as well as offices. They are available in a wide variety of frames, from wooden to metallic to vinyl. Casement doors can be swung open inwards or outwards depending on the space in your room. If you are wondering which frame to choose for your casement doors, try uPVC!

Benefits of UPVC Casement Doors

uPVC or unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride offers a host of benefits that are hard to ignore. Here is a list that will help you understand why you should get uPVC casement doors installed in your home –


This is one of the top benefits of a uPVC casement door. Doors frames made from this material have great sealing capabilities and thus, increase thermal comfort. During the summer season, uPVC casement doors do not let hot air seep inside, keeping your internal temperatures low. In the winter season, these doors do not allow for warm air to leak outside and keep your internal temperatures optimal. This quality of uPVC casement doors reduces the strain on your heating and cooling devices and optimises your energy bills.


uPVC casement doors barely attract dirt or grime and require minimal cleaning. You can clean these doors with the help of a clean damp cloth and some soapy water or mild detergent solution once every six months. If your home is on a particularly dusty street, clean your casement doors every month. Do not clean these frames with a metallic brush or a ball of steel wool as that may hamper the colour and finish of the frame.

Rust and Weather-Resistant

uPVC is 100% anti-corrosive, resistant to termites and also harsh weather conditions. This is especially helpful if you live in too cold or hot or humid conditions. Unlike other materials, uPVC casement doors maintain their sheen for years on end. During the rainy season, they keep the water out completely because the make of these doors provides a tight seal.

Aesthetically Appealing

uPVC casement doors look modern and are available in various colours and finishes. These doors also provide great design flexibility and can be fabricated into any shape and thickness that suits your home’s décor. If the interior of your home has a vintage feel, whereas the exteriors are modern and of a starkly different colour tone, you can get uPVC casement door frames painted in two different colours.

Acoustic Insulation

We have already established how uPVC casement doors prevent leakage of cool or warm air, enhancing the thermal comfort of your home. When they reduce the leakage of air, they also decrease the absorption of sound. This is especially useful if you live on a noisy street bustling with traffic. Couple uPVC frames with AIS Acousticglas and make your home a more peaceful and tranquil place.

Excellent Ventilation

These doors provide amazing ventilation when opened. UPVC casement double doors can open up an entire wall and allow you to soak in the beautiful vista and breeze hassle-free. These doors can be swung open to almost 180 degrees for unobstructed views. If you are lucky enough to have a home with panoramic views, install uPVC casement doors and make full use of the beautiful locale.


If you think that uPVC is not good for the environment, think again! This material can be recycled over and over and can be easily moulded back into new products. Enquire your window installation company about their recycling practices for uPVC. Reduce your carbon footprint by getting uPVC casement doors installed.

Safe and Secure

uPVC casement doors are very sturdy and can incorporate multiple locking systems providing high-grade security for homes as well as offices. Most uPVC casement doors can lock at multiple points all around the frame. Combine your uPVC frame with toughened glass for added security, if you are planning to install a casement door in one of the outer walls of your home or office.

Over to You

To get the best-quality uPVC doors and windows installed, always trust AIS Windows. We offer high-quality uPVC frames and glazing solutions that embody all the aforementioned qualities. Our team of experts provides end-to-end services, from selection to installation to taking care of all your after-sales needs. Log on to for a free consultation or walk into any one of our stores today!

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