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05 May

Reduce Maintenance Costs by Installing Aluminium Window Frames for Home

Posted 12:14 pm, May 5, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Frames

Advantages of Installing Aluminium Windows

Homeowners want durability, structural stability, aesthetics, and low maintenance from their window frames. While this may seem like a lot, it is easily achievable by installing aluminium window frames at home. Aluminium is also called a ‘magic metal’ and gives any other material a run for its money, especially in the residential real estate sector. Aluminium windows provide a wealth of benefits that you must be aware of before choosing said windows for your home.

Little to No Maintenance

Aluminium window frames stay completely free of rust and discolouration. Therefore, taking care of them is convenient, cheap, and quick. And the best part is that you only need to clean them once every six months. All you need is some soap, water, soft cloth, and grease to maintain aluminium windows. Once you have collected these four items, start cleaning your windows from the top and work your way down.

A Quick Tip to Clean Your Aluminium Windows

Take a soft and dry piece of cloth and wipe your aluminium window frames to get rid of any debris or particulate matter. Now, fill up a mug with clean water and gently splash it on the window frame from outside. Since these frames hardly ever get dirty from the inside, you simply need to wipe them with a clean and soft cloth.

Once you are done splashing water, take a mild soap or detergent with a PH level of 7 or less and mix it in water to make a soapy solution, and pour it on the aluminium window frames. You can also use a soft-bristled brush and scrub the frame for better results. Make sure to not use any metallic or abrasive tool for your aluminium windows, as that can damage the frame’s colour coating. Once you are done soaping and scrubbing the frames, take a cloth and wipe away the loosened lumps of grime. Now, take some clean water and rinse your frames thoroughly. Make sure to remove all of the residual soap as it collects dirt if left on the frames. After rinsing your frames, take a dry piece of cloth and wipe them clean. You can also leave the windows to air dry. Give your windows the final finishing touch by greasing the joints, hinges, locking systems, and spring. Follow this inexpensive and simple procedure twice a year and maintain your aluminium window frames at negligible costs.

High Energy Efficiency

If you thought that aluminium windows are an excellent choice only because of low maintenance costs, think again! Aluminium frames provide a great fitting and high energy efficiency. When used with the right glass pane, they are great at insulating your homes for enhanced thermal comfort. Aluminium-framed windows limit heat loss as well as entry of cold draughts into your homes. During the summer, they don’t allow the cool conditioned air to slip out, whereas during the winter they don’t let the warmer air leak out, thus keeping your internal temperatures optimal.

Supreme Durability

Aluminium window frames require only a one-time monetary investment, after which they last for years on end. The unmatched longevity and durability of said frames exist because they are free from corrosion. These frames are also made to go through certain surface treatments that further enhance their performance and aesthetics. Whether you live in humid temperatures, or extremely arid conditions, the weather-resistant nature of aluminium window frames will keep bringing you a solid return on your investment.

If you reside in an especially windy area or have a high-rise apartment that is prone to strong wind gushes, aluminium windows must be your first choice as they are structurally very strong. Given these attributes of aluminium window frames, you can get them custom-made for your main entry, bathroom, and patio doors.

Great Aesthetics

When it comes to residential real estate, aluminium is the top symbol of contemporary architecture. It can be seamlessly customised into any colour and size to blend well with your décor. Aluminium window frames can be easily moulded into the most challenging of design specifications. Thanks to its robustness, this material is ideal for sliding windows and doors. Another great advantage of installing aluminium window frames is that you can choose two different colours for the outer and the inner side of the frame. For example, if you have a substantial amount of wooden furniture and wood panelling as part of your décor, you can get aluminium frames in a timber tinge.


Aluminium is 100% recyclable and reusable and hence, is a highly sustainable choice. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also replace your old aluminium window frames and recycle them into new objects. If you ever wish to replace your old aluminium frame with a new one, ask your glass expert about their aluminium recycling practices.

Over to You

Ready to take the plunge? Get in touch with AIS Windows for all your fenestration requirements. We offer high-quality aluminium window frames that require negligible maintenance. Choose from a range of colours, finishes, and styles by walking into any of our stores or visiting our website –  Contact us today!

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