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14 Feb

uPVC Casement Doors: The Best Choice for Your Home

Posted 6:46 am, February 14, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Casement Door

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Your home is your sanctuary and an elaborate expression of your tastes and needs. Every home décor choice is unique and caters to personal style. Since windows and doors form a prominent part of modern home designing, they require careful selection.

A simple framing material or the shade and type of glass used can make or break the look of your home. If you want a sustainable, pragmatic and stylish home, you must choose a framing material that can adapt to all stylistic choices while remaining fully functional.

Thankfully, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride or uPVC is a versatile modern-day development in fenestration. uPVC doors come in plenty of styles, the most prevalent of which are casement doors.

Following are the compelling reasons for you to choose uPVC casement doors for your living space –

Spacious Interiors

Most homeowners shy away from incorporating wide floor-to-ceiling doors into their homes because of the area they utilise. Since doors often only open inwards, they can hinder space in your interior and make the room look smaller.

With uPVC casement doors, however, this is not the case. Casement doors are hinged from one side, such that they can open both inwards and outwards. You can also have them hinged one way. If you are struggling with space, you can opt for bi-directional casement doors or ones that open only outwards. Casement doors also do not add any bulk to the overall outlook of your living space, and therefore, look perfect in especially compact spaces.


No one installs doors with the thought of frequent replacement in mind. Doors, when of excellent quality and the right material, should last for decades without any problems.

uPVC casement doors are weather, UV, chemical and high impact resistant. They also do not get affected by saltwater or facilitate the growth of termite, pests and mould. Even if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions, they do not quickly fade, rot, scratch, or warp, thereby keeping your home good as new all the time. uPVC is a synthetic material that also does not corrode, expand and contract, or chip easily and is, therefore, incredibly durable and long-lasting.


The purpose of doors is also to guard your home against intruders. Since uPVC casement doors typically come with an elaborate multi-point locking system, galvanized steel reinforcements and anti-crowbar features, they ensure complete security for you. Moreover, the build of uPVC makes it fire retardant and therefore, also keeps you safe from fire hazards of all kinds. If you still need added security, ensure that your uPVC casement doors are fitted with toughened glass.

Noise Reduction

Busy cities and the best metropolises come with plenty of harmful noise. Unwanted sounds infiltrating into your home disturb your peace and also hamper productivity. If you are looking to reduce noise levels inside your home, choose uPVC casement doors instead of elaborate soundproofing mechanisms. uPVC casement doors from AIS Windows offer a noise reduction of up to 42 decibels, thereby keeping you free of disturbances all day round.


Spending thousands every year on heating or cooling bills is very common for modern homeowners. Not only do you spend your hard-earned cash on keeping your home’s temperature comfortable, but you also end up wasting a lot of energy. uPVC casement doors are entirely energy-efficient and keep your home adequately insulated throughout the day. The ones from AIS Windows offer a uf value of 1.8 W/m2 K. If you want to ward off expensive energy bills, choosing uPVC casement doors is your best bet.

Pollution Control

With the ever increasing on-going construction activities happening in major cities and towns, dust and pollution are bound to bother you. Excessive air pollution can cause breathing distress and damage your lungs permanently. If you already suffer from a breathing disorder such as asthma or bronchitis, you will never want the polluted air of outside into your home.

uPVC casement doors keep your house free of dust and pollution throughout the day. With optimum pollution resistance, your home remains free of poor-quality air while you live a healthy life.

If you want the best features of a uPVC casement door in your home but do not want to compromise on style, contact AIS Windows – a subsidiary of India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer – Asahi India Glass Limited. Our experts specialise in customising fenestration needs according to a customer’s individual tastes and décor choices. Our casement doors are multi-functional and are available in a variety of styles and shades. The specialists at AIS Windows will offer you 360-degree support, right from product selection to after-installation care for your uPVC doors and windows. For the best-quality products and the highest degree of service, approach AIS Windows today.

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